How To Make Melt-In-Your-Mouth S'mores Over A Campfire

A couple weeks ago I gave you a fool-proof tutorial on how to build the perfect, crackling campfire.  What goes best with any campfire? S'mores of course! S'mores are the ideal combination of sweet and salty with a gooey centre and a perfect crunchy outside. Finished off with a hint of smoke from the fire, these babies rock my world! Forget just roasting plain old marshmallows, s'mores are where it's at.

The basic recipe of a s'more for those who might not know is a piece of chocolate and a roasted marshmallow stuck between two graham crackers. However, There are lots of different ways you can make delicious s'mores especially when it comes to the cooking method. Some people like to wrap their smores in tin foil and put the whole package directly into the fire to cook, others like to stuff the chocolate into the marshmallow before roasting it, some people even prefer to cook them in the oven!

I like to cook s'mores the old-fashioned way: by roasting my marshmallow over a campfire and then putting my s'more together after. That being said, I have a few adaptations and tricks of my own. Here is what I consider to be the best way to make s'mores over a campfire.

Of course, take all of the appropriate safety precautions, and make sure that you have plenty on hand to put out a fire in case of an emergency (not to mention the fire department on speed dial!).

What you will need


Celebration cookies ( Dark or Milk Chocolate)

Marshmallow Sticks


Step 1: Start your fire, when it is hot enough that there are coals you are ready to start cooking.

Step 2: Begin by placing two celebration cookies face-up on a rock or log near the fire. This will help the chocolate soften up. I like to use celebration cookies because they act both as the chocolate and the gram cracker. Plus, I think they hold up better when you are eating them ( and you get double the chocolate).

Step 3: Place a marshmallow on your roasting stick and hold it close to some hot coals, being careful not to let it catch on fire. If you hold it over the flames your marshmallow will start turning black from the smoke.

Step 4: Rotate your marshmallow until it is a golden colour all over.

Step 5: Remove your marshmallow from the stick and place it between the two crackers.

Step 6: Enjoy and Repeat! ( I never eat less than 2, they are so addicting.)

S'mores are so easy to make and they are a fun activity to do with kids as well! Just make sure to take the proper safety precautions.

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