Hilco Global Donates Over $75 000 Worth Of Children’s Shoes To Youth In Need

Many children who go back to school are forced to do so with old clothes, shoes and school supplies. They might be worn out and desperately need to be replaced, but their parents simply can't afford to do so. As a result, children with old clothes and whatnot may be bullied and ridiculed by their peers, which will only drag their self-esteem down to dangerous lows.

Hilco Global's Hilco Helps recently donated over $75 000 worth of children's shoes to those in need. These shoes are set to be delivered in communities across Chicago, Boston and New Jersey just to name a few. That's because these particular communities are where  the global financial services company currently operate in.

"The shoe donation to inner-city kids is the latest example of our commitment to philanthropy, which includes maximizing the impact of in-kind donations by purchasing excess inventory to provide clothing and other products to underserved local communities across the country," said Gary Epstein, Executive Vice President and CMO at Hilco Global.

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While this is clearly a wonderful gesture, it's not the only philanthropic gesture from Hilco Helps. In fact, they've donated millions upon millions of dollars worth of financial assistance, goods and services around the world. Hilco Help has supported the American Red Cross and United Way in donating financial support, food and medical supplies during hurricane disaster relief. They've also created scholarships for deserving students across the United States; donated over $1 000 000 worth of baby products and children's toys the previous Christmas; and filled over 50 000 backpacks with school supplies that were given to students in need. It's safe to say that Hilco Global is a generous company thanks to Hilco Helps!

"We emphasize supporting impactful programs and activities that support children to provide a better future and break the cycle of poverty. We work with many kid-focused organizations including Youth Guidance, The All Stars Project, Cradles to Crayons, the Chicago Public Schools, and the Chicago Public Library," Epstein added.

This is a fantastic gesture to give children new shoes that they really need. We can't wait to see what Hilco Helps does next to help those less fortunate!

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