Creepy Costumes: How To Dress Up As Halloweentown's Wacky Witches

I do not like scary movies. Some people I know seem to think that if I just keep watching them then they will eventually be funny. They won't. It's not that I think they are gross or that they will happen in real life but there is something about jumping half a foot out of my chair that I am not a huge fan of.

However, I love Halloween. Everything about it is so much fun, the costumes, the treats, and the decorations. Sadly for me, I never enjoyed Halloween movies because, for the most part, they were too scary. This is why I love the movie Halloweentown. I watched it as a kid and I still watch it every year in October.

For those of you who have never seen the movie, Halloweentown is a 90's Halloween classic about a young girl named Marnie who finds out she is a witch on Halloween night. The rest of the movie focuses on Kalabar, an evil warlock trying to take over Halloweentown. Halloween town is funny, dynamic, spooky and stars Debbie Reynolds. To sum it up: it is awesome.

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In Halloweentown II we are introduced to a handsome new antagonist: Kal. Kal is Kalabar's son and also Marnie's love interest. For those of you who loved Halloweentown as a kid like me, you got a little nostalgic when it was recently revealed that Kal and Marnie are together in real life. This year I created a Kal & Marnie couples costume which is an easy DIY perfect for any fan who wants to recreate their on and offscreen charm.


What you will need:

A cloak or robe ( Mine is black but ideally it would be purple)

A witch's hat ( I got mine at the dollar store)

A colorful dress or skirt/shirt

A pair of purple nylons

A few witchy necklaces and a pair of dangly earrings

Tall leather boots

A colorful satchel or purse

A small braid in your hair

White felt or foam pieces ( you can find these in any craft store)

Purple felt or ribbon

Double sided tape

To make your cloak look more like Marnie's you can cut some stars and moons out of white felt or foam pieces and tape them along the shoulders and down the front of the cape. Next, If you are using a robe with sleeves you can take some of your purple ribbon and tape or glue it onto the cuffs of the robe to give it extra flair.

For her hat, take a length of purple ribbon or felt and wrap it around the rim of the hat where the point meets the brim. You can also stick a couple of stars and moons to the hat if you feel like it or add a bit of glitter.

When choosing the dress or skirt you are going to wear,  try to pick something that has orange or red in it as these are the colors that Marnie wears a lot in all of the Halloweentown movies.

Pair the dress with a pair of purple or maroon nylons and a pair of leather boots to match Marnie's young witchy style. My boots are black but you can also pick brown or maroon if you want them to look more like the movie.

Now you can finish off Marnie's look with a few necklaces, a pair of dangly earrings and a small braid at the front of your hair. Carry around a pumpkin or a broomstick and you will look just like our favorite witch.


What you will need:

A Black leather coat

Black pants

A black turtleneck

Hair gel

Kal's look is fairly simple, he has a classic antagonist all-black color scheme. The important part about Kal's look is to gel back his hair and wear a good black leather coat.

If you want to add something a little extra you can carry around a rose or you can wear a vampire cape as he does at the end of the movie. Just remember to be evil!

Extra: If you want to dress up as a citizen of Halloweentown you can grab some colorful and creepy attire and some face paint and you are set to go. Every resident is unique so it is up to you what kind of creature you will become!

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The main goal of these costumes is to play around with your imagination and have some fun. I know I loved making these costumes and I hope you do as well!

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