Hilarious Hiding Spots That Cats Have Found To Avoid The Vet

The YouTube channel Hilarious Dump 4U has recently uploaded a video titled “Hiding Spots That Funny Cats Have Found While Avoiding The Dreaded Vet,” which shows the ingenious ways our feline friends have of avoiding a visit with the vet. The video, which is included below, shows that our furry friends are no different than us when it comes to fearing a visit to the doctor.

Cats, in particular, can be hypersensitive when it comes to visiting the vet. There are tips, however, to make your pet’s visit to the vet easier. The key is that it’s not just the veterinarian that is making your kitten skittish; it’s your awkward actions, the unfamiliar process, and the strange surroundings. Naturally, when faced with an uncertain event, your cat’s fight or flight instinct kicks in.

Luckily, you can make the experience less agonizing for your pet. Firstly, get a cat-friendly carrier. Most carriers are perceived by cats as too confining, especially when they are forced to enter against their will. A secure and soft carrier that allows access from the top will allow the cat to be dropped in easily. Also, the vet can easily examine the cat without completely removing them from the carrier. Good options include the Sherpa Travel Original Deluxe Airline Approved Pet Carrier or the more affordable Necoichi Portable Ultra-Light Cat Carrier, which are less restrictive than traditional plastic carriers.

Also, be sure to put your cat’s favorite toys and treats in the carrier, or even sprinkle a little catnip to make the carrier more welcoming. Another good tip is to accustom your cat to short drives with the carrier. First, try bringing the carrier along without putting your cat inside, then slowly introduce the cat into the carrier by making it comfortable for them to climb in and out on their own. Then, take longer drives with the cat inside the carrier.

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Finally, while at the vet, reward your cat for their good behavior by having treats on hand. Also, try to schedule your vet visits for off-peak hours so your cat can get accustomed to their surroundings without feeling threatened by too many people or pets. Once they see that the dreaded vet visit is no big deal and even brings rewards, they’ll be less anxious on their next visit.

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