15 Ways To Get Through A Breakup, According To Cats

Do you remember the last time you went through a rough breakup? What got you through it? Your parents, your friends, your animals? If you said animals, then you know that animals have a funny way of showing us how much they care about us. Cats are probably the best companions to help us get through the toughest things in life, including messy breakups. Here is a collection of hilarious GIFS and photos that show just why cats are the essential key in getting over a breakup.

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15 He doesn't let you feel sorry for yourself

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Most people (myself included) blame themselves for what went wrong with a breakup. This tends to make matters worse, and you often find yourself thinking, "If I didn't say this" or "If I just did this instead." It sends you into a pit of despair, and you end up feeling worse than you originally did. How do cats help with this? They remind you of how tough you are. They look at you and think, "Why is my human so sad? I don't like this, how can I cheer them up." They start laying on top of you, and putting their butts in your face. They do things that you think are annoying at first, but actually make you laugh and cheer you up. They remind you that to them, you're the same person now as you were in the relationship. So turn off that sappy movie, and play with your cat a little bit! They're sure to help you feel better about yourself.

14 He doesn't let you drunk dial your ex

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It's one in the morning. You have tons of thoughts running through your head. Rational, irrational; you name it. You think you've got the perfect thing to say to your ex, and you're ready to say it. But wait... where's your phone? Oh, that's right. Your cat has claimed the free spot on your bed where your ex used to be, and guess what? Your phone is directly under him. You don't want to disturb your cat to grab your phone, because he's sleeping peacefully. So you think, "Maybe I'm not supposed to text him/her, after all." As you roll over to go to sleep, your cat opens one eye feeling accomplished. He has successfully stopped you from making an awful mistake. You're one step closer to getting over your ex, all thanks to your little fluff ball.

13 He helps you mourn

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Have you ever found yourself checking your social media accounts and you see your ex with their new girlfriend/boyfriend? Has this ever made you angry with them and felt like they were moving on too quickly? Who would be better to judge your ex's new girlfriend/boyfriend with you than your cat? He can't talk, so he won't say you're judging them in the privacy of your home. Which is a good thing; you won't have any messy drama with your friends that way! After all, you're the cat's meow to your feline companion—no one is better than you are. Without you, he wouldn't be fed every day, groomed, played with... the list goes on and on. His life would be pretty boring if you weren't around!

12 Helps you get rid of your ex's stuff

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Let's say a month has passed since you and your ex split. You're starting to feel better about yourself, and you decide to go out with a group of friends. You want to wear something classy, so you open your closet and start to look for something to wear. Just then you see it. An old sweatshirt that belonged to your ex, right next to a box filled with memories that you two created together. You get an awful feeling in your stomach and start feeling sad again. You know you have to get rid of your ex's things, and that hurts almost as much as the breakup. Just then, your cat walks in. He notices that you're feeling sad, and sees why. He realizes a few strings on the sweatshirt are dangling down, and starts playing with them. In a matter of minutes, your cat is chewing and tearing the sweatshirt. Thanks to your cat, you don't need to contact your ex to give him the sweater back! Now, you can throw it away with the box filled with memories. Good kitty.

11 He doesn't let you stalk your ex

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We've all been there. Our friends tell us that something is up with your ex, and that you should check it out. Our family members forget to delete him/her on social media accounts and say that your ex has been talking about you, and want to know what caused you two to break up. Out of curiosity, you decide to take a sneak peek at what your ex is saying. However, your cat has other plans for you. He's sprawled out on your keyboard, and doesn't look like he'll be moving anytime soon. Maybe he wants belly rubs, maybe he wants privacy. Whatever he wants, he looks way too cute to disturb. You decide that it's not worth the trouble, and focus on something else.

10 He helps you through lonely nights

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Sometimes breakups make us toss and turn in bed at night. We start to overthink, get restless, and (if we're not careful) we make a habit out of these behaviors. Cats aren't able to talk to us when we're feeling this way, but they can (and will) sit on your chest and purr, letting us know they're there for us. They'll make sure that you won't move an inch, and if you do, they'll think you're playing a game and try to pounce on you. When you finally start to close your eyes, they'll lick your face to make sure you're not dying. If you're lucky, he'll even start kneading on your chest just to make sure you know you're not alone. Your kitty wants to make sure you're okay, even if it might not seem like it!

9 He keeps your mind busy

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While you're moping around feeling sorry for yourself, your cat will keep you in check on reality. He won't allow you to sit down for extended periods of time to cry. He'll make sure that you're keeping up around your place. He'll remind you to feed him, give him water, clean his litter box, clean the house, play with him, cuddle him, groom him... he needs it all. After all, you can't just think about yourself! Your cat needs love, too! He'll make sure you realize this, even if it starts to annoy you. So, get up and start moving around. When you keep up on all aspects of your life, you start feeling better about yourself. Keep in mind: your cat thinks he's the most important thing in your life. I mean, he is, after all. Isn't he?

