20 Hilarious Outfits These Squids Chose To Ride Motorcycles In

Motorcycle ownership is for both the status and the thrill. Let’s face it; the adrenaline rush that comes along with every ride is unmatched. Most people on motorcycles want to be noticed, and there’s no doubt that most motorcyclists are incredibly proud of their bikes. While we definitely understand the need to show the bikes off, and we appreciate them in all their glory, it should really be the motorcycle itself that takes the spotlight and not the person riding it.

It appears that not everyone fosters this philosophy. Have you seen what people are wearing while riding their motorcycles? Some of these outfits are hysterical and definitely make us do a double-take. The others…well….we’ll let you see for yourself and you can be the judge!

Here’s a peek of our favorite photos of hilarious outfits people chose to ride motorcycles in…

20 The Bad Dress

Via Glamour

This lady is scoring no points here whatsoever. The dress is as basic as it gets, the heels won’t get her too far on this ride, and she’s not fooling anyone with that weird look on her face – she’s uncomfortable, and it’s obvious. Had she opted for something more realistic, she may have actually been able to enjoy this bike!

19 Clowning Around

Via FivePrime

This is a great looking Honda Shadow, and it could be fun to boot it around, but we’ll pass on this “lady” as a passenger. We’re all about the American Dream, but it’s hard to take that seriously with the clown face and wig. There’s so much wrong with this photo…

18 Watch The Wind!

Via Reddit

We seriously hope this guy watches his movements carefully, or has a speedo on underneath that kilt. Otherwise, he’ll be giving this city a view they won’t soon forget! We’re wondering how he will fare when his bike accelerates and he gets some wind force….

17 The Blue Wonder

Via Pinterest

This bike is awesome, and can get some serious speed. It’s not what we’re focused on though, this wild outfit is as color-coordinated as it gets, but doesn’t do much in the way of safety. We hope her blue ponytail doesn’t distract drivers too much, because she will not want to drop her bike in this outfit!

16 Cartoon-Extreme

Via HarleyForums

Is it Halloween? Is his dog being held hostage? The dog looks as unimpressed as we do with this guy’s outfit. We’re not sure what he’s doing, or why he’s doing it, but it would be a riot to drive past this guy. He’s obviously not looking to be taken seriously, so no harm, no foul!

15 Trying Too Hard

Via Pinterest

Public Service Announcement: When trying to look like a badass on your chopper, do NOT do this! What is the deal with the oversized chain around his shoulder? And why, oh why, does he have a skull mask on his face? Skulls and chains have to be done right – and this wasn’t!

14 Santa Is In Sturgis

Via Sturgis

Nice bike, Santa!! This biker outfit stood out among the rest of them at the annual meet in Sturgis! We know Santa loves gifting, so we’d like to think it’s the motorcycle that he’s dropping off for us. It has to be – he doesn’t have a Santa sack to suggest otherwise!

13 Bathrobe Biker

Via Chaawallah

Hey there buddy! Where are you going in that bathrobe? What’s that weird stain on the back? If this guy spent a few seconds finding pants to put under the bathrobe, it would have been good to go the extra mile and splurge for a shirt as well!

12 Why? Just...Why?

Via Bikeandit

Hey now, this looks fun! The guy in the photo seems to think it is! This outfit is all wrong for this lady. It’s hysterical to think she left her house this way on purpose! This is just a long shot, but there may have been more flattering outfits in her closet, and perhaps some shoes as well!

11 Wyclef's Wanna-Be-Biker Image

Via Complex

Wyclef Jean was so cool until we saw this photo. Is this for real? The Ducati is stellar, and it’s sad that he’s taking the focus away from this amazing bike. While we admit he looks to be in tip-top shape, the fake pose, excessive oil, and lack of shoes are hurting our eyes!

10 Biker Beyonce

Via MamosTV

You’d think with all the money Jay-Z and Beyonce have, she could have found a proper motorcycling outfit for this fun-ride. None of the colors in her outfit match, and aside from the great boots, the rest should have been banned by her stylist before she walked out the door!

9 Pretty In Pink

via pinterest

It’s tough to find somewhere to start. Really, really tough. It’s interesting that he painted “patience” on the tank, because it is taking a whole lot of patience and willpower to keep looking at this photograph. We really hope he was going to a little girl’s birthday party as some sort of mascot!

8 Tassel Queen

Via FreshWaterCleveland

The funniest part of this photo is the fact that this woman thinks she looks amazing! Look at the pride in her face! That look says it all, she think she owns this image. Well, maybe she does, because nobody else wants it. This outfit has way too many tassels, and too much white!

7 The Shirtless Wonder

Via Bikerdeep

This old man is riding a pretty amazing Harley Sportster, but it’s so hard to tell because his hilarious “outfit” is taking front and centre. He has even taken the time to colour coordinate his glasses! We’re sure he was a Harley-riding badass at some point, just not today!

6 CatMan

Via Reddit

This BMW packs some serious punch and is amazing to ride, but we wouldn’t want to be seen riding with Catman! He didn’t have to write “Catman” so predominantly and repetitively – we got the hint from the not-so-subtle wrap and hysterical outfit! It must be hot in there…

5 Tutu and Helmet Tail

Via Rideapart

Yes, it’s super-cool to be a girl on a bike, but this Yamaha is getting destroyed by this girl’s image. Is there really a need for the pink tutu? There are much cooler ways to display femininity on a bike – this is just weird and funny to look at!

4 The Dino Ride

Via Scout

There’s a reason dinosaurs are extinct, buddy! If this guy is looking for attention, he definitely got it – but its’ the wrong kind. We’re not admiring him, or his bike, we’re just wondering what he’s doing and why he’s doing it. Is there a cut-out in the dinosaur’s chest for him to see? The head and torso of the dino costume look top-heavy – this rider won’t be getting too far!

3 Lady Gaga's Police Bike

Via Glamour

Oh Lady Gaga, we love you! It’s just shocking that such a talented, intelligent person would try to get on a motorcycle in her glam dress. We’re hoping this was just a publicity stunt and that she wasn’t actually trying to ride this bike, because despite the super long slit on the side, she won’t be able to ride-along with the police in this outfit!

2 Bridal Bike

Via Beater

Cute idea, and way to go out with a bang on your wedding day, but, maybe, just maybe, this is not the best outfit for the bike! This bride went as far as attaching a veil to her custom white helmet, which is awesome, but perhaps a more realistic outfit and some proper shoes would have taken this full circle!

1 This Just Won't Work...

Via Recombu

So, this happened. In some countries, it is against the law for women to straddle a bike. While we respect the rules of their society, we’re thinking that it’s funny to think of how this bike ride would unfold. She’s not able to lean or assist the aerodynamics, and it’s impossible to go full throttle with a passenger in this position!

Sources:  SturgisZone, Complex, Rideapart

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