The Inventive Way That Zookeepers In Prague Are Helping Their Gorillas Cool Off

It's hard to avoid the heat at the moment wherever one is in the world, and that truth extends beyond just us humans, to our friends in the animal kingdom.

There's a heatwave just about everywhere at the moment and it has been going on for quite a while. Just last month was the hottest ever on Earth – at least since we began keeping records – with a new record temperature unsurprisingly being set in Death Valley.

While most of us have the luxury of air conditioning, or at the very least an elaborate arrangement of fans, let's spare a thought for some of those in the animal kingdom who are suffering in this heat. While most animals in zoos likely originate from hotter climates, that doesn't mean they're struggling with the heat any less than we are. Plus, most animals in zoos have spent their entire lives in captivity so they haven't had to endure the heat of the Sahara or the Amazon.

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Zookeepers have had to get inventive when it comes to keeping some of their animals cool, and at the Prague Zoo the gorillas have the best set up that we've seen so far. Rather than simply giving the resident primates their daily diet of fruit, they have been freezing it into blocks of ice. As you can see from the video clip below, courtesy of Reuters, the technique is proving to be pretty popular with the gorillas.

That's not all the keepers have been doing at the Prague Zoo to help their animals cool off. They have also been spraying the animals down with cold water. It may not be as inventive as freezing fruit into big blocks of ice for them to pick at, but we're assuming that since the temperature in the Czech Republic right now is over 30 degrees Celsius–or high 80s for Americans,– it is an equally popular decision among the residents.

The heat has been unrelenting worldwide for almost two months now and it shows no sign of slowing, at least not according to the forecast in Prague. The gorillas at the city's zoo are all set though. On the off chance that you're a zookeeper reading this, perhaps it could be something you employ if you don't have something already in place. If you're not a zookeeper, fruit frozen in ice doesn't sound like a bad treat for us humans either.

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