Homeless Man Hands Out Resumes, Gets A Job And A Place To Stay

By now, everyone is already familiar with the fact that getting a decent job and a decent home in Silicon Valley is not an easy task. Even David Casarez knew this when he set out to start his new tech company by moving from Texas to California. Unfortunately, his dream was cut short when he ran out of cash in June of this year. He had already been living in his car during this time until it got repossessed a month ago. Since then, he had relocated to a park bench.

Still hopeful, he would get up every morning, and dress up as best as he could in his shirt and tie, with a sign signaling that he was homeless. However, instead of asking people for money, he was actually handing out copies of his resume to whoever wanted to take one. Fortunately, he didn’t have to wait very long to get noticed. Thankfully, at the end of July, he was spotted standing at the side of the road by a person who had also struggled with success in Silicon Valley. That person was makeup artist Jasmine Scofield, who talked to David when she saw him and decided to share his story on social media. She took a picture of him, standing at the side of the road and on his resume, and posted both pictures on her Twitter, asking people to share the tweet in order to help him out.

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Soon after, her tweet went viral, and it was picked up by different news outlets all over the country. And that’s when the phone calls started pouring in. In just a couple of days, David received over 200 calls from different companies all across Silicon Valley. He even got interviews with giants like Google, LinkedIn, Netflix and Pandora. Despite all of the support, he was still stuck at the park bench, because although freelancing brought in enough to be able to support himself, it wasn’t enough to put a roof over his head in such an expensive area.

That’s when a certain nonprofit, called the Lambda School,  that teaches people software engineering decided to step in and help him by putting him up in a hotel for the rest of the work week and by giving him a $500 certificate for Airbnb. Now, with a roof over his head, David is looking for cheap accommodation and working through all of the interviews he received thanks to Jasmine. We wish him all the luck in his endeavors.

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