Hypergiant Algae Bioreactor Might Just Be The Solution To Global Warming

Hypergiant Bioreactor

Hypergiant Industries has announced a new algae bioreactor that could be the solution to global warming.

Climate change is a real problem that’s only getting worse. As many countries (including the US) continue to increase their output of carbon dioxide, the solution is now shifting away from reducing emissions and towards removing CO2 that has already been emitted into the atmosphere.

Planting trees is a great start as they take CO2 out of the air and use it to grow, but it’s not enough. That’s where Hypergiant Industries comes in. The Austin-based company specializes in using artificial intelligence to solve some of the world’s toughest problems. Bill Nye and astronaut Andy Allen are on the company’s advisory board, so you know there are some great minds behind this company.

They call it their Algae-based Carbon Sequestration solution. What it does is use green algae to do the same jobs that trees do, buy way more efficiently. A single bioreactor that measures 3x3x7-feet is better at sucking down carob than 400 trees, or roughly an entire acre of forest.

So yeah, we could plant millions of acres of forest, or we can just use these nice machines.

The idea here is to put these bioreactors inside buildings and industrial zones in major metropolises. For the algae to do their thing, they need a constant supply of CO2, which is best provided on the tail-end of a building's HVAC system.

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As for where AI comes in, a computer brain maintains the perfect levels of light input, temperature, PH-balance, and incoming CO2.

Hypergiant Bioreactor
via Hypergiant

All bioreactors create something, and in the case of this unit, it's biomass that can be later used to create fuel, oil, plastics, fertilizer, or even a nutrient-rich food paste for when we can't do industrial farming anymore.

Hypergiant plans to release the blueprints for their algae bioreactor next year so that anyone can make their own CO2-eating algae farm. They also plan to turn this into a product themselves, although the full details haven’t been released yet.

The only problem left is convincing people to start using these bioreactors. Hopefully, governments will get on board in order to meet their climate agreement obligations. It seems like a shortcut, but anything that helps the environment is a good thing.

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