Hilton Head Children Raise $10 000 For Hurricane Dorian Relief With Lemonade Stand

Hurricane Dorian has left a lot of devastation in its wake. People have been killed, homes have been destroyed, and those affected have been forced to rebuild their lives in the aftermath. Meanwhile, people who weren't hit by this vicious hurricane are left on the outside looking in. They may volunteer to directly help those affected, while others stay at their home and donate money or supplies instead.

But in Hilton Head, South Carolina, some childen managed to raise $10 000 for Hurricane Dorian relief by holding a lemonade stand. Despite the hot weather, seven-year-old Landon Smith and his five-year-old sister Harper set up a dark green tent to buy $1 cups of pink lemonade. They planned to send the proceeds from their sales to those impacted by Hurricane Dorian.

The kids' mother, Sarah Smith, revealed that the family had previously fleed their South Carolina home because of Hurricane Dorian. After they were able to return home, Sarah showed both Landon and Harper photos of the hurricane's destruction in the Bahamas. This prompted a ton of curious questions from the young kids, including the best and most important one- "What should we do to help?"

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This prompted Landon and Harper to open a lemonade stand in their neighbourhood. Their mother promoted it on social media by sharing pictures of the lemonade stand's colourful posters. On the first day, the stand raised $423. But on the second day, the neighbourhood rallied and showed their support through their wallets. People also brought cookies and more signs to bring more attention to the lemonade stand. All in all, it managed to bring in $10 000!

Sarah has since revealed that she's been speaking with the American Red Cross to figure out where the money should go. She wants it to not only get to the Bahamas, but to where it's needed most. This is so she can everyone who donated- including the 90 percent of Hilton Head residents- that the money raised has gone to a good place. She and her kids are clearly appreciative of their town's generousity for raising money for Hurricane Dorian efforts- and they plan to keep it going to now raise $15 000.

"We’ve dodged so many bullets with these storms and were lucky this one completely missed us. So, we’re rallying our community together to help another island that wasn’t so lucky," Sarah explained in an interview. "We’ve said it from the beginning, 'From one island to another.'"

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