15 Photos Of Brooke Hogan Hulk Doesn't Want Anyone To See

It is common knowledge by now, Hulk Hogan is quite protective when it comes to anything related to his daughter, Brooke Hogan. In this article, we’ll take a look at photos Hulk wouldn’t want us to see from steamy IG photos to forgettable moments from Brooke’s music, reality TV and wrestling careers. Things didn’t always work the way the family would have liked, clearly.

In addition, we’ll also take a look at some of the more awkward photos of the two alongside one another. Some of the pics have raised eyebrows in the past, though we’re quite sure Hulk meant well with some of these.

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15 Hulk’s Twitter Post

via Twitter

The photo alone really isn’t too bad. However, what made the situation really awkward is the fact that Hulk posted it to his Twitter account – not something we every dad do on the norm...

Hulk complemented his daughter’s toned legs. At the end of the day, Hogan likely wanted a mulligan on this tweet.

14 Walking Down The Aisle

via Pinterest

Her run with Impact Wrestling was forgettable, to say the least. Making matters worse, Hulk took part in some of the more cringe moments from Brooke’s brief wrestling career. In the photo above, he’s walking Brooke down to aisle for her apparent wedding to Bully Ray.

Hulk should have been nowhere near this storyline, instead, he was ultimately front and center...

13 The Proposal

via Twitter

Unlike the marriage with Bully Ray, this one was completely legit at the time. Former Dallas Cowboy center Phil Costa popped the question while the couple was on vacation in Vegas.

However, both Hulk and Brooke might want us to forget that it was all short-lived, the couple would call off the engagement only months later and ultimately go their own ways.

12 Shedding A Tear On Reality TV

via YouTube

Brooke made her return to reality television in 2018. She appeared on the MTV show, The Challenge: Champs Versus Stars.

It wasn’t all smooth sailing for Brooke during her nine episodes on the show. In fact, she was called out by a teammate for quitting during a competition. Brooke took the criticism pretty badly, so much so that she started crying. According to Brooke, it was like getting yelled at by her dad...

11 Bubba Army Shirt

via Twitter

Some might look at this as a cute and innocent photo of Brooke and her dad, Hulk. However, if we dig a little deeper, we’ll come to recognize that Hogan’s wearing a "Bubba Army" shirt.

Of course, that’s in relation to Bubba the Love Sponge’s radio show. He was the guy responsible for filming Hulk and his wife. Surely, Hulk tore that shirt to shreds.

10 Brooke Knows Best Spinoff

via Pinterest

Given the success of Hogan Knows Best, VH1 gave Brooke the chance to shine with her very own spinoff, Brooke Knows Best. Her popularity was quite high at the time – the potential was there.

It turned out to be a big-time bust and one the Hogan family wants us to forget about. The show lasted a mere two seasons and 20 episodes.

9 Forgotten Music Albums

via Pinterest

The goal behind Hogan Knows Best was Hulk managing his daughter’s music career. Ultimately, the show grew even bigger given that it was one of the first reality shows of the time.

Brooke’s music career was expected to explode because of it. She had a couple of popular singles, though the albums would eventually completely tank.

8 Nick’s Darker Days

via Pinterest

Due to the controversial car accident incident, Nick Hogan was scheduled to a brief jail sentence. It was one of the darkest days for the entire family.

Once it finally came time for Nick to get out, sister Brooke was one of the first people he saw. She ran up and gave him a big hug. Surely, everyone involved wants to forget about that dark point.

7 Photo With Mom

via IG

If it’s anything related to her mom, Hulk likely doesn’t want to see it. Hogan was left with only 30% of the couple’s assets following the separation. He was reduced to a mere $10 million.

Hulk would end up getting the last laugh following the Gawker settlement, though this situation really set him back at the time.

6 The Ex-Boyfriend

via Pinterest

Hulk is a very protective dad especially when it comes to his daughter Brooke (most of us know that by now...). His blood might have been boiling during her relationship with rapper Stacks.

The two had several intimate photos during their time together from the beach to on the stage.

5 Hulk Still Approves

via Facebook

This photo and event were pretty awkward for both Brooke and Hulk. First off, it was the Hulkster’s birthday. Secondly, he was forced to look at revealing portraits of his daughter at the event.

Nonetheless, Hulk still gave the thumbs up in the photos looking on rather uncomfortably. Oh, brother!

4 The New Guy

via IG

Given Hulk’s involvement in Brooke’s past relationships, we have reason to believe he’ll want to stay as far as possible from this one.

Brooke is now dating Kyle Rowe, an entrepreneur out of Detroit and Nashville, the location where Brooke currently resides in. What counts is that Brooke seems to be very happy with her man.

3 Insta Selfie

via IG

Brooke still has quite the following online, especially on a platform like IG with close to 300K followers.

What Hulk likely doesn’t want to see is some of Brooke’s more revealing photos and selfies. Though generally speaking, Brooke is quite conservative when it comes to her posts on the social media platform.

2 Wrestling Mistakes

via YouTube

She had the family name and heck she even had the look to thrive in the business. What Brooke needed was some training the proper way. Instead, she was rushed onto the scene joining TNA as a personality more than anything else.

It hurt Brooke’s growth in the business – so much so that most fans forget she was even with TNA, to begin with.

1 One More With Bully

via Pinterest

Another forgettable photo of Brooke and the Aces & Eights leader Bully Ray – when the storyline ended, so too did Brooke’s TNA and wrestling career.

There was a plan in place for Brooke along with other wrestling daughters to start their very own promotion. Although it was a decent idea, nothing really came of it.

Sources – Twitter, IG & YouTube

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