Creepy Costumes: How To Dress Up As A Bat

The weather is dropping, the leaves are falling, spooky specials are on TV: It's almost Halloween! With the creepiest day of the year arriving there are parties to attend and kids to hand out candy to, but what will you dress up as?

To start with something a bit more traditional here is how you can dress up as a cute bat this Halloween while still keeping your costume simple!


Plain Black dress, I would recommend it be about knee length and flowy (I just went to a thrift store and picked one up for a couple of dollars).

A stretch of black fabric ( I would go at least 60''x60'' just to be safe. I used one of these spiderweb tablecloths that you can find at the dollar store).

A black headband

Some black construction paper

2 elastic bands


Thread & needle OR 10 safety pins



Step 1: For this costume, we are going to start by making a batwing dress. To make the dress we are going to start with cutting your "batwings" out of your fabric. Start by measuring the length of your arm from the middle of your neck, all the way until the beginning of your middle finger.

Step 2: Now you will need to take a second measurement. This will be the length of the back of the dress all the way down to where you want your wings to end, I did this kind of around my waist.

Step 3: Using these two measurements you will need to cut two identical right triangles ( see picture) out of your fabric. These will become your batwings.

Via etc.usf.edu

Step 4: Once you have cut your triangles out, take your scissors and cut out jagged points ( kind of like teeth along your long edge ( not the arm or the dress side) This will make it look more like a wing.

Step 5. Now it is time to fasten your wings to your dress. If you are good at sewing I would recommend using a needle and thread for this step but otherwise, a bunch of safety pins will work just fine. What you will want to do is lie your dress face down on a table. Making sure it is flat, arrange one of your wings so that the "length of dress" edge is in the middle of the back of your dress. using 5 of your safety pins or with your needle, fasten your wing to the middle of the back of your dress ( as indicated below).

Step 6. Once the wing is secure, you can pick up the dress and make sure the wing is where you want to to be. If not, remove the safety pins and reposition it. Once you are happy with the positioning, secure the other wing in the same fashion.

Step 7. Now, using some thread or another safety pin, attach one elastic band to each of the wing points at the end of your "arm" edge. When you put on the dress you can loop the elastic onto your middle finger so that the wings lift when you lift your arms.

Step 8. You are done the dress yay! For your bat ears, simply cut two pointed ears, kind of the shape of teardrops, out of construction paper and fasten them to your headband with some scotch tape or even hot glue.


Finish this costume off with some bat makeup and you will have a cute and classic bat costume that will make your friends jealous!

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