10 Ideas To Make Your Muggle Wedding Absolutely Magical

So many of us out there dream about our wedding day. We imagine who our spouse is going to be. We picture what we’ll be wearing, who’ll be there to witness this special moment, and where the soirée will be held. Some people will pick a classy venue where everyone will have to show up in gowns and tuxedos. Others will opt for something casual like a beach ceremony. Those of us who call ourselves Potterheads just might opt to have a little bit of magic on the big day. Here are 10 ways you can make that happen.

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10 Wand Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are supposed to help your guests remember your big day. Because of this, people usually will give out something with the newlywed’s names and/or faces on them. However, if you choose to have a Harry Potter themed wedding, then you might want to hand out some wands.

There’s no better way for someone to remember your wedding than with a magical wand. If you want, you can even use them as part of the ceremony by having everyone send you off down an aisle full of raised wands.

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9 Photo Booth

Photobooths are a nice way for people to have some fun with the other guests. The signs and props always lead to a good time.

So, if you’re having a Harry Potter themed gathering and you’re planning on having a booth, then why not opt for some Potter themed props? Nothing says congrats on your special day like an Azkaban Prison mugshot.

8 Honeydukes Candy Bar

If you’re having a wedding, candy bars are also a nice touch. Kids and adults love them, so you really can’t go wrong with it. If you’re having a Harry Potter themed day, then you might as well go ahead and fill it with treats straight from Honeydukes. Yes, it’s possible for you to buy the official products online, but if you do that then you’ll probably pay a small fortune. So, if you want to save some dough and still have your magical goodies then something like this could really help you out!

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7 Books Instead Of Bouquets

When it comes to bridesmaids, most brides will have them carry flowers. The bouquets that they pick are usually smaller versions of the one that they carry. They also usually contain flowers that match the colors of the wedding. Yet, if you’re having a Potter themed ceremony, you’re opting for a “non-traditional wedding”. Thus, you might as well go “non-traditional” when thinking about what your friends will carry down the aisle with them. Having them hold on to a Harry Potter book will definitely be unconventional!

6 Winged Keys

In Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, the flying keys were an obstacle that Harry, Ron, and Hermione had to overcome in order to retrieve the stone. They were so concerned with making their way past this trial that they couldn’t stop and admire the beauty of the winged creatures. That’s not the case for us.

When you saw them in the first Harry Potter movie you might’ve thought they were beautiful. If you had this thought, then maybe you should think about adding them to your wedding ceremony. Instead of representing a difficult test, they can represent the key to your heart!

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5 Marauder's Map Of Seat Locations

If you’re a guest, when you get to the wedding reception, the first thing you’re likely to do is try and figure out where you’re going to sit. This is never an exciting moment, but you can make it a little bit more interesting by adding a Marauder’s Map to the hunt.

This one is pretty basic, but if you really want to get creative, you can create one with the actual layout of the venue and have your guests try and locate their seat that way.

4 Harry Potter Locations Table Decorations

Sometimes, when you go to a wedding, each table has a different theme. If you have a Harry Potter themed wedding, then you might want to give each one of your tables a different location from the HP universe. You can even put a little bit of background about the place at each table.

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3 Guestbook Station With Quill And Parchment

If you’re a guest at a wedding, chances are you’re going to get the chance to sign a guestbook. The happy couple wants to know who attended their big day, which is why they’ll put one of these out. They also want to hear your well-wishes. And if you’re one of the newlyweds and you want to make this book even more special for you, then having your friends and family sign a piece of parchment with a quill will make it that much more memorable.

2 Butterbeer (Alcoholic)

No wedding is complete without alcohol. An open bar is ideal, but attending a shindig where you get a couple of free drinks isn’t the end of the world. What would be better than both of these things, however, would be walking into a reception that comes complete with alcoholic butterbeer. Our heroes may have never gotten drunk off of it because it didn’t contain very much liquor, but after a few glasses of this stuff, you’ll end up just like Winky!

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1 Howler Wedding Invitations

The kids at Hogwarts didn’t like it when their parents sent them howlers. It was always really embarrassing for them, but it doesn’t have to be for your guests! Making these invitations will definitely take a long time, but if you want your friends and family to know right off that bat that they’ll be attending a Harry Potter themed event, then this is a pretty good way to do that. It’s also way more interesting than a traditional invite.

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