19 Horror Movie Toys That Make No Sense

Movie studios have been creating horror films since 1910 when Edison Studios produced Frankenstein, a film based on Mary Shelley's 1818 novel. However, it would take another 63 years before The Exorcist (1973) would bring in a $441 million box office haul and completely change the landscape of the entire horror film genre.

Two years later, Jaws would join The Exorcist as two of the biggest films in the world, paving the way for the future of the horror movie genre including starting a fan base that would turn into one of the most dedicated, and passionate, of all movie genre's.

Most of the time, when someone has a passion for something in pop culture, they tend to enter into the realm of toys, too, and if there is a more passionate toy collecting fan base than horror movie fans, you would have to prove it.

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19 Savage World Meathead Freddy

via actionfigurebarbecue.com

In Nightmare on Elm Street, Freddy Krueger enters your mind when you go to sleep and terrorizes you from the inside out. He is one of the most terrifying horror movie villains ever for exactly that reason.

So when Savage World unveiled the latest action figure of Freddy Krueger, it left us all confused. They thought it would make sense to turn him into a gym-bound meathead, with giant muscles and everything.

18 Be@rBrick Saw Doll

via pinterest.com

Besides the main villain from the Saw movies, Jigsaw, there was one other character that was not even real yet just as terrifying. That was Jigsaw's toy doll. It was used to confuse and enhance the level of fear his victims felt just before they perished.

Yet, a Japanese toy company decided it was a good idea to turn the doll into an anthropomorphized bear. People might love these bear collectibles, but that does not mean they make much sense.

17 The Blair Witch Project Mini Mates KuBrick Set

via lulu-berlu.com

The Blair Witch Project was a huge hit in the box office because it set the stage for the future of a sub-genre of horror films known as captured footage films. It was cheap and easy to make, leaving plenty room for profit.

This KuBrick set from the film looks to be the characters and even includes the scary wooden crosses that kept appearing in the film. However, the target audience for KuBricks were not taken to the movies to go see this film.

16 The Deadly Ducks Box Set

via ebay.com

Face it, this entire post is going to cause your brain to melt a little as you wonder just how they came up with the idea for many of these toys.

But taking something as sweet and innocent as a rubber ducky that babies play with in the bathtub and turning them into horror movie villains is just plain wrong.

15 Talking "Hawaiian" Cryptkeeper

via dinosaurdracula.com

After HBO found a huge hit in its underground horror series, Tales From the Crypt, it decided to leverage that momentum by turning their star character, the Cryptkeeper, into an animated series, starring himself.

This toy was obviously based off that series but it still does not make enough sense for anyone to want to give to their children and play with, let alone explain the Hawaiian shirt.

14 Slasher Fresh Air Fresheners

via assets.bigcartel.com

If there is one thing that makes sense about killers from slasher horror films, it is that they are downright awful people who have just one goal in mind: kill everyone.

They have died and come back from the dead countless times and some of them even wear the skins of their victims on their face, like a mask. At what point would you imagine this being a good idea for an air freshener? They have to smell awful.

13 Jason Voorhees Poptaters

via ebay.com

As far as designs go, since we are adults, we just absolutely love this one. Jason Voorhees as Mr. Potato Head is something worth buying for any collector.

However, marketing it as a toy for children is just plain wrong. By giving him that huge knife, all we can think about is watching our children run around the house chasing their siblings with it. No thanks.

12 Freddy Krueger Fright Squirter

via aminoapps.com

The Freddy Krueger Fright Squirter toy was marketed for young kids that wanted to mess around with their friends and squirt each other with water, like a Super Soaker water gun.

However, turning the head of Freddy into a hand glove that squirts water is more uncomfortable than if it was made for adults.

11 The Game Of Jaws

via johnkennethmuir.com

Sure, Jaws was a deadly shark that ate everything and everyone that ever got near him in the film. This game looks to be a pretty cool idea except for one giant problem, the shark itself.

We understand they had to make the shark's mouth large in order to hold all the items in it but he just comes across looking like something from the woods in Mississippi instead of a deathly intimidating shark.

10 Babydoll Pinhead

via entertainmentearth.com

Dangerous is an understatement for this toy. Who thought it would be a good idea to put pins coming out of the head of a baby doll, which is obviously meant for children to play with.

Since kids love to explore, and love to take things apart, it would not take very long before those pins would be out of the head and into the heads of the kids trying to be Pinhead.

9 Alien Ovomorph Egg Cookie Jar

via bloody-disgusting.com

Nothing seems more enticing than a cookie jar that looks like an Alien egg primed for hatching. Can you even think of a child that would not want a cookie from this thing?

Not only is it the opposite of appealing, it is completely terrorizing for a small child to see something like this sitting in their kitchen every single day.

8 Sexy Female Chucky Doll

via tvhland.com

One of the scariest horror film franchises ever is Child's Play because of one character, Chucky. He started off as a friendly toy doll meant for little boys to play with but turned into a murderous villain that killed for fun.

To turn Chucky into a female character is just plain confusing to anyone. This should not even be considered a toy, let alone be sold as one.

7 Quick Change Freddy Krueger

via dallasvintagetoys.com

Freddy Krueger turned into a comical horror villain over the years, but this is a toy that has us all wondering what exactly was going on when they designed it.

If you wanted to get a Freddy doll, that is fine. But who is worried about getting one that you can quickly change into different outfits?

6 President Michael Myers Action Figure

via cloudfront.com

Atfirst glance, this just has to be something created to make fun of the current President.

But we are not really sure about its origin, we just know that if the next Halloween movie features Michael Myers as the President of the United States, then it just might be the biggest box office bomb, ever.

5 Legends Of Horror Matchbox Cars

via azureedge.com

Jason Voorhees and Leatherface are regular sized human beings. Freddy Krueger ends up appearing in your nightmares and can change in shape and size but not to the extent that these matchbox cars are representing.

Are we supposed to believe that they are as big as a house? Imagine a villain the size of a house in a horror film. That would not be very fun to watch.

4 Carrie's Pet Collie

via etsy.com

This is obviously a farce since Carrie did not have a pet collie in the horror film, but this is a perfect example of the custom toys created by horror movie fans that later on become very valuable collectibles.

As far as being an action figure, this is not a toy anyone would think is connected to Carrie. But that only helps create a demand for it.

3 The Alien-Man

via boingboing.net

If you were going to purchase an action figure toy that seemed legit, the Alien-Man toy could end up under your Christmas tree because it looks as real as anything Kenner ever sold.

This is a toy that was more of a concept item created as an art piece dedicated to the man who played the Alien in the film of the same name. Bolaji Badejo was a seven foot tall Nigerian actor and is featured on the package too.

2 Authentic Casper Mask

via ebay.com

Don't look now, but this is not a Casper mask. If you needed us to tell you about it, then you should probably never go to eBay anytime soon.

This is just an example of what bad horror movie toys can totally become once they get onto eBay and are sold by inexperienced panhandlers.

1 Groot Alien Figure

via ebay.com

If this was an art piece, then this would be a pretty cool piece of work. However, it was sold as a toy and makes about as much sense as Jason Voorhees having the body of Jaws.

At what point does Groot run into Alien? If this happens, please let us know so we can connect the dots.

Sources: www.deathbytoys.com, www.IMDB.com

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