Which Hipster Item are You Based on Your MBTI?

A hipster lives a lifestyle different from the rest of the world, choosing to ignore social norms and explore alternative avenues of living. They use things which we have no name for or we consider outdated, and their style is singularly unique and identifiable. We do not know why hipsters decided to make their home in society, but it is clear they are here to stay.

You may not think you have a lot in common with these hipsters, but there is an item associated with their kind which you match with based on your MBTI. This strange item is your alter ego, traveling the world in a different social universe, but similar to you all the same. Keep reading to find out which hipster item you are based on your MBTI!


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ESFPs would want to be none other than a pair of Coachella tickets. This music festival is created to provide unlimited entertainment, which is where any ESFP would want to be.

The outfits worn to this event are as original as anyone of this personality, their bold choice in cl0thing nothing less than the talk of the concert goers. ESFPs are easily bored, but this event will leave no room for that emotion, as the weekend buzzes on in a whirlwind of nonstop fun.


The hipster's typewriter is a practical piece of equipment, similar to the ISTJ's personality. It allows you to create instant words on paper, defeating the mighty electronic printer and devastating the laptop community. It is calming to the hipsters who use them, as they make rational decisions while using this ancient technology, as any ISTJ would do.

The typewriter is strong-willed as it refuses to die off in the new age, convincing hipsters everywhere of its usefulness and extended lifespan. ISTJs understand typewriters and appreciate hipsters everywhere for keeping them in circulation.


ISTPs are like the binder clip cocktail because it is a novel idea and one they can see the beauty in. The decision to add the bay leaf was spontaneous and contributes to the energy vibes from the orange, which any ISTP can appreciate.

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The binder clip speaks to this hipster drink's hands-on nature and understanding of the tools they were provided, utilizing every piece in a rational way. Other ISTPs are probably wondering why they hadn't thought of such an ingenious idea sooner.


The vinyl played on this record player are as poetic as an INFP. The songs and harmonies it produces speak to every hipster soul, as it opens their minds to the possibilities the world has to offer.

INFPs live for these moments and feel a connection over the passion they share together, fueled by their raging emotions as they spread their wisdom throughout the world. They may be an impractical way to play music, but INFPs never claimed to be otherwise, so it is a perfect match.


ISFPs relate to the Polaroid camera because it is carried by the artsiest of the hipster community. They create extraordinary still-lifes filled with unbound imagination, and people of this personality type won't be able to peel their eyes away from the finished products.

These cameras are popular and create lasting friendships through a simple photo, like how ISFPs drift through life. The picture's outcome may be unpredictable, as you wait patiently for it to dry, but ISFPs understand vision comes at a price.


Vegan bacon is the alter ego of the ENTJ as their strong will continues to push them to achieve their goals, or in the hipster's case, the acceptance of bacon without the presence of pork. The packaging speaks of its strategic mindset, convincing the youth of its addicting nature to drive up sales, as any ENTJ might do.

This vegan bacon is confident it is better than actual bacon and this confidence is similar to what people of this personality type feel, as they trust in their own abilities to change the face of the world.


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Craft beer would be appreciated by any INTP for its inventive nature, as each beer plays with different flavors and brews to find the perfect blend of taste and texture. These beers were made for open-minded hipsters who crave originality in all aspects of their colorful lives.

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INTPs are honest, as this craft beer, as it shares its own opinions about mass-produced brews. This beer may not follow the normal protocols of the laws of beer, but


Hipsters are the only group who could make beard oil a must-have item, but ENFJs understand how this amplifies the reliability of always having the perfect beard. A beard treated with this magic hipster substance adds to the charisma of the man behind it, as he attracts an audience with his luscious facial mane.

ENFJs understand this is necessary, especially when fighting for a morally right cause, like becoming a vegan to save baby animals. These beards may be too sensitive at times, rendering the wearer bare to his own emotions, but ENFJs feel for these men as they too break down over the essence of the magic in beard oil.


Hipster scented candles are similar to ESFJs because they provide warmth to the hipster who lights them, as they are wrapped in a blanket of their favorite unique blend of scents.

These candles have a sense of responsibility to bring hipsters together and share their message of the importance of sustaining the lives of flannels and beards. ESFJs feel connected to the candles on this level, but both hate to be criticized, hurt if someone denies the sweet scent of their life mission.


INFJs are like hipster tattoos because they have a deeper purpose than to be just a picture on the skin's surface. This tattoo shares the mission of hipsters with beards and beanies, facing the red hot challenges the world places ahead of them with open eyes.

These tattoos signify personal growth and INFJs connect with this on a level they may have never expected to find. A hipster's belief in the meaning of their tattoos is rooted in their soul, and anyone who tells them otherwise may cause the wearer to overreact. Other people of this personality type understand as they too struggle with the same problem.

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