15 Hollywood Starlets Who Seriously Don't Know How To Drive

With overflowing bank accounts, it would likely be a safer world if these gals just took Ubers all the time.

From Emma Stone's quirkily seductive role in Easy A to Margot Robbie's all-out drool-fest in The Wolf of Wall Street, there has been no shortage over the years of impressive performances by the most beautiful Hollywood actresses. While their on-camera talent comes in droves, it seems that for these select lovely ladies, knowing the difference between drive and reverse does not.

Whether they've been involved in hit and runs, slapped with DUI charges, have smacked into parked cars, or found themselves hurtling down the wrong side of a freeway (yes, Nicole Richie, that one's about you), the Hollywood hotties have essentially been begging for their licenses to be confiscated.

With overflowing bank accounts, it would likely be a safer world if these gals just took Ubers all the time.

15 Mischa Barton

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Look, Mischa, we're no driving experts, but we're pretty confident in saying that when anyone's driving their Cadillac convertible out in West Hollywood, usually it's best practice to look where they're going. But hey, each to their own. Mischa Barton smashed up Nicole Richie's car back in 2007, not even a month later collided with a parking garage gate, and then got slapped with a DUI later that year.


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One accident can often be put down to bad luck, but when there's two in a short period of time, it usually says something about the driver's ability. Well, how about 5? When you're chalking up that many in just a couple months, as our dear Amanda did, then some serious self-reflection needs to be had. Anyway, she's rich, can't she just Uber everywhere?

13 Britney Spears

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Of all the celebrity drivers out there, Britney Spears is by far one of the worst. She's no stranger to a fender bender, nor a hit and run, having been involved in plenty of the years. In fact, she was actually caught on video admitting to a man - whose car she'd just rammed into -  that she's a terrible driver

12 Kylie Jenner

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Drive and reverse are rather straightforward concepts, right? One goes forward, one goes back. Well, apparently for our dear Kylie, it's a tough one to grasp. She smashed her car into a parked vehicle that sat, apparently, almost 30 feet behind her. Both a Mercedes and a Ferrari have fallen victim to Kylie's errant driving.


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It appears that one of the stars of the Fast and Furious franchise couldn't quite find the line between what was production-style driving and what was real-world. The actress ended up having to hand over her licence to the police after being caught over the legal limit while kickin' it on vacation in Hawaii.

10 Anne Hathaway

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The lovely Anne Hathaway might be known for her starring roles in films like Les Miserables, that doesn't make her any better of a driver. In fact, Anne has even confessed herself that her talent behind the wheel is rather sub-par, and it's one of the main reasons why she prefers living in New York rather than Los Angeles.

9 January Jones

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Mad Men star January Jones had a rather unfortunate incident back in 2010, when the car she was driving collided with not one, not two, but three parked cars on her way home. Rumours went around that she might have been under the influence at the time, however, alcohol involved or not, you need to lift your game, January.


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Rarely a day has gone by where we haven't seen the incredibly talented and stunning, although often clueless, Lindsay Lohan in the spotlight - for all kinds of controversial reasons. Her driving record is not one she'd be proud of, that's for sure, having been done for driving under the influence on multiple occasions.

7 Paris Hilton

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Paris has a lot of things to brag about, from her inherited hotel fortune to her eye-catching bubblegum-pink Bentley. Her ability to keep her car in the correct lane, however, is not one of those things. In 2007 Paris was arrested and had her licence confiscated for driving under the influence and she's been involved in a few too many minor accidents over the years as well.


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Reese Witherspoon certainly isn't the worst Hollywood hottie when it comes to driving, but she's not exactly a model citizen with a flawless reputation either. Back in 2013, she got herself into some pretty serious trouble with the law, arrested for driving under the influence and also for disorderly conduct.


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After being pulled over to the side of the road for a simple traffic violation, things took a turn for the worse when Jaime Pressly blew 0.22 on the analyser, well and truly over the legal limit. Unfortunately for the My Name Is Earl star, this meant that her licence was taken away for a while. Eye candy? Yes. Excellent driver? Hardly.


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It's fair to assume that anyone board and bred in the USA should be familiar with which side of the road people drive on, right? Well, apparently the lovely Nicole Richie didn't get the memo, as she was arrested for driving under the influence and driving down the wrong side of the freeway back in 2006. C'mon, Nicole, this isn't Australia!

3 Maya Rudolph

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It was a matter of being in the wrong place at the wrong time for this Hollywood actress, as she smashed into a cluster of garbage bins, knocking off her BMW's side mirror, all while TMZ just happened to be filming. Apparently, there was no alcohol involved, which makes us question her natural driving ability all the more.


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Is Halle Berry one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood? Absolutely. Is she an exemplary driver? Nope, not for a second. Just after the turn of the century, Halle smacked into a car and then fled the scene. She was eventually tracked down, charged with hit and run, and as a result, was sentenced to three years probation and 200 hours of community service.


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This New York-based film and TV star was comedically nominated for Worst Supporting Actress for her 2003 role in Head of State, however, it seems as though she should have been given an award for worst driver in the year following as well. When cruising down the streets of Miami, Florida, she hit an elderly man, causing him to suffer some pretty nasty leg injuries.

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