10 Hilarious Pregnancy Tweets Written By The Most Relatable Moms

As pregnant women, we tend to let our emotions get the best of us. Hormone levels are off the charts and everything that didn’t seem all that important before suddenly is a big deal. Why won’t our husband fold the clothes right? And why hasn’t anyone taken the dog outside for her morning walk? Our patience has completely gone out the window. Yet, whether we’re raging or just plain sick and tired of being pregnant, looking back on those ‘joyful’ times does make us laugh. Here are 10 hilarious pregnancy tweets that every mother wishes she’d said!

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10 Everything Makes Me Cry

Being pregnant can draw a lot of attention, both wanted and unwanted. Seeing as this first mother on our list is less than enthusiastic about her pregnancy, we’d say it’s best not ask the “how far along are you” question anymore. Clearly, she’s been asked the same question enough times that she can’t take it anymore and wants to make sure everyone knows on Twitter. This woman is at the point of her pregnancy where everything makes her cry, even a dog. Don’t worry, pregnant women get a pass for crying at anything they want.

9 Sleeping At Night Is Like Playing A Sport

Tossing and turning in our beds can make for one restless night. By the time morning comes around, we’re practically zombies. Though, we haven’t seen anything until we’re in the third trimester of our pregnancy. This mother has had a rough five months and it gets a lot harder at night. We get it, caring for a human being means a lot of sleepless nights and not just after we give birth, but before as well. Unfortunately for her, sleeping in bed with a protruding belly in the way usually limits us to one or two sleeping positions.

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8 My OBGYN Is Working My Last Nerve

As they say, always follow the doctor’s orders. OBGYNs are especially needed during a pregnancy, usually to help ensure a safe and healthy pregnancy for both the baby and mother-to-be. While we like to stick with the doctor’s recommendations, sometimes we think we’re better off on our own. This expecting mom tweeted about her visit to her ob-gyn, where she was told that she needed to cut down on the carbs to maintain a healthy pregnancy. She had rather cut her doctor out of her life and we’re sure most pregnant women feel the same way.

7 Some Family Members Just Aren’t Right

They say that when the wife is pregnant, so is everyone else. A pregnancy can cause a lot of emotions to flare up, not just between the expecting couple but also the extended family members. While we want our family's support during these stressful times, some relatives just don’t know how. This woman’s Uncle Bob was anything but supportive when it came to her pregnancy eight months ago. Now seeking revenge, she finally has a chance to get back at him. She spits in his favorite pumpkin pie. Some of us do wish we could retaliate like that.

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6 Don’t Eat A Pregnant Woman’s Food

Number one rule when eating out with a pregnant woman, never eat her food. Apparently, this girl’s companion didn’t get the memo. She is not at all pleased by this person's desire to eat her food and has a lot to say when it comes to her meals. It’s rude to eat a woman’s food, especially when she’s eating for two. Two beings equal two very hungry stomachs. Don’t come between a pregnant woman and her food or there will be consequences.

5 Going Natural For Nine Months

For months, pregnant women go without seeing their toes. We can’t even see our own legs. This woman made the mistake of asking her sister how she performs daily grooming practices, such as shaving. Her sister simply replied that she prefers the “natural” look. As many pregnant women know, these simple pleasures of life are lost to them but that doesn’t mean they can’t embrace it. Who said hairy legs don’t look good?

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4 The Dreaded Overdue Pregnancy No One Wants

Being pregnant for nine whole months is challenging. Don’t get us wrong, we’re more than grateful for the life we’re creating and eventually will bring into this world. However, at the current time, there’s a lot we can do without. Not being able to bend over and pick up things, lack of sleep and forgetting at least four things on our grocery list. Yet, nothing compares to the agony of an overdue pregnancy. This woman went to work with the oven still cooking. Maybe one day, the baby will feel like coming out.

3 A Wife's Rant About Being Excited

Jordan Peele is a comedian we all know and love. His wife is Chelsea Peretti who is best known for her role on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Some pregnant women develop a habit of saying whatever comes to mind. Mrs. Peele has several hilarious comebacks for just about every annoying commentary made at pregnant women. This one goes out to all of those people who want to know if she's excited about the pregnancy.

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2 Stop Dictating Our Pregnancy

Haven’t given it much thought to how offensive the plus or minus sign on a pregnancy test might be. For this woman, she’s obviously taking a pro-feminist approach to a man-made tool telling her how to feel about her possible pregnancy. Depending on whatever stage we’re at in our lives, testing positive or negative holds different meanings for different people. Some more strongly than others. Clearly, pregnancy tests aren’t this woman’s cup of tea.

1 Shopping For Maternity Clothes Is So Depressing

Shopping for clothes is a bit challenging when we have a baby on board. It’s even more of a hassle when we can’t find stylish clothes. This last pregnant mother has just about had it with maternity clothes, as have all of us. Clearly upset at the store and probably the owner of several chain stores just like it, this woman makes a funny but valid point. Just because women are pregnant doesn’t mean we want to dress in tired-looking clothes. So many mothers-to-be wish they could’ve said that line to the store manager.

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