19 Photos Of Hitchhikers We Wouldn't Let Within 10 Feet Of Our Car

Most drivers have encountered a hitchhiker on the side of the road before, but few and far between have actually stopped to pick one up. Considering this person is a complete stranger, most don’t want to take the chance that they could be inviting a nuisance into their vehicle. But while we’re sure most hitchhikers are normal folks with a genuine reason for a needing a ride, there are some out there who help perpetuate the stereotype of sketchy hitchhikers. The folks that made this list were likely hard-pressed to find a willing driver thanks to their eyebrow-raising looks or hilarious signs. Then again, picking up one of these hitchhikers could definitely make for an interesting story.

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19 Well, He Does Have A Point

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We’re not sure if this guy’s sign is supposed to make people felt more comfortable about giving him a lift or not. However, we’d be willing to bet that someone did eventually stop for him just because his sign is so darn funny and to-the-point. But then again, perhaps the only reason he doesn’t have a car is because he hasn’t found a gullible victim yet.

18 At Least He's Being Considerate

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When most people consider picking up a hitchhiker, they likely ask themselves whether this is a safe situation… not so much if it’ll be a smelly one. But this guy wanted to put everyone’s mind at ease and reassure potential drivers that, yes, he recently showered. So, he might be an escaped convict, but at least he smells fresh.

17 He Had Us At Cookies

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Many people may choose to pick-up a hitchhiker if they want some company or entertainment during a long ride. But you let this guy in your car, not only are you going to (hopefully) have a good conversation, you’ll also get to share his cookies. That is unless they’re oatmeal and raisin, in which case we doubt anyone took him up on his offer.

16 Thanks For The Reassurance

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Not many people abide by the ‘Don’t pick up hitchhikers’ signs often posted along highways. However, if one of those signs warns that these so-called hitchhikers could be escaped convicts, it’s another story. Especially if there’s a person holding a sign promising he won’t hurt you. Surprisingly, that doesn’t make us feel to reassured.

15 Dumbledore, Is That You?

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If we came across a hitchhiker in any other costume, we’d probably think they’re just a wacko. But there’s something about a person who looks like Dumbledore that just pulls at our heartstrings. We bet there are many people who’d be willing to give this Harry Potter-inspired character a lift if only to hear why he’s wearing this get-up in the first place.

14 Just Don't Sing 'Baby Shark'

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We’re pretty curious as to why this woman only has a stuffed shark. Seriously, there are no bags or suitcases to be seen. If you were traveling on the road with only the necessities, we can’t say a stuffed animal would be high on our list. But so long as she doesn’t start singing ‘Baby Shark’ then she looks like she could be good company.

13 We'll Support This Cause

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This man was looking for a ride as well as money for a pretty interesting reason – so he could buy a BB gun to use against the pigeon that supposedly offed his family! We’d love to know the whole story of how his parents were defeated by a 6-pound pigeon, which is why we’d likely let this guy climb into the passenger seat.

12 It's A Two-Way Relationship

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Many drivers feel like they’re the ones taking the risk letting a stranger into their car. But this hitchhiker’s sign reminds everyone that it’s a two-way relationship. They’re also the ones hopping into a vehicle with a stranger. Isn’t that exactly what our parents warned us not to do as children?

11 Nothing Sketchy About This, Right?

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Okay, this is one guy we likely wouldn’t slow down for. It has nothing to do with what he’s wearing or how unkempt he may or may not be. It has everything to do with the fact that he’s trying to use an axe to flag down oncoming vehicles. This begs the question as to why that’s the only material thing he seems to be traveling with.

10 She Just Needs A Change Of Scenery

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Many hitchhikers have a rough idea of where they want to go when they get in someone’s car. But this woman is so desperate to just the heck out of wherever she is that she feels anywhere would be better. We love her honesty, and it also makes us feel a bit bad for her, which is why we’d likely offer her a ride.

9 There's Nothing Weird About This Guy's Look

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We hate to judge a book by its cover, but when you’re considering letting someone in your vehicle, first impressions do speak volumes. This guy’s outfit is a bit wacky, which makes us wonder what went so wrong in his lie that he’s now standing on the side of the road in a bikini top.

8 He'll Go Wherever You Go

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Based on this guy’s sign, he’s sick AF of walking and just wants a car to take him into the great unknown. He doesn’t exactly care where he ends up and likely will go wherever you want to take him. Hey, if he’s a great conversationalist, then that doesn’t sound like a bad deal.

7 People Never Read The Signs Anyways

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We hope that this guy was just doing this for the photo because wearing a mask straight out of a horror movie is not a good way to get someone to give you a lift. And neither is standing next to signs warning people that hitchhikers may or may not be escaped convicts. Just saying!

6 What's Up With The Power Ranger Suit?

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We’d probably give this woman a ride just so we could ask her what the heck is up with that bright yellow suit of hers. This photo makes it seem like the climate she was in was pretty hot, so that suit couldn’t be very comfortable in hot temperatures, right?

5 That's Just Red Paint, Right?

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Yep, this is one hitchhiker that we likely wouldn’t slow down for. It’s not just the creepy mask that’s giving us bad vibes, but the fact that he literally has red splashed all over his outfit. We’re crossing our fingers and praying that it’s only red paint and not what we’re thinking of.

4 Because This Is A Valid Reason

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Even if this woman appeared sketchy in real life, we’d probably still be open to giving her a lift just because of how hilarious her sign is. We can all relate to the pain of not checking social media after a certain amount of time, and while that may not make all of us desperate enough to hitch a ride, we can appreciate this woman’s honesty.

3 He Just Wants To Get To Church

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We’d love to hear this guy’s story and the exact reason behind why his sign says he wants to get to ‘Christ church.’ Lots of hitchhikers like to advertise where they’re trying to go before they accept a ride, but we can’t say many of them are looking to go to God’s house. But to each their own, right?

2 She's Cute And Has Chocolate

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Just like the guy who said he’d share his cookies, this woman would totally get us to slow down just based on the fact that she has chocolate to share. Well, it just better not white chocolate! It also helps that she doesn’t look sketchy whatsoever. Maybe that’s being bias based on gender, but we’d probably stop for anyone who offered us chocolate, sketchy-looking or not.

1 This Girl's Got Big Dreams

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This is definitely the cutest hitchhiker on this list! This little girl is raising her thumbs in hopes that someone will take her to Disneyland- us too, girl. In all seriousness, we bet this little one’s parents just set this scene up for a cute photo shoot. We don’t know anyone who’d let their kid hitchhike anywhere, even if it’s to see Mickey Mouse.

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