7 Everyday Pantry Items You Can Make At Home Instead Of Buying (With Recipes)

Picky eaters might not be huge fans of condiments, but the rest of us really enjoy these flavorful bottles and jars. We can't imagine eating meals without them. We slather butter and maple syrup on pancakes on Sunday morning, don't think that pizza is worth eating without ranch dressing and love a spoonful of peanut butter at any moment.

While we can absolutely buy these things and we definitely do on a regular basis, we can actually get into the kitchen and make them. We'll save ourselves some cash and have more fun making these staples from scratch instead of just going to the store (even if we're the kind of people that love grocery shopping and think it's enjoyable).

Here are 7 everyday pantry items that you can make at home (with recipes included). Which one do you want to try first?

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7 Ketchup

Pinterest/A Cup Of Jo

French fries, barbeque sauce, and hamburgers would be nothing without ketchup. Okay, we would still enjoy those foods sans the sweet red stuff, but we really, really love ketchup. It's a food that we're big fans of since childhood and we never grow up of wanting to eat it all the time. Why not try our hand at making it ourselves? It's probably simpler than we were expecting. This recipe from Cup Of Jo uses diced tomatoes, sugar, bay leaves, red wine vinegar, cloves, water, garlic, allspice, and nutmeg.

The best part? We can brag to everyone that we made our own ketchup.

6 Jam

Pinterest/Honey and Jam

Jam is another thing that we love as kids and still love as adults. Strawberry jam on a crunchy piece of toast, mixed with peanut butter for PB and jelly-flavored oatmeal, on top of vanilla ice cream – there are so many ways to use jam.

We can make our own jam as well and it's going to be awesome to have a healthier version of this pantry staple around. This easy and delicious recipe from Honey and Jam involves sugar, lemons, and cherries, and you'll use canning jars to make it, too. Can't you just smell the cherry jam cooking now?!

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5 Nut Butter

Pinterest/Ambitious Kitchen

It's rare to meet someone who hates peanut butter. Many of us go crazy for this spread and we never go without it. We may love other nut butters because it's become trendy to try them all out. From cashew and almond to pecan and walnut, and, well, it's hard not to play favorites. They're all good.

Why don't we make our own nut butter? There's no reason not to, right? This is one of the most Instagrammable things to do as well since people love sharing their toast and oatmeal in the morning that they've slathered with nut butter. This recipe for Homemade Cashew Butter with Vanilla Bean and Sea Salt from Ambitious Kitchen sounds fancy and elegant but is also easy to make. We'll blend the ingredients together and can keep it in the fridge. Yum.

4 Pesto


Pesto is delicious on pasta and anything that we want to add it to, from shrimp to chicken to salmon or steak. Maybe we've made our own pesto before or maybe we always buy it from the store. It's so easy and will be a great staple to have in our kitchen that we should totally give it a shot.

This recipe for Basil Pesto from Downshiftology uses basil (of course), salt and pepper, garlic, pine nuts, lemon juice, and cashews (along with parmesan cheese if you want). We're already thinking about all of the pasta that we can slather in this basil pesto.

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3 Taco Seasoning

Pinterest/Brittany's Pantry

Tacos are one of the greatest things. Even though Taco Tuesday is a really popular trend, we would all eat tacos any time of day and any day of the week. While it's super easy to buy taco seasoning from a grocery store and make tacos or a taco salad, this is also a pantry staple that we can make ourselves. This recipe from Brittany's Pantry has salt, pepper, cumin, onion powder, cayenne pepper, paprika, dried oregano, and chili powder.

The cool part? We can stir up all of the spices and keep it in our pantry or cupboard for a while and then whenever we crave tacos (which is every moment of every day), we can make some.

2 Pancake Mix

Pinterest/Sugar Dish Me

For many people, it's just not a proper weekend without a nice stack of pancakes. We would preferably make pancakes chocolate chips or blueberries, topped with butter and maple syrup.

Like many other pantry staples, it's simple to pick up a box of pancake mix at the store. It's also easy to make it ourselves and keep it around for any pancake cravings, and it's more exciting to create it from scratch, too.

We can make this recipe from Sugar Dish Me and mix together flour with sugar and some other ingredients. We can make pancakes anytime (but especially on Sunday mornings).

1 Tomato Sauce

Pinterest/Sally's Baking Addiction

Tomato sauce is so useful. It's great for chili, pizza, pasta, and many other meals. It's something many of us buy in jars from the supermarket. We might want to make our own, but think that it's too time-consuming and that's just not true. It's definitely easy and fast. Let's make our pasta even dreamier by making our own tomato sauce. It's an amazing staple to have around and we can also brag that we made our own, which is a nice bonus.

This recipe from Sally's Baking Addiction includes a great tomato sauce that can be put on pizza (and there's also a pizza recipe) so we can make one or both. With crushed tomatoes, an onion, red pepper flakes, salt, sugar, and garlic, we'll have an amazing sauce that we can use on anything that we want.

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