10 Hilariously Perfect Words Made Up By Kids

Kids are the future of our society. Everything from music to clothes and even food is geared towards children. There’s actually an online dictionary dedicated to understanding child shenanigans and terminology. Yes, words are even targeted to the child demographic now. Half the time kids will cut out the ‘middle man’ and come up with words all on their own. Some of these words you’ve probably heard of, some will leave you scratching your head, and others will make you laugh. Here are 10 pee-your-pants-laughing words made up by children!

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10 An Animal Of War

Originally thought of as gentle and angelic creatures, unicorns are said to be the purest of mythical creatures in any fairytale. This kid, however, got the bright idea to give these horned beauties a new name, and species apparently. We aren’t sure what’s cuter; the fact that this kid renamed a rhino a “battle unicorn” or he actually thinks a horse and rhino are one and the same animal. We’ll probably see “battle unicorn” added as a synonym under Rhino in the TheKidDictionary.com very soon.

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9 Beards Are Gross!

A man’s beard can take on several shapes, sizes, and colors. Some be can be long and scratchy, while others can have just a five o'clock shadow. It really depends on the guy and what his tastes are. Unfortunately, this woman’s son isn’t a fan of facial hair. Though he started using the phrase ‘Face Grass’ a year ago, it seems to have stuck with him and his family. Little does this kid know, that one day soon, he’ll have ‘Face Grass’ on his face, too.

8 No, Change It To Lasterday!

This child has added yet another word. Rather than using the traditional wording ‘before yesterday’ to describe the day before the yesterday, this three-year-old got creative and added the word ‘lasterday.’ Clearly, a lot of thought went into inventing the word and the kid should receive an A for effort.

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7 Forget Eye Slugs, It’s Eye Mustaches Now!

As children, we tend to see the world differently than our parents. We interpret the world differently than adults which can sometimes be quite funny and strange. Even when looking back on our childhood, we wonder ‘why did I think that?’. This mother recounted a time her daughter referred to eyebrows as eye mustaches. A few years go by and her daughter is suddenly in her teens taking selfies of her eyebrows.

6 Who Invited The Wolves To The Party?

We’ve all heard and read the childhood fables of wolves. We know the three little pigs and the wolf who blew down their house. We know of Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf. Though, we’ve never heard of ‘party dogs’ before today. Maybe it has something to do with the assemblage of wolves, and their panting makes it look like they’re laughing. We’re not sure how the name came about but it’s hilarious!

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5 A Kick Isn’t A Parental Offense

Via: Babble.com

When a parent says to their kid ‘keep your hands to yourself’ that usually means to refrain from touching others. However, this next word does bring up a valid point about the phrase and we possibly should consider revising it. 'Bootality' is a funny little word, possibly crafted in the mind of a child, that basically means kicking is still allowed even if you can’t hit others. It is true that the phrase doesn’t say anything about keeping our feet to ourselves.

4 Flying Insects Are Now Vampires

Rodents and inspects alike have plagued mankind for centuries. We can set peanut butter traps and swat them with fly-swatters all we want, but these little critters will never go away. It’s as if they are the eternally undead. This woman’s daughter, when she was three, thought of a mosquito as a blood-sucking house fly. While the description is very specific and accurate, we can’t help but laugh-out-loud at the name 'vampire house flies.'

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3 The Only Dog That Doesn't Bark

We eat all kinds of foods with strange names. Hush Puppies, being one of the strangest food names out there, may confuse some people who aren’t familiar with the dish. Children who’ve never been introduced to the cuisine will especially be scratching their heads. This kid forgot the words “Hush Puppies” so he went with —and we quote— 'quiet doggies.' Sometimes it’s best to break things down in simpler terms.

2 It’s A Cowboy Thing

Cowboys are known for their boots, hats, sharp-wit and their shooters. In old Western movies, they're especially recognized for their duels. Not so often are their musical merits realized by fans. Apparently, this child has been watching too many old Western films on the TMC channel and they probably all feature a cowboy playing the harmonica. Thus, the name ‘cowboy trumpet’ was crafted from this child’s imaginative mind.

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1 Socks For Gloves

During those wintry months, we often rely on the comfort and warmth of our gloves. Even double or triple socks will keep our feet nice and toasty. When this woman visited her kindergarten class, one of the children referred to her gloves as ‘hand socks’. Socks for hands? Both gloves and socks do keep you warm and cover the outer most exposed body parts. This kid made us fall out of our chair laughing!

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