Kind Police Officer Helps Homeless Man Reunite With Family After 24 Years Apart

After over twenty years apart, we bet this father and his daughters never thought they’d be reunited. But we’re happy to say this is one story that has a happy ending!

61-year old Jose Lopez lost contact with his family after he moved to Miami, Florida. Jose unfortunately suffered several debilitating strokes, which left him homeless. Bu after twenty-four years on the streets, he decided to use the little resources he had to find his family.

According to Good News Network, Jose spent the rest of his savings in order to travel to New Jersey to find his loved ones. However, things went awry when he reached Secaucus Junction. Due to his struggles with mental health, Jose was unable to remember exactly where his daughters lived. All he could recall is that it had something to do with Bradley Beach.

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After wondering around for a while, a crisis outreach employee brought Jose to the New Jersey Transit Police Department, who were able to assist him further. Upon haring his story, officer Sean Pfeifer made it his personal mission to locate Jose’s family. He began by calling over two dozen different phone numbers in the Bradley Beach area. And as luck would have it, he ended up leaving a voicemail for one of Jose’s daughters.

The daughter was able to return the police officer’s call and the two scheduled a time for Jose to be reunited with his children. The officer even paid for Jose to get a haircut and a new outfit before the big reunion. Needless to say, it was an emotional reunion for all involved. Not only did Jose get to see his two daughters, but he also got to meet his grandkids for the first time.

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“I’m thinking I’m in heaven,” Jose told the swarm of reporters at the happy reunion. “I got my two best girls [back].”

Media outlets confirm that Jose is being cared for by his daughters at the moment. They care currently in the process of finding him a permanent residence close to where they live. The police also helped Jose connect with a mental health program to give him extra support while transitioning to his new life in New Jersey.

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