Hundreds Freed From Nigerian ‘Torture House’ In Kaduna

Almost 500 boys were rescued from a life of torture and slavery in Kaduna, Nigeria. In some cases, the boys detailed years of physical, mental, and sexual abuse. They’re finally free from a horrifying experience, but they’ll have to deal with the trauma for the rest of their lives.

The police raided a building after they received reports from locals stating that they believe there’s suspicious activity. The facility was labelled as an Islamic school, and children were sent there by their parents. Instead of finding students eagerly learning about the Koran, authorities found boys in chains.

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Nearly 500 boys attended the school, and they were all sexually abused, starved, and tortured. The police were so shocked to discover the reality behind the school that the Kaduna police chief, Ali Janga, described it to the BBC as a “house of torture”. Boys detailed their experiences to authorities: spending months there with their legs chained, being hung from the ceiling, beaten frequently, and sexually assaulted—just to name a few. They were also prevented from leaving, and anyone who tried to escape was punished harshly.

Police arrested eight suspects who ran the school, most of them were the teachers. Unfortunately, this isn’t the only case of a child abuse ring masked as a Koranic school. These facilities take in students, abuse and starve them, and force them to beg for money on the streets. Parents and guardians are usually unaware of the situation until it’s too late, and they have difficulty trying to get their children back from the school.

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The rescued boys are currently being held at a sheltering camp. They are receiving medical attention, and authorities are making sure they are finally well-fed. They are to remain there until their families arrive and identify their boy. Those who were sent to the school from abroad may spend longer in the shelter, as they need to wait for their families to arrive from neighbouring countries. The boys went through a lot more than they ever deserved, and they will have to find ways to deal with the trauma they went through. With this case under the spotlight, locals can better protect their loved ones from such horrors.

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