Rumor: Maguire, Holland, & Garfield To Unite For Spider-Man Multiverse Movie

There's a chance the three actors to portray Spider-Man during the past 20 years could all meet each other during an ambitious multiverse movie.

For dedicated Marvel fans, getting your head around why there have been so many Spider-Man movies over the past 20 years makes complete sense. For casual fans or people on the outside looking in it can be confusing and sometimes even annoying. However, if you have watched everything Spidey has had to offer this century, you will know that Tom Holland's take on the hero is the best by far.

Sony owns the movie rights to Spider-Man and has had two cracks at turning the web-slinger into a franchise. Tobey Maguire was the first to portray Spider-Man and did so for three movies. Andrew Garfield then took up the mantle for two more films. In the MCU, Tom Holland has brought Spidey to the big screen and made him an Avenger.

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via Yahoo News

Chances are you will have heard of the dispute between Disney and Sony over the rights to Spider-Man. That argument has been settled, and it seems as if Holland will now continue to bring us Spidey appearances for both companies. After he's wrapped up his work in the MCU, Sony seems to still have plans for him. In fact, according to Cosmic Book News, the studio has plans for all three of its Spider-Men.

The site has reported that Sony is planning a movie in which all three versions of Sony's Spider-Man will meet. That will take place via the introduction of a multiverse, with Maguire, Holland, and Garfield all donning the blue and red suit in different dimensions. If you're struggling to comprehend exactly how that will work and what it will look like, we'd recommend checking out the animated movie Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse.

It sounds as if there will be a lot of crossing over between universes coming soon in the wider Marvel world. Venom's director has promised that Holland's Spidey will clash with Tom Hardy's Venom at some point. There's also talk of the X-Men showing up in the MCU at some point now that Disney owns FOX. However, the roles of the X-Men will probably be recast.

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