Hollywood Exposed: 15 Most Dangerous Predators In The Business

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Hollywood Exposed: 15 Most Dangerous Predators In The Business

2017 seems to be the year when all the predators in Hollywood are being outed. Granted, there have been plenty of shocking scandals over the years that have exposed the creeps amongst the celebrities. But it seems like those numbers have only skyrocketed this year.

Thanks to the Harvey Weinstein scandal, many victims of sexual abuse in the industry have been coming forward with their stories. Some actors and entertainers that we once loved and admired are now being accused of shocking, heinous crimes that will tarnish their image and possibly ruin their careers.

Check out the top 15 predators in Hollywood who’ve been accused and charged with jaw-dropping crimes. From indiscretions against kids to ongoing harassment and more. It’s clear that there are a lot of things in Tinsel Town that need to change so we can avoid any more heartbreaking and damaging scandals.

15. Ed Westwick: Our Teenage Crush Is Ruined

via people.com

Gossip Girl fans were shocked when a woman came forward alleging that actor Ed Westwick, who played Chuck Bass on the hit teen drama Gossip Girl, had raped her. LA-based actress Kristin Cohen claims that she attended a party with her then-boyfriend at Ed’s house in 2014. She says she went to nap in the guest room, but she later awoke to the actor on top of her. He proceeded to assault her while the party was still going on.

A second woman has since come forward alleging that she was also attacked by Westwick. Aurelie Wynn’s story is shockingly similar to Cohen’s; she claims Ed attacked her while she was asleep in the guest bedroom at a party he was hosting. She says the attack also took place in 2014. The LA police department have confirmed there’s an investigation being launched into Cohen’s allegations. So far, Ed has been vehemently denying the shocking allegations, saying he doesn’t know either woman, and that the allegations are “provably untrue.”

14. Mark Salling: Nothing Gleeful About This

via radaronline.com

No one saw it coming when Glee actor Mark Salling was busted for possessing child pornography. In December 2015, authorities found several thousand inappropriate images and videos featuring minors on the actor’s personal computer. He was officially charged with possessing illicit material in 2016, and he was put on trial in September 2017 where he plead guilty.

The disgraced actor was eventually sentenced to seven years behind bars, though he was originally facing up to 20 years. It was later reported that Salling tried to commit suicide before his trial. Interestingly enough, this wasn’t the only time Mark was in trouble with the law over a sexual crime. Back in January 2013, a woman came forward accusing him of sexual battery, claiming they’d had unprotected intercourse without her consent. The case was later settled outside of court.

13. Ben Affleck: It’s Buttman Now, Not Batman

via variety.com

Ben Affleck has been hit with a slew of sexual allegations in recent weeks, proving he’s not much of a superhero in real life. Fans of the Batman actor were first shocked when a 2003 video showing Affleck groping actress Hilarie Burton on MTV’s TRL began going viral. Burton retweeted the video, writing “I didn’t forget,” which motivated Affleck to release an apology via Twitter to her.

However, the allegations haven’t died down since. More video footage showed the actor groping an interviewer when she was trying to ask him questions, though she’s since said she didn’t consider it an assault. Makeup artist Annamarie Tendler also came forward claiming Affleck tried to groping her butt once at a red carpet event. Fans have now been referring to Affleck as “Buttman” on Twitter… seriously. WTF!

12. Casey Affleck: I Guess It Runs In The Family?

via popsugar.co.uk

I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Several years ago, Ben Affleck’s younger brother Casey was accused of being inappropriate with multiple women. In 2010, two women came forward alleging that the actor put the moves on them while they were working on the film I’m Still Here. Both women allege he made a series of inappropriate comments and passes at them, and also encouraged the crew to demean them as well. One of the women even claims that Affleck crept into her bed at night and attempted to fondle her.

Affleck was able to settle the lawsuits outside of court, but he continues to face a ton of backlash to this day due to the shocking scandal. Most recently, fans were appalled when he was awarded the best actor award at the 2017 Oscars for his role in Manchester By The Sea. Fans are now demanding that he be uninvited from the 2018 Oscars, even though he’s reportedly been asked to present the best actress awards. Maybe they should think of boycotting both of the Affleck brothers!

11. Charlie Sheen: Making Headlines Once Again

via huffingtonpost.fr

Charlie Sheen has been making headlines for his wild antics for years, but no one saw these shocking allegations coming. The troubled actor has been accused of sexually abusing former child star Corey Haim. Corey’s longtime friend, actor Dominick Brascia, was the one who broke the news to National Enquirer. He alleges that Sheen was 19 when he abused 13-year old Corey. The two were filming the 1986 movie Lucas at the time.

