20 Cringe Images Of Groupies Who Got Too Close To Celebs

What would we do without celebrities? For most of us, life would carry on if every celebrity vanished. For some, celebrities are their idols, role models and inspiration. They fret about their every move and try to get as close to their celebrity idols as close as possible. Sometimes, they get too close.

It seems that some fans feel when they see their favorite celebrity that it is their only chance to see them live. So they seize the opportunity and try to make the most of it by getting a bit too close. The result is a fan clinging onto their celebrity for dear life.

Some photos of fans with celebrities were so odd that we compiled a list of the ones that stood out from the pact.

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20 Scary

via Acidcow

Who would've thought that seeing your favorite celebrity was scary? Apparently, some fans get so excited that it evolves into fear.

I'm not sure how that one works, but I wonder if she was able to snap out of it so that she could get an autograph. If not, at least she's got one of the most unique photos with celebrities.

19 Up Close And Personal

via Specia 1

Sometimes, it's not the fans who get too close and personal; it's the celebrities. It seems that Robin Thicke was having so much fun posing next to this lady that he couldn't help but let his hand wander off.

He looks more happy about the hand grabbing that she does. I wonder what Thicke's wife thought about this.

18 Unimpressed

via Afternoon Special

One of the most popular shows of the '90s was Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Although Will provided plenty of laughter, most people loved seeing Carlton play the Tom Jones CD and do the Carlton dance.

His routine became such a hit that many fans of the show tried to impress the actor with the dance when they saw him in public.

17 Nap Time

via Asiantown.net

Most fans are excited to see their celebrities and have big smiles plastered on their faces when they snap photos with them. It seems that not everybody is excited to be in a photo with Tom Hanks.

One fan thought that it might be a good opportunity to take a nap. I wonder what Hanks thought about the guy.

16 Frightened

via Asiantown.net

Justin Bieber has many fans all around the world. Some girls tend to get clingy when they see him. Nobody can blame this fan for wanting to kiss her idol, but Justin didn't feel safe.

He tensed up when she squeezed him, and you can see that he couldn't wait for the moment to be over so that he could exhale.

15 Towering Over

via Blaze Press

It seems it's true that a camera adds 10 pounds, but I didn't know that it also adds a few feet to your height. Most actors look taller on-screen.

The only time we really get to see their true height is in person or when a fan stands next to them. Patrick Stewart isn't short, so this gentleman must be really tall.

14 Bless You, My Son

via Diario 1

Forgive me, father, for I have sinned. That's what this scene looks like. Except, this DiCaprio fan isn't seeking forgiveness.

He's so delighted to be at Leo's feet that he doesn't care how the photo came out. You have to give it to DiCaprio for being a good sport about this and playing along. Both of them seem to be enjoying this.

13 No, You're Not Getting Away

via eBaum's World

Some fans are so determined to get a photo with their favorite celebrity that they will go to any lengths. When Khloe Kardashian tried to escape being bombarded with fans, one fan latched onto her for dear life.

It seems like he was prepared to sink his teeth and take a chunk of her shoulder if she tried to flee before the selfie.

12 Too Excited

via eBaum's World

When fans see their favorite celebrity, they sometimes tend to forget their surroundings. They get so excited that they're eager to take a photo with them and aren't worried about any obstacles.

When this lady took a selfie with her favorite celebrity, she tilted her drink and spilled it all over him. Some days as a celebrity are hard.

11 Couldn't Be Bothered

via eBaum's World

Considered that the paparazzi and fans stalk celebrities wherever they go, one can't blame them for wanting to have privacy and not always be in the mood to pose for photos.

These fans picked the wrong day to get a photo with Kanye West. He was uninterested in being in their photo, but that didn't deter them.

10 Mirroring

via eBaum's World

Psychologists have proven that if you want to make friends with somebody, then you should mirror their body language. That simply means copying their body language. That's what it looks like was going on here.

Maybe both of them felt a little uncomfortable and found solace by covering up their groins.

9 Hovering

via eBaum's World

If you can't be in the picture with the celebrity, then hovering over them might help. It seems like that's what the lady was trying to do. She didn't want to waste an opportunity by not being in the photo with Zach Efron.

I guess whatever means necessary, just to get the photo. You have to respect her determination.

8 Take The Flower

via Gufl

Your heart has to go out to this kid. All he wanted to do is give his favorite celebrity a flower. What's wrong with that? Judging by the way that they tried to flee from him, you'd think that he was giving Megan Fox flu.

This fan shouldn't feel bad; he should be proud for putting himself out there. That's not easy to do.

7 Inconsiderate

via Ocko TV

This better be a joke. If her cat actually died, then she should be ashamed of herself. Knowing the extent that fans would go to get time with their celebrity, I wouldn't be surprised if she made up the story just to get her role model to comfort her.

She looks happy for somebody who just lost their cat.

6 Slurpy

via OFuxico

On a few rare occasions, it's not the fans who do something cringy when they're around their celebrities; it's the opposite. It seems that Ariana Grande was trying to be nice by posing next to her fan and trying to give her a kiss.

The photo didn't come out too well, as Grande's tongue look like it's gonna lick the fan.

5 Dreaming

via Onedio

There's a right time and a wrong time to get a selfie with your favorite celebrity. When they've just woken up, that would be the wrong time.

It seems that this fan didn't mind asking for a photo from Nicolas Cage as soon as he opened his eyes from a nap. Nice to see celebrities fly commercial.

4 Nice Guy

via Onedio

Luke Perry became a teen idol when he played Dylan McKay on Beverly Hills 90210. Sadly, Perry passed away early this year.

Many celebrities said that he was one of the nicest guys. It seems that his fans would also agree since he was always friendly to them when they asked for a selfie.

3 You're Not Getting Away

via Study Breaks Magazine

No matter how much celebrities try to fend themselves from fans, they just can't seem to get away from them. When Kylie Jenner tried to escape from a young fan, she was unsuccessful.

The girl was going to get her photo with Jenner no matter what. You have to admire the young girl's determination.

2 Overjoyed

via Twitter

For some fans, meeting their favorite celebrity is life-changing. It's almost like all their prayers have been answered when they meet them.

This lady was so thrilled to meet Ed Sheeran that she rested her head on his shoulder and took a break from her life long quest of trying to track him down.

1 Hulkamania

via Zimbio

Who can blame any fan for getting to meet the Hulk? This fan was so excited that he tried to touch as much of Hulk Hogan as possible. Then again, wouldn't you do the same if you met your favorite celebrity?

At least he had fun. Hogan seemed to be cool with it so everything turned out well.

Sources - Ebaumsworld

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