Man Gets Hilarious Gift From Google After Taking Panorama

A man was enjoying his day at Lake Louise taking some gorgeous photos when Google nicely gave him a gift, a panorama shot of all of the pictures spliced together. The man, who is not named in the photos, uploaded the image to imgur to share what Google had done for him.

The photo looks completely photoshopped, as one big giant man head is sticking out among the trees. It is a really cool looking picture but as it turns out the guy did not take it. Google gave him a little present after he took three photos during his time at Lake Louise. Google Assistant spliced two of the pictures together creating an amazing panorama photo.

"I took a few shots at Lake Louise today and Google offered me this panorama,” the man captioned the photo.


It didn’t take long for users to pipe in stating that it was all photoshopped and was not real. Seriously though it is easy to see when looking at it, that the picture was not taken that way.

Once the photo was uploaded to Reddit, users were impressed but didn’t really understand what the man was talking about when he said, Google offered him the panorama. He eventually chimed in after users were confused by how he turned into a giant head, one comment even referred to him as Sasquatch.

"Hey, just hijacking this comment (sorry) to answer a few questions! I am not the guy in the photo, that's my friend who I photographed against the background! Source photos are here as well as proof that this was Google's work and not my terrible photoshopping skills! I literally took like 3 pictures, one with them in, and two without them. And for some bizarre reason Google Assistant offered me a really strange panorama of the 3 photos spliced together.”

For anyone looking to get the same kind of help, it is actually very easy. There is a feature under Google Assistant that will ask you if you want your photos spliced together. It is a super cool function that will likely become a huge obsession soon.


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