Homeless Man Was Reunited With His Family After Appearing In A Music Video For Homelessness

You don’t often hear about all the details of how a missing person can be found, but this story is a bit different. Thanks to a new music video by the artist Bugzy Malone, one mother has finally been reunited with her son who had been reported as missing for the past year.

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For the music video of the song Run, this 27-year-old artist went out into the streets of Manchester and asked the countless homeless people to appear in the video. During an interview that the artist did with BBC 1Xtra, he talked about how his management team received a message shortly after he released the video, from a woman that managed to recognize one of the homeless people that appeared in the music video.

The original plan for the music video was to use actors instead of the homeless people, but at one point, the rapper decided to reshoot the entire video, but this time to use real people and to share their real stories instead of fabricating stories that will touch the viewers.

The artist says that he has been at the bottom himself, and that’s why he decided against paying actors to appear in his video when he could go out and do something much more meaningful and give money to people that really need it. And then, when the mother saw her son, she immediately went out to look for him and eventually sent an email to Bugzy Malone to share the story with him.

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The homeless man in question later ended up at a hospital, after he tried to take his own life. So the mother showed the son a picture from Malone’s Instagram account, which included his own picture from the music video shoot. And just four months later, according to the rapper himself, the man from the music video has started getting his life back on track. Malone says that the man is now back at home, he has a job as well as a girlfriend.

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