How Your Moon Sign Affects Your Parenting Style

Astrology is so much more than reading a simple horoscope in a magazine. In fact, you are more than one astrological sign. You're an accumulation of signs and planets that make up your personality, your deepest desires, and inner challenges.

Specifically, your moon sign tells a very important story. It details who you are emotionally, and how you choose to express that part of your personality. Your moon sign also highlights why you do what you do, how you express comfort, childhood memories, or challenges, and how you even seek peace. It can also detail how you express anger, jealousy, and even fear.

What many don't know is that your moon sign can affect how you are as a parent. And more importantly, what you need to work on. To find out what your moon sign is, click here. Then read below to find out how your moon sign affects your parenting style!

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12 Moon in Aries

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If your moon sign is in Aries, then you are the ultimate cheerleader in your group. You are passionate, driven, and have an amazing sense of humor. Many Moon in Aries parents may not want to admit this, but many of them didn't even want children in their early years. Parenthood was an area that they felt drawn to later in life, for one reason or another. That definitely does not mean they're not good parents. Quite the contrary, in fact, as Moon in Aries parents are incredibly protective of their children.

Moon in Aries parents not only understand their children, but in many ways, they're on the same level. Their fun demeanor builds a very deep and lasting bond, but they have no problem laying down the law. Their only hope is to nurture brave, self-reliant, and independent children. Many times, a Moon in Aries parent may even spark competitiveness and a warrior-like spirit in their children. They would be wise to make sure that it's the right dose of competitiveness, as their own personal drive can blur the lines with their children.

11 Moon in Taurus

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For those of you with your Moon sign in Taurus, you're the eternal earth-mother type. You crave honesty, family, and a beautiful home. You're also very wise and love to share this knowledge with your children. You're the type of parent who enjoys drinking lemonade on the back porch while watching the children play. You love everything about being a parent.

You can also be very protective, nurturing, and giving of your time and heart. The only downside to this is that you have the ability to become possessive of your children. And when the children are all grown up, you can easily become jealous or even demanding of their time. This will eventually strain your relationship, or even the relationships of your children with others. That is, if you don't learn how to let go. Learn to know your boundaries and remember that you're more than just a parent. You're a human being who still needs a personal life. Besides, even if the kids roam free for awhile, they'll always come back.

10 Moon in Gemini

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Moon in Gemini parents are incredibly active, intelligent, and crave deep conversation. Do you know the best way to spot a Moon in Gemini parent? They're the parents that are never, ever home. That's because they like to take their children out to see the new exhibit at the museum, or watch the new documentary playing at the independent movie theater. They also want their children out and about, enjoying a fun outdoor activity. Gemini is a social sign, and they desire their children to be just as social as they are.

This sign typically has nervous energy. This usually happens when things are too stale or stagnant at home. Maybe the children are spending too much time alone in their rooms, or playing video games. Whatever the reason, if Moon in Gemini feels that their children are not being stimulated enough, they will drive their children out of the home. It would be wise to remember that your children are their own person, and to respect their wishes to be as active, or not, as they wish.

9 Moon in Cancer

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If your moon sign is in Cancer, then we can almost bet that you're incredibly nurturing, supportive, and motivational to those around you. As a parent, you have an intuitive knowledge of your children. Your instincts are on point, and you know what your child needs and when they need it. It's a beautiful gift that you have, but you oftentimes wonder if you're good enough.

Moon in Cancer, stop doubting yourself! You are good enough! Remember that you don't need to copy another parent's style, or take advice from that psychology schmuck on TV. You have all the answers within yourself. And remember, your children need their privacy from time to time. This is not a reflection on you, but of their own self-development. Stand back and have faith that they will come to you when they really need it.

8 Moon in Leo

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Moon in Leo parents are incredibly witty, charming, and intelligent. They're the bright light in the dark night. They radiate from within, and anyone near them can instantly feel their energy. As parents, they have a lot of pride for their pack. They will support their children in everything that they do. And they will do it generously, with an open heart and smile.

They're only downfall can be that they want their children to have everything. Oftentimes, they can push their children too far. It would be wise to remember that what you want for your children and what they want for themselves, are two very different things. You can still be a generous, witty, and supportive parent without pushing your children. Learn to be that quiet voice in their corner—they'll appreciate it more than you think.

7 Moon in Virgo

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If your moon sign is in Virgo, then chances are that you're self-sufficient, intuitive, and love chaos and order. Moon in Virgo parents have a tendency of raising some of the most humble and self-reliant children on the planet. We can credit this to their analytical nature. An incredible motivator, Moon in Virgo parents push their children to be independent self-starters. Sounds great, right? Well, there is a downside to this type of parenting.

