Hilariously Basic Sketch Helps Police Catch A Criminal

Apparently it doesn't take the most detailed description of a crime suspect to catch a criminal. That's what happened in Lancaster, Pennsylvania when a very cartoonish drawing of a criminal led to a more detailed photo which led the Lancaster Police to the name of their suspect.

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Investigators were able to identify a suspect in a theft from a Pennsylvania market thanks to a very child-like drawing. For one particular investigator, after seeing the drawing, a name immediately sprang into his mind — Hung Phuoc Nguyen. Lancaster police said: “The sketch may appear cartoonish but it jogged the memory of at least one investigator.” From there, a more detailed drawing was done up, given to the witness, and the witness made a positive identification.

A warrant has been issued for Phuoc Nguyen's arrest. Police are searching for the 44-year-old who is facing two counts of theft. Nguyen pretended to be an employee, before stealing an undisclosed amount in cash from a stand inside Central Market last month. He fled before officers arrived, but a witness caught enough of a look to draw the now infamous doodle.

Unfortunately, a spokesman for the police department says that as of Friday afternoon, Nguyen still hasn’t been arrested.

Of course, the story has received lots of attention on social media. Some Twitter users are simply making fun of the name of the suspect, while others are joking that police officers must have used the sketch to search far and wide for someone that looks a lot like Pinocchio. There has been no shortage of joking in relation to this story.

The biggest concern for investigators is that Hung's whereabouts are unknown. They checked Nguyen’s last known address, but he was not there. This means someone that looks an awful lot like Tintin is running around loose. Police have cautioned the citizens of Lancaster to keep an eye out for a cartoon-come-to-life in the area.


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