How Getting a Puppy Will Change Your Life in 22 Ways

22 You’ll have a constant play buddy.


You won't have to worry about which of your friends will join you on your next adventure - your pup will be up for anything that involves being with you!

21 A vacuum?


You've got a furry, barking one that is eager to clean up all dropped crumbs, chunks and spilled drinks.

20 People will be extra friendly.


Your puppy will have the ability to bring a smile to anyone!

19 You will have no privacy.


Your new furry roommate will want to share every waking moment with you.

18 You'll stay in more often.


You will cancel plans with friends to stay in with your pup to do absolutely nothing. #sorrynotsorry

17 You will get a new hobby.


You’ll spend all of your free time teaching them cool tricks.

16 You will double your paper towel usage.


During the first few months, your carpets won't ever be clean. By the time your puppy reaches adulthood, you will not only be a puppy whisperer, but also an expert carpet cleaner!

15 Prepare to cuddle up... and clean up. Lots.


Puppies poop as much as they are cute.

14 You’ll have someone to annoy.


But it'll be okay because they'll love you anyway.

13 They’ll force you to grow up.


You’re a parent of a four-legged baby! That face will take over your heart, schedule, thoughts and wallet. They’ll be the center of your universe. With that face, how can they not be?

12 You’ll learn new ways of dealing with stress.


The best remedy for a bad day is puppy kisses!

11 Every social media account you own will be flooded with pictures of their adorable face.


You may start to think your pup is better looking than most humans. Don’t worry, that’s usually the case.

10 You'll get healthier.


Walks are beneficial for both you and your pup! Studies have shown that dogs help lower blood pressure and lessen anxiety.

9 Your house will be spotless.


Puppy proofing is serious business: Toilet seats down, closed trash cans, nice shoes in the closet, and no wires left out to be chewed on... Anything you leave within your pup's reach will be used as a chew toy.

8 You'll learn to be patient.


You’ll be Mother Theresa by the time your pup reaches adulthood, and hopefully, your dog with be a model citizen!

7 You won't want to go on vacation.


You just won't be able to bear the thought of leaving your puppy. Ever.

6 You'll love waking up and coming home.


That's when you get the happiest greeting from your pup!

5 You'll stop spending on yourself...


and end up spending all your money on your puppy. Training classes, food, toys, vet appointments, groomers… It will be totally worth it.

4 Naps will never feel lonesome again.


Puppies are just about the best snugglers.

3 You will have the greatest listener by your side.


Although they might not actually listen to you when you need them to.

2 You won't sleep well.


A sudden outburst of whines for a late night potty walk, wet kisses or cries for a hug… It may disrupt your sleep cycle.

1 Most importantly, you’ll fall in love.


Love them unconditionally because they’ll love you back 100 times over.

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