Hogan Knows Best: 18 Secrets VH1 Tried To Bury

Ultimately, although the show was a big success during its time on VH1, the reality series did more harm than good to the family. Looking back, it basically tore them all apart. The show was pretty much forced into cancellation because of drama taking place behind the scenes. One included Nick Hogan’s car accident while the other surrounded Hulk’s infidelity to ex-wife Linda.

In this article, we’ll go through secrets VH1 might want to keep on the down low. We’ll discuss things like the family having to follow a script during the show along with troubles that followed during and after their run on the network.

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18 They Started Filming For The Cancelled Season

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The show came really close to including the fifth season. In fact, the word is that shooting for the new season already began, though it would be halted ultimately due to various disputes behind the scenes with Hulk, Linda and Nick all making the headlines for the wrong reasons.

The filming ended and so too would the show.

17 The Show Was Supposed To Center Around Hulk’s WWE Return

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A forgotten fact, the original premise behind the show was documenting Hulk’s return to the ring prior to his encounter with The Rock at WrestleMania X-8. Most fans can agree, that might’ve been a better decision looking back.

Ultimately, Hulk decided to build the show around Brooke, given the boom in the industry with the likes of Hilary Duff rising to superstardom.

16 The Cast Followed A Soft Script

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So much for reality television, huh? Hulk would admit in an interview that the show wasn’t all reality. They loosely followed a script.

Basically, the show’s producers would give them scenarios – it was up to them to act them out. Every shot we saw on the show was decided on by the behind the scenes crew, not the Hogan family.

15 The Show Cancellation Led To Hulk Leaving WWE

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VH1 wants us to forget this, but Hulk’s departure had a terrible ripple effect on his personal life. Not only would he lose the reality show gig but he was also released by WWE after a backstage dispute with Vince McMahon shortly after.

Hogan would continue his wrestling career with TNA, getting employed by the company for a second time. Brooke was also involved, though that was a big failure.

14 Largest VH1 Premiere At The Time

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VH1 might want to keep this stat on the down low but during the show’s debut, the numbers ranked the premiere as the most successful in the network’s history at the time.

Debuting in July of 2005, the reality series brought in close to two million viewers on the debut episode.

13 Brooke Hogan Spinoff

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VH1 tried to keep the dream alive in the form of a spinoff. In 2008, Brooke Knows Best would make its debut. The show was expected to carry the momentum gained from Hogan Knows Best, though that wasn’t the case, not even close.

The show lasted a mere two seasons with 20 episodes.

12 The Show Centered Around Brooke’s Music Career

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It might be hard to believe nowadays, but back then, the show centered around Brooke making it in the music industry while Hulk played along.

She would get early record deals, perhaps in large part thanks to her fame on the show. The momentum wouldn’t last, however. Once the show came to an end, Brooke lost a lot of those same deals.

11 Spanned Four Seasons But Only 43 Episodes

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Given that it lasted for four seasons, fans might be under the notion that the show actually lasted for pretty long.

This wasn’t the case. In truth, the reality show barely lasted two years and in that time frame, only 43 episodes made the cut – a number which is very low based off a show that featured four seasons.

10 The Family Members Didn’t Act Like Their Real Selves

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Hulk admitted that the family members acted differently and he would even compare their roles on the show as portraying gimmicks like his days in the wrestling ring.

Hulk would admit it was hard to be your actual selves when scenarios were already given, not to mention his wife getting up early to do her makeup and then once filming began she would have to create the illusion that she just woke up...

9 Nick’s Accident Hurt The Show

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Nick Hogan’s controversial car crash played a major part in the show coming to an end. Faced with lawsuits and big-time backlash from the media, it didn’t give VH1 the best look.

Sadly, Michael Graziano was also in the car and he would sadly pass away according to Patch. The 2007 incident really hurt the show.

8 Linda Went Off The Rails After The Show

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There’s a reason VH1 didn’t update us on the Hogan family following the show – in truth, a lot of the family members spiraled downwards.

Linda is an example of that; she would start to date a dude who was 19 at the time, Charlie Hill, while she was almost turning 50!

7 The Show Didn’t Help Brooke’s Music Career

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The purpose of the show was to create a new star in the music business, Brooke Hogan. What better way to do so than by having your own program on a platform like VH1.

It should have worked but it simply didn’t. Brooke’s first album Undiscovered, only hit 127,000 sales in the US. Once she changed labels, things would only worsen. She hit 15,000 sales for her album The Redemption, in 2009.

6 Family Went On To B-List Gigs After The Show

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Following Hogan Knows Best, the cast was basically regulated to B-list gigs. We barely saw Nick while Linda would continue on telling her story on B-list talk shows.

Brooke’s music career took a big hit – she would also delve into B-list shows and films to little success. As for Hulk, his wrestling career also took a back seat with Impact Wrestling, enduring a forgettable run.

5 It Was Also On MTV

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The show wasn’t just exclusively on VH1. MTV also held the rights, at least in terms of broadcasting the program internationally. It got exposure over on MTV in Italy along with other markets such as Germany, Austria, Portugal, Norway, and Finland.

Who knows, maybe if it was around long enough, it would have also transferred over to MTV in the US.

4 The Divorce Hurt The Show

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Along with Nick’s car accident, the show also came to an end because of Hulk’s divorce. Oddly enough, Hulk learned about the divorce during an interview – it would ultimately cause separation in the family and lead to the show’s cancellation.

It might be cold to say but just imagine the ratings had the show continued with this plotline at the center... maybe it would have survived.

3 Hogan Almost Took His Own Life

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According to his interview with CNN, things got really dark for the Hulkster at this point. So much so that he almost took his own life. Here’s what he had to say about the time period;

"I practically begged her, 'Please, don't file,' " The Daily News story quotes the book as saying. "Our son's just had this accident -- if we do this now, it'll make us look like the Britney Spears family. Please, don't file for divorce.”

2 The Show Ruined The Family

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VH1 doesn’t want us to know, but the reality show ultimately caused more harm to the family than anything else.

In fact, Hogan saw his wealth depreciate drastically after the show – his wife would file for divorce taking 70% of their assets, leaving Hulk with all but nothing. The others would never rebound either following the show’s end.

1 Brooke’s Friend Put The Final Dagger

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A dark secret from the show, it was actually Brooke’s former friend Christiane Plante, that caused the demise of everything for the family. She was the one linked to Hulk during the scandal – an incident that took place during the shooting of the show. Given her interview with National Enquirer, Brooke won’t ever forgive her actions;

“I think she should have thought about what kind of press she was going to get when she slept with her best friend’s famous father... I think we’re all seeing just exactly how karma works Christiane. Nothing you say will ever put my family back together.”

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