Home Spa vs Traditional Spa: The Pros and Cons

A day at the spa is a luxury that most people can't afford, but the idea that we can recreate a spa within our own home is something we can get behind. Spas are luxurious, but the main focus is to relax us, and many of us have found a way to make our home a haven for stress relief. This is not to say a traditional spa does not have its own benefits, but some people fail to see the positives associated with home spas.

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We have created a list that reveals the pros and cons of a home spa when compared to a traditional spa. They are both viable options, but it is ultimately up to the individual which one they believe is the best option for them. Keep reading to learn more about the pros and cons of a home spa!

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10 Pro: You Don't Have to Leave Your House

A spa might seem like a great idea until you realize that you have to leave your house. There are some days where we just want to sit at home and not see another human being for the rest of the day. This is why home spas are so great because you can have all of the relaxing effects the spa provides while sitting in the comfort of your own home.

When you go to a traditional spa you are forced to drive back to your house after the luxurious experience, and the stress returns as you rage at other drivers on the road.

9 Con: There isn't a Licensed Massage Therapist

While staying home might seem like a great idea, many of us don't have a licensed massage therapist on hand to give our tight muscles the release they need. A few ways to remedy this are to ask your significant other for a massage or you can schedule for a therapist to come to your home.

If neither of these options seem viable to you, then you might just have to take a trip to a traditional spa after all.

8 Pro: You Can Duplicate Traditional Treatments at Home

The internet is a wonderful place that provides us with a wealth of information. Home spas are possible because a list of traditional treatments and the recipes to make them are online. This means we can replicate them at home by gathering the supplies and following the recipes.

Those who have gone to a traditional spa can ask for specific names of treatments they enjoyed, so they know what to look for in their search to create the perfect home spa experience.

7 Con: A Professional Won't Be There to Educate You on New Skincare Techniques

The upside to traditional spa treatments is that a professional is there who can tailor a treatment to your specific needs. They understand different skin types and they are also kept in the loop about the newest skincare regimens to hit the market.

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The internet is a great resource, but you can't beat a recommendation from a person trained in the field of creating healthy and lasting skin. A way to remedy this is to schedule a consultation with a professional or take a trip to a traditional spa, so you know what to look for before creating your own home spa treatment.

6 Pro: It is Inexpensive

Spas can be expensive, especially as you dive into the world of more complicated treatments which can run you into thousands of dollars of debt. When you create a home spa, you set your own budget and by creating your own safe space you can save a ton of cash.

The most expensive part of these places is the personalized treatment, but at home, you are the professional and whatever you say goes, especially when it comes to deciding how much money you want to spend.

5 Con: You Can't Have Specialty Treatments Performed

Traditional spas offer a variety of treatments, but your home spa can't provide the options they can. This list includes body scrubs, specialty massages, microdermabrasion, and so much more. You might be able to have someone give you a body scrub or a massage at home, but it truly doesn't compare to when a professional is giving you the treatment.

There are also treatments provided by medi-spas, such as microdermabrasion and laser hair removal that can only be performed by a licensed professional. These services might be costly, but in the end, your body will thank you for the attention.

4 Pro: You Don't Have to Show Nudity to a Stranger

There are many who refuse to go to spas due to the fact that they have to show total or partial nudity to a stranger. The thought of this makes some people cringe, but by creating your own spa at home this eliminates this issue.

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You can have the relaxing and stress-free day you wanted without anyone else having to see what you hide beneath layers of cloth. It can be freeing and you don't have to stress about what others think of your naked body, as you soak in your tub in the comfort of your private residence.

3 Con: You Can't Eliminate All of the Distractions

The reason many people go to a spa is to rid themselves of any distractions. This can include your kids, work, a number of household chores you never finished, and so on. The list never ends, and even if you banish everyone from your home for the day, those thoughts still rest in the back of your mind.

When you go to a traditional spa it is virtually impossible to fret about the things you need to get done, because you are nowhere near your responsibilities.

2 Pro: You Know Your Home is Clean

There are many people who fear that the spa they go to is not being cleaned properly. It is always a worry that bacteria or mold exists within a facility due to a poor cleaning regimen, but this virtually disappears when you create a spa in the comfort of your own home.

You know the last time you scrubbed your bathroom, and there is something about it being your own filth that makes it better. A spa can also be considered a reward after you take the time to clean your home, making it an even more worthwhile venture.

1 Con: Your Tub Might Be Too Small

Traditional spas have large tubs made to fully submerge people of all heights and weights within their depths. Many times our tub at home doesn't make the cut, and it can be difficult to feel completely at ease when we are faced with the choice of leaving our legs or chest out of the waters comforting depths.

Traditional spas can also provide specialty mud baths or hyrdotherapy which your home tub might have a difficult time replicating. The cleanup associated with these specialty baths might stress you out more than its worth.

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