High School Teacher Grades Exams With Memes So Students Can Learn From Bad Grades

We’ve all known the struggles of trying to study for a subject where the material wasn’t that interesting, or where the teacher made the class practically unbearable, so when we had a good teacher that put effort into their work and as students, we were able to see that, it was always appreciated. And that’s exactly what happened here.

A high school English teacher recently became a viral sensation online, when she shared her modern and very effective teaching practices. Ainee Fatima is a 27-year-old high school teacher in Illinois, who is teaching her students media studies. In order to make her class a lot better and more interesting for her students, she decided to mark all of their work with stickers that had memes printed on them. In fact, she made all of the stickers herself, because she found herself making the exact faces from the memes when she was going over her students’ work.

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Her students loved the idea, and so did she, so she ended up filming a short clip, showing off herself grading a paper with these stickers, which the internet collectively loved! But aside from becoming an internet sensation, she clarified that aside from wanting to show her students more realistic reactions to their work, since she teaches media studies, she found using memes to be perfectly appropriate. That’s because she teaches the students’ about politics, movies, social media, and its impact, music and pop culture, and memes have become a part of popular culture. Furthermore, she stated that she didn’t want to put too much negative pressure on the grades the students received and make them feel better by having a laugh, which ended up working perfectly, as the students also loved her idea.

And on another note, she also mentioned how important it was to her not to use a pen with red ink when grading the papers. She clarified that it was because she remembered her own school days and the feelings of anxiety and embarrassment she got whenever she received back a paper that had red marks all over it and wanted to avoid having her own students feeling the same way. And many other teachers also agreed with her point, talking about the different colored inks they use when grading papers for the very same reason, saying that they need their students to know that the marks are comments about the paper, not the student as a person.

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Finally, although we love and completely support Fatima’s idea, we’re still left wondering what are all the parents saying about the meme stickers. We’re sure that there’s been at least one case of a child trying to explain to their parents what a meme even is.

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