Hilarious Royal Wedding Memes Have Surfaced On Social Media

One great thing about social media is the chance of getting away with metaphorical murder, especially when it comes to lampooning the rich, famous and powerful. While royal watchers caught all the proceedings of the royal wedding over the weekend in what turned out to be a worldwide fawn-fest, others scurried over to PhotoShop and layered on a few alterations at the expense of Harry, Meghan and the rest of the Royal Family.

A CGI-cognizant prankster came up with the Green Screen Queen, in which the monarch's lime attire turned into a requisite backdrop for projecting images, a technique often used for special effects in movies. The results included a celestial shot, a Union Jack and a picture of Princess Diana.

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Then there were several that opted for the comparison route, and the biggest targets were those who broke out the best of their royal finery for the occasion. But those fashion statements intended to pay tribute to the lucky couple turned into different expression fodder for some creative types, who couldn't resist taking a poke at the pink headgear of Lady Camilla and the greenish hues sported by Pippa Middleton.


Even a guest as innocent as the bride's page boy, Brian Mulroney, whose gaping maw of approval warmed the cockles of many a viewer, was up for skewering. One PhotoShop wag placed a shot of Dennis the Menace beside the royal moment. Others got a tad more political, displaying how the royal wedding crowds made a certain 2017 inauguration seem like an empty pilgrimage.

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Probably the most viral meme on Instagram surrounding the weekend's hottest event was a virtual photobomb of a photographer who combined his mastery of graphic software with a sense of humor to include himself in the royal carriage.

Others preferred to display their own reactions to the royal wedding, including using a still from the first episode of Friends. Others drowned their sorrows over not being picked as Prince Harry's significant other, such as a pic of pop singer Lorde, who first broke into the charts with her hit Royals. Even Bishop Michael Curry, whose sermon was a bit too cutting edge for some Brit upper-crusters, was not immune to the jocular wave hitting social media.

Naturally, those who took the Harry and Meghan nuptials seriously weren't likely impressed over these jabs at the penultimate royal union. But they were decidedly in the minority. Besides, there was not a single complaint from the bride or the groom.


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