Which Hogwarts Class Would You Master Based On Your MBTI?

There's nothing many of us want more than to be a student at Hogwarts, and anyone who says otherwise is definitely not being honest with themselves. One doesn't even need to be a fan of the series to feel that deep, burning desire to experience the magic that is the famous school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. So, for longtime fans and newcomers alike, we've got a special surprise.

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We all have a specific personality type, which depends on how we score on the Meyers-Briggs scale. For those who know theirs, this article will be tons of fun. Here, each personality type corresponds with a class taught at Hogwarts. After all, each person's specific MBTI® will inevitably match a class that would suit their strengths as a witch or wizard.

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10 Astronomy (INTP)

INTPs are tailor-made for classes such as astronomy, which is one of the only subjects in the Harry Potter series to correspond with a real-life study. Also known as the Architect, an INTP will find that their strong suits undoubtedly lie with logic and analysis, two things that are crucial to understanding astronomy.

They'd excel at any science, but this one, in particular, will allow them to probe and ponder to their hearts' content. Along their journey, they'll be able to not only study the universe but to ask questions about it, something they're entirely designed to do.

9 Charms (ISFP)

An ISFP is likely to be more laid-back than many other personality types and have a tendency to just go with the flow of things. Someone with this personality type will have no issue at all when it comes to remaining calm and focused while learning a new charm or spell.

With their penchant for appreciating the pure beauty in life, they can visualize what they want before they've received it, helping them to really excel in this class. Their ability to use various mediums and truly connect with their craft will lend itself flawlessly to casting magic.

8 The Dark Arts (INTJ)

When we think of the Dark Arts, it's easy enough to think of He Who Shall Not Be Named. However, excelling in a class such as the Dark Arts does not necessarily mean any one person will be inherently evil, and we can't dispel the significance behind an art form due to its history of use (Defense Against the Dark Arts was simply The Dark Arts during the time the Carrows were teaching at Hogwarts).

An INTJ will likely do well in this subject simply because they're also known as Masterminds, able to solve problems on a whim and constantly thinking. Their desire to learn more keeps them ambitious, very useful for a practice that takes discipline and experience.

7 Defence Against The Dark Arts (ESFP)

While the playful ESFP doesn't seem like the type who would take something like a Defence Against the Dark Arts class seriously, the reality is quite the opposite. A study such as this will have a much deeper meaning for them when it comes to defending those they love.

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One of their hobbies includes helping others, something they're able to do well thanks to their consistently warm and upbeat nature. This allows them to be in touch with the needs of another as well, paving the way for them to be natural protectors as well as true friends.

6 Flying (ISTP)

ISTPs are also known as the Craftsman, allowing them to quickly adapt to changing situations with their penchant for being handy as well as fast-thinking. Since they are often bored by logic alone, being hands-on provides them the proper stimulation to excel at something like flying.

Natural-born mechanics, they thrive when able to use most modern technology or machinery, and a broom (perhaps even the Numbus 2000) is no exception. Their desire to constantly be free --and the value they place on alone time-- means that flying will quickly become a useful yet enjoyable hobby.

5 Herbology (ESFJ)

ESFJs are strong helpers by nature and will be drawn to the benefits that come out of Herbology. All of those plants and herbs are just waiting to be turned into something life-saving, and someone with an ESFJ personality will undoubtedly be on top of their studies to find out what that might be.

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Their natural organizational skills will allow them to create brews and potions that will solve any ailment, something that will undoubtedly resonate with their natures. Instinctively, they'd be A students, if only for the fact that they're devoted to the cause.

4 History Of Magic (ISTJ)

Also known as Inspectors, ISTJs are curious by nature, which makes history the obvious choice when it comes to classes at Hogwarts. They might not be too strong in the imagination department, but they simply shine when it comes to logic and reasoning.

Their analytical nature will translate well when it comes to history, as they'll be able to expand their minds while learning about the past at the same time. Their capacity to remember minor details makes them great students in general, but when it comes to history, they'll likely excel above all the others in their class.

3 Divination (INFJ)

To say that an INFJ would excel in Divination would be stating the obvious, as those with this personality are naturally intuitive from the start. They often know things that others don't, able to predict the outcome of things before they even happen.

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This almost superhuman ability lends itself well to the art of divination, as they'll be able to excel effortlessly when it comes to knowing the future. This allows them to sense much about others as well, making them easy to talk to yet unnaturally all-knowing. Although Divination is only an elective, it's one that's an easy A for an INFJ.

2 Potions (ENFP)

Fittingly, ENFPs are also known as Champions. They seem to do well in whatever they set their minds to and their attitude would even gain respect from Professor Snape.

While they're often led by their emotions, on the outside, most people see them as naturally-driven success stories. They're excellent at communicating and fully able to diffuse tough situations with their charismatic humor. Their drive for being creative and constantly striving for more (sometimes unrealistic ideals) keeps them experimenting and challenging themselves.

This kind of attitude is perfect when it comes to creating new recipes, something they'd be wonderful at.

1 Transfiguration (ENFJ)

Interestingly enough, ENFJs are known as Teachers, which means they start out as tremendous learners. An ENFJ is easily in-tune with others, sometimes able to act as a true empath when it comes to experiencing another's emotions.

This fluidity would allow them to perfect the art of transfiguration, as they're already pros at being in-tune with all things living and breathing. They believe in cooperation and helping others as best they can, which will only add to their drive when performing spells in the Transfiguration classroom. If their efforts are for a specific purpose, it's this reasoning and drive to do good that will help them excel.

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