Dude’s Vacation Alert Email Auto-Reply Is Freakin’ Hilarious

Dude’s Vacation Alert Email Auto-Reply Is Freakin’ Hilarious

A person’s out-of-office email alert is blowing up Reddit because it’s absolutely hilarious.

Out-of-office alerts are something that everyone does at one point or another. Most are perfunctory notifications to anyone who tries to email you while you’re away--just a quick blurb to say where you are and what you’re doing, when you’ll be back, and ideally, who to contact in your absence.

They’re usually just a sentence or two, but one person named Roy decided to write several paragraphs on what he’d be up to while on vacation with his family.

The vacation alert email auto-reply was posted to the r/pics subreddit last week where it quickly grew to over 32,000 upvotes. It begins with the hope that yes, Roy can indeed reply to emails judging by the alacrity of his response, but hopes of an actual reply are quickly dashed when he reveals that he’s on vacation with his two favorite people: Jimi Hendrix and Luke Skywalker.

Oh, wait, it’s actually his wife and son. Our bad.

Roy’s reply goes on to note that when most people say they don’t have email or phone connectivity while on vacation they’re actually lying, but that he specifically won’t have phone or wifi because he’ll be turning his phone off. That’s a useful bit of information to include in your out-of-office alert, and also gives us a clue that Roy can afford to go off the grid for an extended period.


As cheerful and funny as Roy’s message is, Reddit pointed out several flaws. First, there’s no emergency contact info in case something at work catches fire and desperately needs attention. That could come back to bite Roy in the behind when he comes back from vacay.

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Second, while fun and funny, Roy could definitely have chopped a paragraph or two from this joke and still got just as many laughs. Brevity is the soul of wit and all that.

But the top comment pointed out the real scandal, which is the fact that the person who uploaded the photo actually printed the email, sharpied out all the identifying bits, and then took a photo. It would have been much easier to simply take a screenshot and then blackout that identifying stuff in Paint, which reveals that this post could be very old indeed.

Judging by the fact that the original photo has been taken down and the user deleted, we’re likely looking at a repost of some kind. All that’s old becomes new again eventually, so they say.


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