Kitchen Hack: How To Foam Milk Without A Steamer

Do you live for lattes? Crave cappuccinos? Go mad for macchiatos?! Do you wait in line every morning at a coffee shop for your foamy, coffee fix? Do you long for a way to make these drinks at home without a fancy milk steamer? Well, bippity-boppity-boo! This fairy godmother is here to tell you that you can!

The traditional way to make cappuccinos and lattes is to use an espresso machine which has a steam wand. But, for those who may not have an espresso machine, you need not look any further than your classic French Press. Not only can you make espresso in your french press, but you can also use it to prepare your milk.

The hardest part about recreating any coffee shop drink is being able to steam your milk to get that perfect fluffy texture. If you don't have a steam wand or milk steamer you can use your french press to get foamy milk that will mimic steaming it. Check out the original recipe Here!

Here is what you will need:

1/2 cup to 1 cup milk (any kind will do but skim milk tends to foam best)

A small saucepan

A clean French Press


Start by slowly warming your milk in a saucepan to get it up to temperature for your latte. Stir it often and be careful it doesn’t bun or start to boil.

When it is heated, immediately transfer it to your french press. (Make sure the French Press has been well cleaned otherwise you will end up with coffee grounds in your milk which is not a pleasant texture).

To foam your milk, repeatedly pump the plunger of your French Press into your milk until air bubbles form. Make sure to hold the lid of the French Press while you do this so it does not just pop off. Continue to pump your milk until over half of the milk has a  foamy texture.

Now you can transfer your milk into your mug that has the espresso or hot coffee in it to make a perfectly frothy drink. You won't even know that you didn't steam your milk!

This works great to top off a hot chocolate and you can even foam cold milk this way!

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