10 Clever Ways To Use An IKEA TV Stand

IKEA hacks are the perfect entry level DIY project for anyone with the creative bug. If you aren’t ready to commit to building your own furniture from scratch modifying a modular piece can be satisfying. Don’t think that you have to stick to using your TV stand to hold your cable box and random HDMI cables. Your creativity is the only limit. To get you started here are ten clever ways to use an IKEA TV stand that you can put together in less than a weekend. If you could put together your piece you can modify it to be almost anything.


You’ll have the pride of telling anyone who admires it that you made it yourself.

10 Record Console

This project is a throwback to when the radio and record player were the centerpieces of the living room. If you’re a vinyl lover you know how important it is to have a great place to showcase your collection. Your records will be safe and easy to access stored in the center of an IKEA TV stand. Adding two small holes to the rear of each side compartment provides the perfect conduit for speaker wire. Make sure you remove any doors on the front of your unit. You can customize this hack with paint or decoupaging concert tickets across the top. Just make sure to seal your creation to protect it. Place your turntable on top and you’re ready to enjoy your vinyl in style.

9 Terrarium Stand

Bringing the outdoors in is an easy way to freshen up any room. Terrariums are the perfect solution for smaller spaces or people with limited plant keeping experience. Depending on the plants you choose to include a terrarium can be incredibly low maintenance. The best part about using a TV stand to display your creation is the ample storage for supplies.

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Any tools, watering cans, misters or extra potting soil can be kept close by which makes maintaining your terrarium a breeze. If you find you have a knack for creating these self-contained environments you’ll have plenty of room to display several.

8 Dining Room Sideboard

You may think the days of the sideboard are over but this classic piece of furniture provides valuable storage, great serving space and a place to display decorative items. If you like to entertain or serve large meals you’ll never run out of occasions to use this creative piece of furniture. How much you alter your unit is entirely up to you. A TV stand comes out of the box perfectly suited to store your china and act as a buffet. Depending on your needs you may need to add taller legs.

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You can really get imaginative with paint, hardware and cabinet doors to make your sideboard the perfect accent piece.

7 Sewing Island

All crafty people have seen expensive sewing stations and drooled. The storage alone is worth getting excited about. To really make a statement with this hack you’ll want to place two entertainment stands back to back with the storage cabinets facing out. Now add a tabletop of your choice and secure it. This creates a large work-space on top with a ton of storage underneath for all of your notions. Bonus points if you take the time to carefully create a measuring scale along the edge of your table top. You won’t have to eyeball lengths anymore at this table.

6 Storage Bench

Storage benches aren’t a new idea but they’re definitely more popular than ever. Any piece of furniture that provides extra seating, as well as a place to stash more stuff, is a double-duty hero. To create your very own storage bench you can flex your sewing skills or shop for the perfect cushion.

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Simply comfy up the top of your TV stand and you have a great place to sit as well as a few extra cabinets. Adding hooks on the wall above your bench creates a hall tree with minimal effort.

5 Kid's Art Table

The height of a TV stand is perfect for mini creators. There are a variety of paints available that will allow you to create chalkboard or dry-erase surfaces. Use these on the top of the unit to create a paper-free drawing space for your little ones to fill with creativity. The shelves and cabinets provide the perfect place to wrangle all of those crayons, markers, pom poms and popsicle sticks. Having all these goodies at kids’ eye level with lure them in for hours of fun and exploration. Say goodbye to scrubbing crayon off of your walls. This art station will keep little ones occupied.

4 Travel Display

Are you an avid traveler? Do you find yourself struggling to find room for all of your souvenirs? This hack will solve that problem in a flash. To really add personal flair decoupage maps across the top or cabinet doors. Include places you’ve been or places you want to go.

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Now fill the cabinets, shelves, and top of your TV stand with your treasures. You might consider adding a place to store items like power adapters and camera equipment too. Hang a whiteboard above your display where you can keep track of future travel plans and details.

3 Kid’s Storage

One thing no one tells you about having kids is how quickly they accumulate stuff. Teaching your kids to stay organized is a valuable lifelong skill. Not to mention, a little preparation goes a long way toward minimizing kid chaos. This hack couldn’t be easier. Simply set up your TV stand in your child’s space. You can store clothes and personal care items so it’s at kid height. This will foster independence as your child can easily get themselves ready for the day. You can also use this to store books and toys Montessori style, keeping things neat and at your child’s eye level.

2 Entryway Command Station

Junk mail, umbrellas, spare keys. Where does this stuff live? With a little bit of work, you can wrangle all of this and your everyday essentials right by your front door. This hack works best if you swap out the legs of your TV stand to raise the unit up. Having this piece around elbow height will draw your attention to it and keep little hands off of your phone. Add a basket for keys, pocket change, mail and anything else you frequently pick up and drop at the front door. The cabinets are a great place to store handbags, rain gear and seasonal stuff like mittens. You can even add a charging station to encourage you to leave work at the door at the end of the day.

1 Lego Center

Legos are a staple of every happy childhood. We all loved playing with the colorful blocks as kids. Whether you have kids of your own or just want a place to store your collection this hack is perfect. The first thing you’ll need are some lego base plates. Affix these across the top of your TV stand with a strong epoxy. This creates the perfect surface to build until your heart’s content. The storage compartments below are the perfect place to store your bricks. Toss everything into baskets or organize it down to the color, it’s all up to you.


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