“He told me they smoked pot and had ***. He said they had anal ***. Haim said after it happened, Sheen became very cold and rejected him. When Corey wanted to fool around again, Charlie was not interested,” Brascia said. Haim has been in the media for claiming he knows the names of a “Hollywood pedophile ring,” though he says he won’t talk unless he gets a $10 million paycheck. As of now, Sheen’s representative says that the allegations are completely fabricated.

10. Nelly: One Night In A Tour Bus

via tmz.com

Rapper Nelly’s image was tarnished this year when a woman came forward claiming he’d assaulted her on his tour bus while it was parked in a Walmart parking lot. The 21-year-old said she’d attended his concert and had been invited back to the bus by the rapper afterwards. The rapper was eventually arrested on assault charges and later released on bail.

However, the unnamed victim later dropped the charges and her lawyer said she didn’t want to proceed with the case. Her attorney said the woman couldn’t handle the pressure of pursuing a case against a celebrity. “[She] believed the system [was] going to fail her,” her lawyer said. This news came after the victim had received a threatening letter from Nelly’s legal team. Many fans believe if Nelly had been taken to court, he would have been found guilty.

9. Kevin Spacey: Claims He Doesn’t Remember

via vanityfair.com

House of Cards actor Kevin Spacey was fired from the hit show after multiple young men came forward accusing him of abuse. Actor Anthony Rapp wrote a piece for BuzzFeed in which he alleged Spacey took advantage of him when he was only 14 years old; Anthony described one experience where the actor put him in bed then climbed on top of him and began trying to engage intimately with him.

In a shocking turn of events, Spacey posted a statement to Twitter in which he basically admitted to not remembering the encounter. He also came out as gay at the same time. “I’m beyond horrified to hear his story,” Spacey said in the post. “But if I did behave then as he describes, I owe him the sincerest apology for what would have been deeply inappropriate drunken behaviour, and I am sorry for the feelings he describes having carried with him all these years.” Since then, more alleged victims have come forward with other stories.

8. Anthony Wiener: Thinks He Has A Sickness

via cnn.com

Former congressman Anthony D. Wiener proved just how much of a creep he was this year when he was found guilty of sending explicit messages to a minor. The disgraced politician was previously in the media for sending naked photos of himself to his mistress, while his son was in the frame. Creepy, right? Though that didn’t prompt his wife to leave him, the next thing he was in hot water for did.

This year it became public knowledge that Wiener had been sending inappropriate texts to a 15-year-old girl over a span of three months. He was also trying to meet up with her in person, though he had full knowledge she was underage. The girl eventually outed their “relationship” to Daily Mail, which prompted an investigation into Wiener.

He was arrested this past September and will now serve up to 21 months in prison. Wiener will also have to pay a $10,000 fine, a year of probation upon release, and stay in an Internet monitoring program. “I have a sickness, but I do not have an excuse,” the star said while crying during an apology at his trial.

7. Josh Duggar: The Church Covered It Up

via radaronline.com

Fans of reality TV will recognize Josh Duggar as the eldest child from the famous family with 19 kids (aka: the ones with the show 19 Kids And Counting). The hit show was eventually cut from air after the news broke that Josh has been linked to five young girls when he was a teenager, and his parents had not taken their knowledge to the police. Four of the girls happened to be his younger sisters.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have said they believed it was better to handle the situation within their church. They said they put Josh in counseling, but he remained in the house with the sisters he had abused. The sisters, who are now adults, say they’ve forgiving their brother.

However, Josh proved he was still a creep when his name was leaked in the Ashley Madison scandal (he was cheating on his wife while she stayed home with their four kids). A prostitute eventually came forward saying he’d paid her for the night, but he ended up getting violent with her instead. When she asked him to stop, he only used more force. Clearly this guy needs more than counseling.

6. Bill Cosby: He Did It For Over 50 Years

via feministcurrent.com

Bill Cosby was once everyone’s favourite TV dad on The Cosby Show. But now he’s known as the actor who victimized countless women over his long career. The allegations span over 50 years, with some happening as early as the mid-’60s and as recent as 2008.

Many of the women’s stories have striking similarities; most describe Cosby drugging them through a drink and then taking advantage of them when they were too weak to resist. Many of his victims we underage at the time. Despite the multitude of allegations, Cosby has maintained that he is innocent and refuses to discuss the case with the public.

