We Hope Their Name Is Felicia, Because Bye! (20 Pictures)

We can't speak for everyone else out there, but sometimes we get cravings, only not for food. Like, we'll just wake up one day wanting to read a book we've already reread until the spine has fallen apart, or with the insatiable urge to play an old video game that we've already played a thousand times before, or with a desire to rewatch a TV show that we've seen so many times, we can act out whole scenes. It doesn't make much sense, admittedly, but that's just the way it is, and when we've been struck with such inexplicable impulses, we have no choice but to act on them.

Today, we got up wanting to look at some things that made us say, "LOL! Bye, Felicia!" Don't ask us why, we just did, so that's what we're going to do now. But, we should mention, when we say "Bye, Felicia," we don't always mean we it in a bad, fed up way. Sometimes we mean it in a "Dis tew much" or an "I can't even right now" kind of way. Look, the best way to know what we're talking about when we say, "Bye, Felicia," is to check out the people in these 20 images.

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20 Wow, the likeness is uncanny

Whoa, for a second there, we thought this was a 3D holograph of Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, it's just so darn convincing! Imagine our surprise when we read the caption and realized this is nothing more than a printing on a plate. That really threw us for a loop!

Alright, even we can't joke our way out of this one, it's just too, well...whatever this is. Come on, Brazil, this isn't a very flattering representation of the royal couple, and we're happy to say it's not visually accurate, either. Ever hear of an eraser? Might wanna invest in one before trying to draw any more portraits.

19 Well, it's a good name

Grandparents are a treasure because they're constantly pulling stunts like this. Bless their hearts, they don't get technology, and part of us wants to help them learn more about it because the internet would be an infinitely more interesting place if there were more old people on it, but we also kinda don't want to tell them how technology works because we relish this kind of flub.

Grandma must be new to the internet to be giving web browsers people names, but once she uses Adam for a while, she's probably going to want to upgrade to another, better browser. Then maybe she can christen it with the name Eve.

18 That's a good omen, right?

They say if someone crosses paths with a banshee, that's a sign that they're not long for this world. We wonder what it means when someone looks out of their office building and sees some random dude wearing a spooky costume wielding a sign?

Looks like this Debbie person has got a problem on her hands.

Still, it was nice of this grim reaper wannabe to specify which person's soul he's here to steal. Now, none of Debbie's co-workers have to spend the day worrying if they're next since her *gentleman caller* was kind enough to announce himself and to say who he showed up for. So that's good.

17 Some people have odd hobbies

We've come across some people with some, oh, what's the nice word for weird? How 'bout unconventional hobbies in our day. Pigeon racing, stationary bike collecting, butterfly fighting, you name it, it exists, no matter how SMH-y you might think it sounds.

We probably wouldn't have guessed that there are people out there who enjoy dressing up clowns in their spare time, but we're not surprised that it does. Welp, ah. Better add this to the list of reasons to dislike clowns. Although, maybe we should be more afraid of the people who play or play with clowns than the clown-garb itself. We might have to rethink our phobia.

16 It's good, but not as good as homemade

We went through a vegan period once (read "we went through a stage when we, too, wanted to feel superior to our peers before realizing it wasn't worth it and went back to eating juicy steaks and delicious cheeses"). During that time, we gave this stuff a try.

It's a little watery, but the bits of snark makes this ice cream a knock out.

Don't get us wrong, this stuff is definitely thirst quenching, but it wasn't anything to write home about. Besides, homemade is better, and it's a lot cheaper. But we guess the real lesson here is if you want to eat something that tastes delicious, don't be a stick in the mud—uh, we mean, a vegan.

15 Isn't that one of the monkeys from The Wizard of Oz?

That's not a squirrel, and we think "black-eyed demon" is too nice a description of this thing, too. It's a lot worse than a black-eye demon, it's a soul-stealing gremlin. This thing is the reason we used to check under our bed at night. And all we can say now is, yikes.

