What Hogwarts Pet Should You Get Based On Your MBTI®?

Based on your Myers-Briggs® Personality Type, what wizarding world pet would suit you?

The Wizarding World has expanded greatly since we were first introduced to it at the tail end of the 20th century. Thanks to new franchises, such as Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, as well as new interactive additions, such as the popular mobile game Hogwarts Mystery as well as the extensive lore available on the Pottermore site, fans of the series have access to more information on this expansive world now than they ever have before. And a lot of that information has been centered on animals. The original series declared that the only pets allowed at Hogwarts were cats, toads, owls, and rats. However, later additions have revealed numerous magical pets and creatures that are available to witches and wizards. But it is important to make sure that one gets a pet well suited to their own personality and habits. Using the Myers-Briggs® system, we have created a guide to magical pets that will help readers pick the best pet for their needs and lifestyle.

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8 The Traditional Cat (INTJ)

INTJ types are introverted, independent, and love observing the world around them. These types of people prefer to spend large periods of time alone and would rather attend to their own needs than have to rely on someone else. This is why the traditional cat is the perfect choice for witches and wizards of this type.


Both the person and the pet would be perfectly content spending long days reading and napping silently side by side, without ever having to even interact with each other for longer than the occasional pet or meal. A traditional magical pet for a traditional introverted witch or wizard.

7 The Intelligent Kneazle (INTP)

Though based on the muggle cat, the Kneazle is more owl-like in personality as the creature exhibits a high level of intelligence and appreciation for all things scholarly. In other words, this pet is perfect for any Ravenclaw looking for a non-human study buddy. But which type is best suited to such an erudite creature? INTP’s love analyzing facts, discussing abstract theories, and all things related to high-level intelligence. These types love decoding patterns, place logic above all else, and love letting their creative genius take over while creating solutions to perceived problems. A loving Kneazle would be the perfect animal to bounce these theories off of.

6 The Lively Pygmy Puff (INFP)

Pygmy Puffs are sweet, cotton candy-like creatures who, according to Luna Lovegood, “have been known to sing on boxing day.” These dreamy and delicate creatures are perfect for the dreamy and delicate INFP’s.


People who fall under this type love to spend their days dreaming of their ideal world, indulging in every thought and idea that passes through their minds, and getting to know the world and people around them through deep conversation. These types are idealists at heart and would be the perfect companion to the soft and lovable Pygmy Puff. They could lay by the Black Lake and watch the clouds pass by together.

5 The Traditional Toad (ESTP)

Do not underestimate toads, nor their owners, for they have been known to do great things. Like the most famous toad owner in the wizarding world (Neville Longbottom) the ideal toad owners are doers that want to get up and do whatever it takes to achieve their goals without thinking too deeply about those actions. ESTP’s are the traditional “look before they leap” type people. Now don’t misunderstand, they are not reckless nor adrenaline seekers. They simply believe that time spent concerning oneself with abstract hypotheticals is time wasted and if a friend is in need then one must jump into action and concern themselves with mistakes as they go.

4 The Magical Streeler (ISTP)

The Streelers are one of the coolest pets in the magical world. They are essentially punk rock snails. And the type best suited to own one of these incredibly unique and special creatures is the rare and mysterious ISTP’s. The ISTP types are mysterious in that they are incredibly difficult to predict and pin down.


ISTP types are simultaneously spontaneous and rational. They love spur of the moment decisions just as much as they love dedicating large amounts of their personal time to rational thought and discussions. Such a potent mix of personality is so perfectly suited to something as unique and wonderful as a spiked snail.

3 The Traditional Rat (ISFP)

2 The Adorable Crup (ENFJ)

The adorable Crup is one of the best pets available to witches and wizards alike. They are basically the equivalent of a muggle puppy; however, they have two tails. Double the tail, double the wagging potential.

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The perfect master for these loveable pets would be someone who fell under the ENFJ type. People with this type are extroverted and love to be surrounded by as many friends as possible. They have a strong sense of right and wrong and they tend to live in an alternate/idealized reality at most times. There is nothing wrong with this and it is, actually, often beneficial as it makes them quite optimistic and cheerful.

1 The Traditional Owl (ISTJ)

Like the wise and scholarly owl, their perfect owners are formal and intelligent. The ISTJ types love traditions and can be seen as exceptionally old fashioned by other types. They are reserved, strict with themselves as they expect a perfect and proper decorum of themselves of all time, and rarely let loose. They believe in logic, taking care of oneself, and maintaining the status quo. A traditional and classic wizarding pet for a traditional owner. It is important to make sure that one’s personality is in line with the needs and behavioral quirks of one’s chosen pet to ensure a harmonious and peaceful life together.


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