Moon in Virgo parents have a tendency to drive their children away. Many adult children of Moon in Virgo parents, have reported feeling isolated from their parents. Feeling as though they don't have a true connection to them. They need to remember that showing their love and compassion from time to time will deepen their bond with their children. And that it won't make them too dependent on them, which is a common fear of theirs.

6 Moon in Libra

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Those with Moon in Libra have been dreaming of parenthood since they were young children themselves. They often glamorize parenting by painting that 'picture perfect' home and family life to those outside their circle. These parents are natural peacemakers and despise sibling rivalries and fights. They will do their best to stop these situations before they even begin. Moon in Libra parents strive to have that perfect family. They want that white picket fence, one boy and one girl, laughter-filled home. And they'll do almost anything to obtain it.

Moon in Libra parents need to remember that there is no perfect family, or family situation. Perfection is an individual experience, and they would be wise to let go in this sense. Don't worry about being judged Libra, you're an amazing parent and everything will be just fine.

5 Moon in Scorpio

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Scorpio's are intense creatures. They're mysterious, secretive, and walk to the rhythm of their own drum. And those with Moon in Scorpio are not much different. As parents, they may seem aloof, unemotional, or even disinterested in the lives of their children. Anyone who thinks this would be dead wrong! They are quite involved in their children and their lives, but they show it in their own unique way. They also have a keen intuitive nature and a deep emotional bond to their children, even if that doesn't come off to those around them.

Moon in Scorpio would be wise to open up to their children. They need to learn how to meet their children half way, and remember that emotional vulnerability can be a good thing. Scorpio's also have a tendency to manipulate their children emotionally. This never plays out the way they want and they should skip this as a means of lesson teaching.

4 Moon in Sagittarius

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There is one sure-fire way to recognize a Moon in Sagittarius parent. They're the parents that are known as the 'fun' parents. Oftentimes, they're the parents that their children and friends love to be around. Mostly because they treat children like equals and never just as a 'child.' This sounds fine and wonderful, and on many levels it is, but Moon in Sagittarius needs to remember that they're parents first and foremost. And that discipline can be taught without losing their street cred!

Moon in Sagittarius parents have a fear of losing their identity in parenthood. But don't worry, they can find that healthy balance between being a parent and being an individual person. They need to remember that they're compassionate, empathetic, and fun-natured, which is exactly what makes them incredible parents.

3 Moon in Capricorn

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Those of you with Moon in Capricorn are a no muss, no fuss type of parent. Your family, and those around you, probably consider you to be a very strict parent. You don't mind this, in fact, you are proud of this fact. The way that you see it is: you're an authority figure for your child and you want to set the best example for them, with just enough discipline that they become the best versions of themselves. The downside to this way of parenting is that you miss out on truly enjoying the great perks of parenthood.

Learn how to let go in some situations. Don't get annoyed by your children or their immature antics. Instead, find humor and joy in the things you cannot change. Your children already admire and respect you. You truly are an amazing parent that just needs to learn how to have a bit more fun. Stop taking yourself seriously as depression is highly likely with this sign. And remember that you can't fix everything. So, just sit back and enjoy the ride!

2 Moon in Aquarius

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Moon in Aquarius parents are the most unique parents in the zodiac. These parents truly march to the beat of their own drum and will try anything at least once. They are freedom-thinkers, and will notice their children's unique quirks and interests, and help them develop those traits. They will truly accept their children for who they are, and will not want them to be anything less. Amazing, right?!

The downside to this free way of thinking is, Moon in Aquarius parents need to find a balance between being too open and free as a parent, and learning how to give their children a little guidance from time to time. Your children may feel the need to always impress you, or make you feel more proud than the day before. Remember to treat them like children once in awhile and not like an adult friend.

1 Moon in Pisces

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Moon in Pisces parents are the most emotionally sensitive parents in the zodiac. They are very tuned in to their children, emotionally and psychologically. They know when they're in pain or feeling immense joy. It's part of their intuitive nature. This makes them incredible parents when it comes to creating deep emotional bonds with their children. They will push their children to follow their imagination, their hopes and dreams, and to seek out their own spirituality.

Although, these parents need to make sure that they don't become too sensitive. Oftentimes, moon in Pisces parents can feel abandoned by their children. This usually happens once the kids reach the tween or teenage years, when they start forming deep friendships and relationships. Remember dear Pisces, they still love you. Your time will come around again. In the meantime, enjoy the 'me' time.

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