Wait, isn't this one of the monkeys from The Wizard of Oz? We know it hasn't got any wings, but maybe those were only issued by the Witch of the West, and then they went away when she melted. Or, maybe people just didn't know how to draw squirrels in the 1700's, each of these explanations is just as likely as the last.

14 Quoth the Teletubby, "Nevermore"

Via: imgur.com

Motion to start a new children's series featuring the Teletubbies reimagined as tragic poets and storytellers from at least a hundred years ago. Anybody else out there want to second that? Heck, it doesn't even have to be a kid's show at all, we're adults and we'd love to see that.

A show about Edgar Allan Poe the Teletubby sounds like must-see TV to us.

Poor Edgar. Not even his new Po footie pajamas can distract him from the loss of his beloved Lenore. Well, chin up, E.A. We're rooting for you. Why not pen another story about an orangutan and a morgue? Maybe that'll cheer you up!

13 He's callin' in the big guns

As former little kids, we know full well that children will do whatever they think they have to do to get out of going to school—and this is even truer when you find out that they neglected to do their homework the night before.

If we didn't know any better, we'd say this kid has an assignment due today that he totally "forgot" to do the night before. What else could explain such drastic measures as this? It's one thing to fake a stomachache or a cold, but calling an ambulance? That's serious business. It's "this test counts for 85-percent of my grade, and I didn't even study once" serious.

12 He really does have two left feet

Wait, so if this guy uses this cane to hit someone, is he whacking them or is he kicking them? Hmm. Food for thought. You know, most people would have opted to use a tennis ball for the bottom of their cane, but not this guy. He's a rebel, a renegade.

He's a freestylin' son of a gun who plays by his own set of rules.

We admire this man's quirkiness, but also the way that he's managed to effortlessly combine his eccentricity with his love for all things practical. Not only is this wacky, it's super useful. If more people were like this guy, the world would be a funnier place.

11 The devil got a new manicure, but he's still got some errands to run

Via: tumblr.com

This is why we always keep a travel size bottle of Germ-X with us whenever we have to go out in public. There are so many germ ridden surfaces you have to touch—door handles, shopping carts, ATM machines—and goodness only knows who's been rubbing their grubby hands all over that stuff?!

Look at those nails. We just know that devil driver eats tater tots and brownie bites and other finger foods with those things, and they probably didn't even wash their hands before they came to the bank drive-through! Ick! Just looking at this picture makes us want to take a shower. And get an exorcism while we're at it.

10 Barney's hit hard times

When Barney and Friends ended in 2009, the poor big guy didn't know what to do with himself. He had starred in that beloved children's show since 1992, for crying out loud! That's 17 years of teaching kids.

Where was he supposed to go from there, huh?!

He had the perfect gig going for himself before the network bigshots decided to pull the rug out from under him. We mean, where's a purple dinosaur supposed to go from there? He was MEANT to be a kid's show mascot! He can't just run down the local Home Depot and work there. He can't become a regional manager at Staples. It just doesn't work!

9 *Deliberately doesn't send an invitation to this guy for our upcoming housewarming party*

This picture produces instant nervous laughter. Wasn't this guy the villain in Disney's The Princess and the Frog? His expression...it's so unsettling. And what's with the phrasing of that sentence? That's not how real people talk. We bet this is some kind of monster disguised as a human.

"Invite me to your house." Ha! Yeah, right, buckarooni, like we're gonna fall for that! We know you just want to come over so you can eat our soul. We're gonna run holy water through our lawn sprinklers to keep you at bay. Good luck getting through that, and our barrier of priests, you spawn of evil.

8 "The lion sleeps tonight"? How does the lion sleep at all with a head like that?!

Gee whiz, did anyone back in the 1700's and before, know how to draw animals? First, the devil squirrels and now this square-headed lion. Why did nobody step in and tell these "artists" to put their paint brushes down? So much of this non-success could have been prevented.

This? This is the King of the Jungle?

Never mind that lions don't even live in the jungle. That's beside the point. The most pressing issue here is this lion's incredibly geometric head. Does he have some kind of growth in his brain, or is this a species-specific attribute? Sheesh. It looks like it hurts.

