15 Hilarious Things You Can Actually Do With Your Car Horn

Provided a car's horn is easily accessible, there are plenty of strange and hilarious ways to get everyone to pay attention—and get out of the way.

The internet allows gearheads of all kinds to come together and modify their cars to their hearts' collective delight. While Stance Nation bros slam their cars on airbags and high-five their absurd camber, truck bros love to boost their pickups as high up as they can and roll some coal. Meanwhile, Subie and Civic fanboys are bolting on enormous wings and vaping, while Jeep guys and gals can't stop hanging upside-down and taking selfies when they're stuck in the muck.

As easy as the internet makes it to transform any car into a dream car, though, most drivers don't have the tools or skills necessary to do the work themselves. One mod can be about as easy as it gets, however: a custom horn. Provided a car's horn is easily accessible, there are plenty of strange, hilarious, and downright weird ways to get everyone to pay attention—and get out of the way.

15 R2-D2

via Reddit

In Star Wars, C-3P0 can speak in a refined English accent but R2-D2 is restricted to just beeps and bloops, though many of the characters seem able to understand his dialect just fine. For the millions of Star Wars fans out there, wrapping a car in an R2-D2 design may be too much, though having a horn that sounds like the friendly robot might be just right.

14 Bull Horn

via YouTube

This guy in his Ford F-350 with longhorns out front, a massive chrome grille, extra running lights, and a semi-truck exhaust system definitely needs a custom horn to match the excess that is his pickup. The only surprise is that he's not running coal—though having a weak horn like a Honda Civic certainly wouldn't fit the bill.

13 La Cucaracha

via YouTube

Few songs sound more absurd than "La Cucaracha" when coming from a car's horn. The job of installing a multi-horn system like the one above may require a little more skill than most average car owners may have, but there are also specific single horns that are electrified to play the hilarious song.

12 Air Horn

via CDC Truck Accessories

As children riding in the backseats of minivans and station wagons, not much was more fun than trying to convince truckers to yank down on their big horns and give a huge blast. Today, though, it's actually relatively easy to modify any car's horn into an air horn that can scare the pants off other drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians.

11 Dukes Of Hazzard

via Empire

The Dukes of Hazzard became equally legendary for their hilarious escapades, absurd car jumps, and one very short pair of jean shorts. The show demolished hundreds of cars and the movie was surprisingly good, especially for fans of the original TV show. But for true diehard fanatics, getting the Dixie horn sound for their car's horn isn't all that difficult.

10 Ice Cream Truck

via YouTube

The sound of an ice cream truck on a hot day has the power to force every child within earshot to run to their parents and ask for a few bucks. Anyone who wants that kind of power—though with great power comes great responsibility—can easily modify their horn to sound like an ice cream truck, which is sure to get the monkeys—ahem, children—swarming.

9 Turkey Wobbler

via Cape Cod Times

Anyone who has interacted with turkeys knows that they are some of the most mindless creatures on the planet and definite waste of presidential time (and pardons). The ridiculous noises they make can be fun to imitate, though, so getting a custom car horn that sounds like a turkey can be a good way to explain to other drivers that maybe, just maybe, they should use their turn signals.

8 Steam Whistle

via YouTube

In old Western movies, the sound of a steam train's whistle was a sign that the town was about to liven up or that the gang better get to riding or they'll miss their chance at a score. On the desolate stretches of road crisscrossing the Southwestern United States, having a steam whistle version of a car horn is a great way to pass the boring hours.

7 Wolf Howl

via High Country News

The forlorn sound of a wolf howling at the moon on a cold night in the tundra can't be properly conveyed with an airbrushed t-shirt—nor with silly facial hair. But interesting human specimens like the one pictured above are certainly able to transform their car horn into a wolf howl tone with just a few clicks of the keyboard.

6 Angry Chimp

via YouTube

In The Planet of the Apes, the apes have taken over the world and ride around on horses. If they were really so smart, though, wouldn't they have just revived human industry and gotten some sweet rides going? For fans of the films, the sound of a snarling chimp may bring back bad memories—all the more reason to convert a car's horn to an angry chimp noise to scare away rude drivers.

5 Panther Growl

via New Atlas

Only a few select animals actually hunt humans in the wild and of them, big cats have to be just about the scariest. Cats are the ninjas of the animal kingdom, able to leap enormous heights, slink around almost silently, and claw away at their prey happily. The sound of a panther's growl in the jungle will send chills up the staunchest outdoorsman's spine, so why not scare everyone away with a panther growl horn?

4 Yee-Haw

via Lewis Talk

When rednecks get together and climb their trucks and Jeeps up onto each other's tires, it's all in the name of good, clean fun. Actually, the fun is typically pretty dirty and likely to elicit a few loud hollers of "Yee-Haw" from onlookers. For those poor souls who don't have a lifted car with 35-inch tires, the next best thing is a nice "Yee-Haw" horn to honk.

3 Fight Song

via Flickr

There are a few websites online that even sell car horns that will play the beloved fight song of just about any popular NCAA football team. A truck like the USC Trojan-glad Ford above just wouldn't be complete without being able to pull up to any stoplight next to a Civic with a UCLA license plate surround and get even more annoying with a loud horn.

2 Rooster Crow

via Baltimore Sun

Owning chickens sounds like a great idea because they produce eggs all the time. Unfortunately, owning a chicken isn't always a great idea because they're some of the filthiest, loudest types of livestock out there. Nothing makes a hangover worse than a rooster crowing in the morning, though having a rooster crowing as a car horn at Pebble Beach definitely sounds like some contrarian fun.

1 Star-Spangled Banner

via Overdrive Magazine

There are enough semi-trucks out on the road decorated with patriotic flags, 9-11 memorial bumper stickers, and bald eagles—but how many of them go all-out and get a custom horn that plays "The Star-Spangled Banner"? Undisputedly the greatest national anthem in the universe, having the song as a horn is sure to make all the cars on the road stand up tall with a hand over their heart.

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