These Blankets Are Made To Keep Couches Dog Odor Free

Dog owners, whose pups like laying on the couch, struggle with letting their companions feel like they’re part of the family and keeping their sofa free of odor and hair. Luckily, now Pack&Den has introduced new ultra-comfy faux fur throws that keep your couch clean and fresh.

The luxurious faux fur throws include an odor trapper and calming pack accessories bag, which features an odor trapper activated coconut charcoal odor eliminating bag, and an aromatherapy felt heart insert for use with calming essential oils. The throws are easy to clean, machine washable and provide “a snuggly, warm, comforting blanket” for dogs.

Via iHeartDogs

The throws, sold by iHeartDogs, keep animals warm in environments that are not temperature controlled, such as shelters or cars in winter. For every Pack&Den product bought, iHeartDogs will donate a warm, high-quality fleece blanket to a shelter dog in need.

Pack&Den also manufactures faux fur memory foam dog beds, which include two inches of high-quality orthopedic foam layers, a stabilizing foam layer on the bottom and a memory foam layer on the top, which provide a supportive and comfortable bed for dogs. The beds are especially orthopedic for senior dogs who suffer from joint discomfort or elbow calluses. The beds are easy to clean and feature a machine washable cover, as well as a water-resistant liner that surrounds the foam.

Via iHeartDogs

Pack&Den throws can be dry cleaned or machine washed on the delicate cycle using cold water only. The company advises that for best results, the throws not be put in the dryer. They should be hung or laid flat to dry. Also, using a soft bristle brush, the throw can be combed during the drying process, which will allow the fibers to separate and keep the faux fur throw looking its best.

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iHeartDogs is currently giving away Pack&Den throws on its Facebook page. For a chance to win one, comment on a pic or video of your dog on the couch and post it to the page.

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