7 Buh-bye, Arizona, it was nice knowin' ya

We went to Arizona once on a family vacation back in '96. Okay, technically we didn't go there, we just passed through, but we knew we weren't going to stop when we looked out the windows of our station wagon and saw a coyote eating a Gila monster on the side of the road.

We thought that was gruesome enough, but apparently, that was small potatoes. With this perturbing scorpion/spider hybrid lurking under rocks and behind cacti, we think we're gonna pass on visiting Arizona anytime soon. No offense, Arizonians, we just can't abide the thought of unnerving vermin like this crawling all over the state.

6 How...?

Alright, Lizzie Borden, calm down with that ax, would ya? No more throwing sharp weaponry, this isn't a circus or a Discovery Channel special about people who live in the woods and rely on their hatchet tossing capabilities in order to survive.

So just settle down.

Not sure how to feel about this activity. Not sure how to feel about the results, either. Why throw sharp tool? How do handle in center of target? What for? Is why? No, understand this. But we'll tell you this much, we are getting a definite feeling of, "LOL! Bye, Felicia!" Consider us impressed against our will.

5 Walking in a webby wonderland

Via: 9gag.com

Australia seems like a nice place. We've never been, never even driven through it, probably since it's an island and we live on a different continent and humans haven't figured out how to get cars to drive over the ocean yet. But still, we've heard good things.

It's just that, well, Australia, you guys have some spooky critters down there. What's up with that? Why did you guys decide to go with "unsettling" as the theme for your critters? If you're going to insist on having unsettling flora and fauna, we think you should change your name from Australia to Nopeland, and this spider web place should be your nation's capital.

4 Bad idea bad idea bad idea bad idea bad idea

We do this sometimes. We'll be like, "Hey, what would octopi look like if, instead of eight tentacles, they had eight elephant legs?" Or, "Instead of a new iPhone, what if Apple focused on making wireless headphones?" But, of course, we know how ridiculous it would be to ask those things, so we keep them to ourselves

(Except that we just shared them with you, but that was to make a point.)

Point is, we all get strange ideas, but most of us know better than to share them, let alone make a photo edit of them. If there's a way to scrub this image from our brain, please don't hesitate to let us know.

3 Fishcake is our least favorite flavor

We used to think that strawberry flavor cake was our least favorite, but that was before we tried fishcake. Ugh! Yuck! Talk about *vomits*. But, you know, maybe the reason our fishcake sucked so bad was because the cook didn't know what the heck he was doing. This fishcake here? It looks so much better than the one we got.

The candle in the mouth? That's the icing on the cake, as it were. And that confetti? Wow! What a nice touch! Any birthday girl would be happy to get a seafood cake like this, we don't know why this girl's wigging out.

2 Now *that's* how you decorate a bathroom

Either somebody got kicked out of interior design school, or this toilet is super vain. We mean, yeah, we've filled our room with pictures of ourselves. Can you blame us? What are we supposed to do, let all of those ~iconic~ selfies that we took go to waste? Dream on!

We hope this guy's name is Felicia because, bye.

Props to this guy for decorating his apartment on his own when it's obvious he has no idea what he's doing. Go your own way, that's what we, and Stevie Nicks, say. But next time this guy does him, we'd suggest making more sense, 'cause toilet-ception here is more odd than aesthetically pleasing.

1 A treasure trove of lol

Via: tumblr.com

In spite of their nonsense and shenaniganry, kids are great. They're fun to watch when they're just playing around, but it's when you get those little rugrats involved in household activities that they really shine.

Kids are all imagination and short attention spans. They have no filter, so they just ramble, and because their thought process is so helter-skelter, you end up with a lot of extra information that doesn't make sense, in addition to the original information which makes little sense. The kiddos who put this cookbook together are too much. They're too precious, so much so that we can't even. All's we can say is, "Bye, Felicia, these babies are too sweet to handle."

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