Many of the cases are too old to prosecute due to the statute of limitations. But the comedian was put on trial in June of 2017 for some assaults, though it ended in a mistrial. He will take the stand again come April 2018.

5. Louis C.K.: This Is No Laughing Matter

via dw.com

Louis C.K. is one of the latest celebrities to be hit with scandalous charges, but the accusations are shocking. Two women shared their stories in a piece for the New York Times. One said Louis had tried touching himself in front of her, the other said he was touching himself while they were on the phone. Gross! Two more women even claimed the celeb asked if he could do the same in front of them.

Ridiculously, rumours of Louis’ indiscretions have been circulating for years, though only now are they getting real attention. The star actually addressed the talk in a 2016 interview. “That’s not real…Well, you can’t touch stuff like that,” he said of the rumours.

“There’s one more thing I want to say about this, and it’s important: If you need your public profile to be all-positive, then you’re sick in the head. I do the work I do, and what happens next I can’t look after. So my thing is that I try to speak to the work whenever I can. Just to the work and not to my life.” Louis might not be speaking up, but his victims sure are.

4. Stephen Collins: Not So Much Like The Reverend

via dailymail.co.uk

Many millennials grew up watching Stephen Collins as Reverend Camden on the family-friendly show 7th Heaven. The actor played the dad of a family with seven kids. He was a reverend, and the show followed he and his wife trying to raise their army of kids with good values, while avoiding a ton of drama along the way. But the show was ruined for fans after the news broke that Collins had been inappropriate with a number of underage girls throughout the decades.

In 2014, TMZ found audiotape footage of the actor confessing to doing things to children earlier on in his life. An investigation was launched after the tape surfaced, but NYV authorities said they never had enough evidence to charge the star. But Collins eventually came clean in an interview with People magazine, where he confirmed the rumours were true. He admitted to having “inappropriate [explicit] conduct with three female minors” in 1973, 1982, and 1994. He said he believes the reason he attacked underaged girls was because an older woman abused him between the ages of 10-15.

3. Bob Weinstein: Just Like His Older Bro

via variety.com

Most people now recognize the name ‘Weinstein’ for the Harvey of that last name who’s been accused of preying on tons of A-list women, including Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Cara Delevingne. But it turns out his brother Bob, who at first criticized his bro’s actions as reprehensible, is just as much of a predator has he is. Just like Harvey, Bob is a Hollywood bigwig and is a partner at Miramax and The Weinstein Company.

After his brother’s actions were exposed, the indiscretions of Bob began coming to light. Amanda Segel, a former employee on the set of the Spike TV series The Mist, claimed he harassed her for three months during her time there; that is, until she lawyered up. The woman was allegedly told she’d be fired if she didn’t learn to get along with Bob (AKA give in to his advances). Weinstein’s team denied the accusations and even said they had to prove the allegations were false. Since then, Segel has left her position with the show.

2. Gary Glitter: He’s Been Kicked Out Of Multiple Countries

via independent.co.uk

Fans of ‘80s music might recognize Gary Glitter, who was once only known for his eccentric outfits and questionable singing. But he ended up becoming known for something much worse beginning in 1997. Inappropriate images of children were found on his computer; he was eventually sent to prison in 1999 and was a registered predator.

In the ‘90s, he had even more trouble as he was charged for attacking a 14-year-old girl, though he claims they were in a relationship. He eventually moved to Cambodia with a girlfriend, but was deported in 2002 after he was suspected of soliciting underage girls. He was later arrested in 2006 in Vietnam for attacking six girls, with ages ranging from 11-23. In 2006, he again was in the headlines for attacking two girls, ages 10 and 11. Gary eventually moved back to the UK, where he’s facing even more similar charges. The most recent attack happened in 2015.

1. Roman Polanski: Managed To Evade Justice (For Now)

via mamamia.com.au

Roman Polanski is one of the most notorious predators in Hollywood, even though he’s had success following the shocking allegations against him. In 1997, the then-43-year old director was charged for assaulting 13-year-old Samantha Geimer while shooting a spread for Vogue.

He was originally released from jail after 42 days, and was only expecting to be given probation. However, the judge wanted to make an example out of him and sentenced him to jail time, which prompted Polanski to flee from the US to France, where he’s been ever since.

Not too long ago, another woman (identified only as Robin) came forward claiming Polanski had also abused her when she was 16, though she can’t press charges due to the statute of limitations. Many fans believe the director has more victims out there.

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