Homemade Cards Tutorial: Everything You Need To Make Them Look Better Than Store-Bought

Why does no one talk about how expensive greeting cards are? How can we scoff at the price of lattes and yet we don’t care that a birthday card is at least six dollars? I can’t afford that! Luckily for me, I like being creative so for my whole life I have made homemade cards for my friends and family. But, it's not like they were nice. Usually, they were sentimental and well thought out but maybe they were just lacking a little in the execution.

In the past year, I have become way better at making cards. My cards are sharp, simple and thoughtful. They look so great I have people telling me they look store-bought. I have one of my friends who is an avid card maker to thank for this. I told her that I wanted to improve my cardmaking and as she guided me through the steps to making a card look good.

To my surprise, her steps were simple and didn’t require me to have any fancy materials or even to be particularly skilled. After a trip to Michaels Craft Store and a few lessons, I was good to go. Now my cards look amazing! If you want to stop spending an arm and a leg on greeting cards here are some tips on how you can make simple homemade cards that look like you bought them.

Use good materials

Having good quality materials is definitely the #1 most important step for making good greeting cards. If you use construction paper to make your cards they will never look very professional, no matter how creative you are. I would choose some high-quality card stock, good glue and some really pretty scrapbooking paper. Even with just those few things you can make some really creative and elegant cards.

Straight lines

Get a paper cutter, use a ruler, draw it out with pencil first. Whatever your method, make sure your lines are straight when cutting and drawing. This will make a huge difference to overall quality.

Work with shapes

A really easy way to make a professional looking card without having to go to too much effort is to play around with shapes and patterns. If you can find a couples pieces of paper that go well together and cut out some shapes you can make a simple design for your card that still looks cute!

Keep it simple

An important thing to remember is not to put too much on the front of your card or else it will look busy. Pick out one design and stick to it. Even if it is one simple shape on the front of the card it will look better than a busy, jumbled mess.

Have fun

Remember that the best part about a homemade card is that you put your love and time into it. Make sure you have fun while making the card and everyone will love it.

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