10 Easy Home Renos You Can Do Yourself

Home renovations don't have to be a big production if you try out these ten do-it-yourself interior design adjustments in your house.

Times change, and so do the interior designs of homes, which means that you have to do some home renovations. You could pay someone to remodel your entire house, or you could do some simple renovations that completely change the look and feel of your home. When you do it yourself you are not only saving money, but you also have the pride of your own accomplishment.

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We have compiled a list of some simple renovations that anyone can do themselves. All you need is a few tools, ambition, and some elbow grease. Keep reading to learn about ten easy home renos you can do!

10 Redo Your Wall Vent Covers

Your return air vents can make a beautiful wall unflattering, as their clunky appearance takes away from the masterful room you have created. It is simple to upgrade these eyesores by creating your own using some crown molding and strips of metal.

You can paint them whatever color you want, or choose to keep the metal in its natural color. There are also several different designs you can choose from to truly customize it for your house to match your decor.

9 Put Framed Mirrors On Flat Doors

If your doors are flat, but you don't want to spend a ton of money on new ones, then you should consider just adding mirrors. It is a simple fix that makes any room pop and works especially great in bedrooms and bathrooms.

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This also helps in smaller rooms where finding a spot for a mirror can be tricky, and you don't like the look of those that hang over doors. It will look classy and chic compared to the bland look of the doors before you made this cheap change.

8 Paint Your Walls And Doors

One of the easiest ways to overhaul any ugly room is to paint the walls and doors a new color. You could go with something flashy like a purple or blue, or decide to stick with earthy hues like greens and browns.

All you need is some painters tape, brushes, and paint to get started and it is a relatively cheap way to update a home. If your walls are white, many find it best to paint their ceilings a new color that really makes a room stand out above the rest.

7 Crown Molding Is Easy To Install

Crown molding can spice up any boring living space as it gives it new life. It is budget-friendly, as well as easy to install, as long as you have a steady hand when making cuts. The hardest part of this install is cutting the pieces at 45-degree angles, but any mistakes you do make can be fixed with a bit of caulk.

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You can add it to walls, doors, and even cabinets to give a room a new and updated look that will appear to be installed by a certified professional. Your friends will be impressed by your skills, and they might even try to rope you into helping them with their own crown molding projects.

6 Add Wood Paneling To Your Walls

If you have jumped onto the rustic bandwagon, then you should consider adding wood paneling to create an accent wall. There are peel-and-stick versions that are as simple to apply as they sound, or you can use a planer to make boards of your own.

If you own a planer, then this project can come very cheaply, especially if you use discarded pallets for your design. It will give any room a homier feel that also transports you out to your favorite place in the country.

5 Changing Out Hardware

This is one renovation that anyone can do as it only involves a screwdriver and some new handles or knobs. When you replace the hardware on your kitchen and bathroom drawers it can really make a phenomenal difference as it turns it from a 1980s nightmare to a 21st-century masterpiece. You could also change out the faceplates on your electrical outlets as well to match your new hardware and really bring a room together by making these few subtle changes.

4 Transform Your Laminate Countertops

Laminate countertops in your kitchen are an outdated look that many people use because it is so cheap to buy. The best way to upgrade these without paying a fortune for granite is to paint it with a color that doesn't show every drop of food on its surface.

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All you have to do is sand it down, prime it, and then paint it with one that is specially formulated for counters. Your friends won't believe their eyes when they see it for the first time and it will take a lot of convincing for them to understand that it's not a brand new counter.

3 Buy Closet Organizer Kits

All local hardware stores sell some type of closet organizer kits that can help you make use of your available space. Your pile of clothes sitting in the corner will now have places to go once you install the kit of your choice.

It requires few tools as you just have to drill the screws into the wall to hold it in place. This simple renovation will amplify your space and help you hide your clutter in a way that doesn't have people turning up their noses.

2 Update Your Light Fixtures

When someone walks into a room their eyes are drawn to the source of light that is guiding their path. A lot of homes have outdated fixtures that should be updated to stick with the times, and this could involve a total replacement, or it might just need a coat of paint.

Many people have kept their golden chandeliers, so this could be as simple as painting with a less obtrusive color. There are also plenty of DIY projects out there that turn your fixture into something new by just changing out the shade.

1 Frame Your TV And Mirrors

You could go out and buy one of Samsung's Frame TVs for about $1,oo0, or you could just frame your TV yourself for next to nothing. All you need is crown molding, the ability to cut angles, a nail gun, and some glue.

It will bring your room into the future of design and help it blend seamlessly into the wall so it's not such an eyesore. This same concept can be applied to mirrors in your home, so their sharp edges don't cut into the classic feel of your bathroom.

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