8 He gives you love tips

Via: boredpanda.com

When you start talking to new people, it can be tough. You might not know what to say at first, and you'll feel worried that if you say the wrong thing, you might scare them away! What better way to handle this than to include your cat? Of course, your cat isn't going to say, "Send him a picture of your butt," but your cat can be included in this new process! You can send pictures of yourself with your cat, or just of your cat. Show that you're an animal lover; it's a great characteristic to have! It shows that you are patient, loving, and kind. Which, of course, are key elements in relationships. Plus, who doesn't like random pictures of animals? Your cat will feel like a star, and your new crush will know that you two are a package deal.

7 He puts up with your loneliness

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When you decide to stay in for a night instead of going out with friends, who better to hang out with than your cat?! You two can sing, dance, and play together for as long as you'd like. You might even want to dress him up and take pictures of him. While you may think this is funny and cute, your cat is probably thinking, "This human seriously needs to get out more." He'll tolerate you, but be careful not to overstep your boundaries! Cats need alone time, too. After doing something you think is fun, you could throw around a cat toy or blow some catnip bubbles with your kitty. Before you know it, four hours will have passed and it'll be time for you two to cuddle up and go to bed!

6 He gives you affection

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One of the worst things about a breakup is the lack of affection. You're obviously not going to look for affection from just anyone, and it's hard building that trust back after a messy breakup. Not to fear, though! Your feline friend is ready for some hugs and kisses! Depending on the mood your kitty is in, you might get a face full of kisses or just a little kiss on the hand. A great way to let your kitty know you love them is by slowly blinking at them. Most of the time, they'll come over to you and give you a few licks while purring. Your cat loves the attention, and will always be there to give you some fishy smelling kisses!

5 You can share gossip with him

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Do you have juicy secrets that you're just dying to tell someone about your ex? While these stories may be humorous to you, I doubt your ex would like you telling everyone his/her business. Though you might not care at the time, you should probably keep these secrets to yourself; they might come back and bite you in the butt one day. Plus, your ex probably knows things about you that you don't want the world knowing! Who better to tell these juicy secrets to than your cat? Your cat isn't able to tell anyone, and might even seem interested in what you're saying. Your secrets are safe with him! Go ahead and tell him about how your ex forgot to flush the toilet all the time, or how he never washed behind his ears!

4 He'll remind you to relax

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Sometimes after a breakup, people get anxious. They can't seem to relax, and always feel like they need to do something to keep their mind occupied. When this happens, your cat will remind you to calm down. Have you ever seen a cat try to catch a fly? When they can't catch it, they're okay with it. They usually sit down, and take a nap. That one fly doesn't ruin their life; just like one break up shouldn't ruin yours! I know it's hard to deal with at the time, but trust me. Sit down, take a deep breath, and relax. Be a little lazy with your furry companion one day; you'll be glad you did! Like they say—don't sweat the petty stuff.

3 More time to snuggle

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Cats are really smart creatures. They can sense when you're hurt, happy, angry, scared, and (most importantly) sad. Your kitty will use this time to his benefit; he'll let you know that he's there to snuggle with you during any time of the day! If he's anything like the cat in the GIF above, you should definitely consider yourself lucky! He must have a strong connection with his human, and really cherish it.

Cats have feelings just like us humans, and they're not afraid to show off how much they love you! The next time your cat snuggles up next to you and purrs like a maniac, cherish it. It isn't every day your cat gets you all to himself, you know! He loves you almost as much as he loves catnip... Almost.

2 Remind you to brush up on your cooking skills

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Unlike your ex, your cat will be very honest with you. Especially when you're trying to feed them something that you've made! A lot of the time, our significant others will tell us that the dinner we made for them is fantastic even when it's not. Don't fret, though! Your cat doesn't care about hurting your feelings! Remember, this is a positive, not a negative!

He'll let you know when you need to work on your masterpieces before you ever serve them again. If it's really bad, you might want to work on a different recipe. Practice makes perfect, just be careful not to share any food that might harm your kitty! He won't thank you for that, and might be hesitant to ever share food with you again!

1 He'll remind you to keep an open mind

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Look at this cat. He looks like he's tolerating his human's behavior. He might not like baths, but think of it this way; he's keeping an open mind and trying new things. You should work on doing the same! Though it might be hard at first, breaking away from old habits will be beneficial during your next relationship. If you don't want to travel down the same path that you did with your ex, it's key to keep an open mind and broaden your horizons. If you don't like something, you don't have to continue doing it. The point is that you're trying to experience everything life has to offer. Keep in mind: most cats really do not like baths. I wouldn't suggest giving your cat a bath unless you're willing to put up with a few scratches!


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Although your kitty can't give you advice like a human can, he can surely let you know that you're not alone through this breakup.

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