If You Love Iced Coffee, You HAVE To Try These Popsicles

Let's discuss a common summertime scenario: It's hot out. You want something cold. You shell out a ton of money for a little cold coffee and a ton of ice, sugar, and flavoring.

Sound familiar?

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Friends, it's time to break up with expensive iced drinks and make caffeinated popsicles instead. Are you ready for this? Here are 15 recipes to turn you into a pop princess.

15 Iced Coffee Pop

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Coffee, cream, and sugar. That's right, you're just three ingredients away from these pretty coffee pops. This recipe is the perfect canvas for adding in your favorite flavors—a few drops of vanilla, a squeeze of caramel, or some raspberries—whatever floats your frozen coffee boat.

14 Thai Iced Tea Pops

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These babies feature boba pearls. That's right! Your favorite smoky, chewy, caffeinated drink is now available on a stick. Check out the recipe here.

13 Assam & Black Cherry Pops

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Black cherry preserves add a sweetness to the deep, roast flavor of assam tea. Use whatever black tea you have on hand—just make sure to give it a good grind. Learn more here.

12 Sweet Tea Pops

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OK, so there's a jaw-dropping amount of sugar in sweet tea. Pretty sure that's just another reason why it should definitely be consumed in dessert form. Get the recipe here.

11 Mocha Cookies and Cream Pops

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Instead of shelling out five bucks for a cookies 'n' creme blended beverage from that billion-dollar coffee chain (you know what one I'm talking about) try making these mocha pops at home instead.

10 Roasted Blueberries and Cream Matcha Pops

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I've already delved into the potential benefits in matcha, so here's another way to add this amazing stuff to your diet. Roasted blueberries add sweetness and, obviously, some serious sex appeal. See the recipe here.

9 Black Tea and Orange Juice

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Getting your caffeine fix and a serving of fruit juice too? Genius. This pop is similar to a frozen Arnold Palmer, but with orange instead of lemon. Add a splash of vodka to make it a John Daly, and enjoy your popsicle responsibly.

8 Chocolate-Dipped Iced Coffee Pops

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We all know that chocolate and coffee are a match made in heaven, so help them fulfill their destiny and drizzle some chocolate on your coffee popsicles. Learn more here.

7 Earl Grey Latte Pops

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The earl grey latte, AKA a London Fog, might now be the first thing that comes to mind when you're dreaming up keep-you-cool recipes. However, the combination of frozen coconut and bergamot definitely does the trick. Add a few drops of vanilla for the ultimate London Fog pop and say cheerio to your new favorite frozen dessert. Recipe here.

6 Honey Chamomile Pops

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So you like caffeinated popsicles in theory, but coffee and black tea makes you jittery? Have no fear: chamomile pops are here. Support local farms and grab your honey at the farmer's market. The bees will thank you.

5 Pumpkin Spice Latte Pops

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Who says the pumpkin spice latte is only for sweater weather? These pops have actual pumpkin puree in them, so technically you're getting a serving of vegetables. Also a serving of cream and sugar, but really, who's keeping track?

4 Malted Matcha Pistachio Popsicles

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Aside from being amazingly alliterative, these matcha pops add a surprising mix of flavors for a unique frozen dessert. Frozen pistachio gelato is relatively easy to find, or mix your own based on this recipe.

3 Vietnamese Coffee Pops

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Coffee, cream, condensed milk . . . these are the things that caffeine-induced dreams are made of. Silky and full of coffee flavor, these pops are the best summertime treat if you're looking for a mental boost.

2 Mango Green Tea Pops

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Tart, fruity, and creamy, these matcha mango pops are perfect for the hottest, muggiest afternoons. The color palette is pretty on point, too.

1 Yin Yang Pops

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Have the best of both worlds with these Yin Yang Tea pops. Also called Hong Kong Coffee Milk Tea, it uses both coffee and tea for a unique flavor profile that might just become your new favorite thing.

Try these caffeinated pops today, and say hello to a cooler you.

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