Every Year, Buzz The Hummingbird Returns To The Palm Of His Rescuer

This hummingbird was so grateful for being nursed back to health that he returns to the home of his rescuer every single year.

When you think of loyalty in the animal kingdom, dogs will be the first creature which pops into most people's minds. Understandable, as loyalty is one of the premier traits of the canine world, and is the main reason dogs have been by our side for literally hundreds of years. Chances are the word loyalty doesn't conjure up the image of a hummingbird in your head.

It probably will after you've read this. Michael Cardenaz is a former SWAT team member and current Homeland security agent. Serious business. What is also serious business is how Michael spends his spare time. Nursing animals back to health. Normally, Michael relies on his dog to bring him hurt birds and other small creatures and he gets to work. Buzz the hummingbird was a slightly different case, reports MNN.

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via Michael Cardenaz

"I don't know if he flew into a window or what. But he was outside my home, by the wall, just sort of spinning in a circle," Cardenaz explained. He then took the hummingbird in and nursed him back to health. Eventually, Buzz was back to 100%, but he didn't want to leave. Instead, he hung around Michael's house until the summer was over at which point he migrated south.

The following year, while sitting in his yard, a hummingbird arrived and began to fly around Michael. The excited bird then landed right in his hand. After being baffled by the actions of the hummingbird, something clicked in Michael's head. This wasn't just any hummingbird, it was a returning Buzz, hence his affinity for the man who has rescued him the previous summer.

Buzz's first return was back in 2016. Three years later, and the hummingbird has returned to hang out with Michael every summer since then. A pretty remarkable story. Many people like view birds as not being particularly smart. Very few of us would consider them to be animals which form attachments to humans, especially ones you would find in the wild. For Buzz, that is clearly not the case, and we hope he continues to return to Michael's home every single summer.

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