Homeless Shelter Girl Scout Troop Sells Insane Amount Of Cookies

A homeless shelter-based Girl Scout troop sells an insane amount of cookies, shattering the goal that was set for them.

The New York City troop is based out of a homeless shelter and was given a goal of selling 6,000 boxes. However they did five times the amount, with their final cookie sales landing at 32,000 boxes. Troop 6000 is made up mostly of girls who are currently in the homeless shelter system in NYC. Being part of the famous group helps gives the girls confidence and their latest success is proof of that.

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“Thank you to everybody who supported our first sale. I’m so excited that I got a chance to sell cookies, just like any other Girl Scout,” Sanaa, a 10-year-old from Troop 6000, said in a press release to Refinery29.

The troop raised a total of $15,400 in donations, which will go to help fund various activities for the scouts. Plus, part of the proceeds go back to the girls who are currently living in the homeless shelters in New York City.

“We are so grateful to everyone who stood in line to purchase cookies, to our partner Kellogg’s and Little Brownie Bakers, and many others who made the first Troop 6000 cookie sale a resounding success and gave these girls the opportunity to be cookie business bosses," said Meridith Maskara CEO of Girl Scouts of Greater New York.

Although many of the girls who are part of the troop do still live in homeless shelters, some have been fortunate enough to leave. However, they remain part of Troop 6000 because it is very a very special group of girls. They are all trying to do the best they can despite their circumstances. Being part of the Girl Scouts gives these young women a sense of normalcy, as well as attainable goals they can reach to help better their lives.

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