15 Creepy Images Taken At Playgrounds

When it comes to playgrounds, parents like to drop their young children off at them to play with other children and release some pent-up energy while they take a break.

There are a lot of amazing playgrounds around the world, some in people’s backyards, some located in parks in a neighborhood, some even at schools or other professional buildings.

From jungle gyms, to slides, to swings, they always have something for a child to go crazy on.

Unfortunately, there are some playgrounds that feature some disturbing features that a parent wouldn’t want their child to see, even if they don’t understand it. From either the equipment to the decorations, they truly are mind-blowing. What were the creators thinking?

Here are 15 disturbingly creepy photos people took while visiting a playground.

15 The Woman With One Breast


It seems like whoever created this slide, wanted to add a bit of a motherly feature to it when they added this woman figure on it.

Unfortunately, it looks like they got her anatomy wrong when they sculpted her. With the large lump straight in the middle of her chest, it looks like she only has one breast.

14 No Monkeying Around


Playgrounds are supposed to be fun, exciting, and a whole new world for little kids to discover and conquer.

While adding monkeys to liven a playground up sounds like a great idea, especially around the monkey bars, these type of monkey decorations does the opposite. They make the playground feel kind of gloomy and are just all around creepy.

13 An Entrance Not Appropriate For Kids


At first glance, a parent would probably think that this seems like an awesome park feature that their young children can have a blast playing in.

Then they see the entrance to it and all they think is how highly inappropriate it is. Whoever made this, obviously didn’t pay attention to how the entrance looked. While kids probably won't notice, it is super noticeable to us adults.

12 This Is Just Nightmares Made Real


Little children have wild imaginations and sometimes it’s hard for them to separate fiction from reality.

While it’s funny at times to scare them with things they find fearful, whoever came up with this design for a park feature was obviously trying to scare them to the point they would never want to come back.

11 The Evil Scientist


This was obviously supposed to be a cute scene of a doctor giving a young cub some medicine or something. Maybe this is at a local playground near a vet?

It ended up being just plain creepy though. Just looking at it though, it kind of looks like a mad scientist giving an exploratory medicine to baby animals.

10 Yet Another Inappropriate Slide


Yet again, another inappropriate park feature.

To the young child’s eye, they just see a fun slide and a big picture of a funny clown. To an adult’s eye though, they see something entirely different and very disturbing.

Whoever came up with this design, obviously didn’t think about the location they were putting the slide.

9 The Bear That Nabbed Goldilocks


In the storybooks, the bears are fine with Goldilocks coming in and wreaking havoc in their house.

In this woodland park though, it looks like she wasn’t as lucky. What was made to most likely be a cute statue of a bear hugging a little girl, just seems creepy. It looks more like a bear holding on to a terrified little girl.

8 Yes, Because All Kids Like To Go In And Out Of An Elephant’s Butt


Yet again, what in the world were the creators thinking when they placed a slide there?

Seriously, wouldn’t have been better to make a slide out of the elephant’s trunk? They could have placed a ladder on the side of him for kids to climb up on and then they can slide down his trunk.

Why make it come out of the large animal’s butt?

7 I Wouldn’t Go Anywhere Near This Creepy Clowns Lap


This is by far the creepiest bench ever.

Clowns are supposed to be happy, silly and make children want to laugh. This guy is just plain creepy and kind of looks angry. He looks like a monster pretending to be a bench that is about to snatch up the first person who sits down.

6 Sausage Cannibalism?


When a parent brings their child to the park, they want them not only to be safe and clean but a friendly environment as well.

This park is nowhere near promoting friendliness with this mural someone painted on the side of a building. It looks like a sausage, hurting another sausage and about to eat him.

5 What Were They Thinking When They Built This?


Over the past few centuries, we have truly evolved when it comes to things that involve our children. No more car seats in the front seats, car seats that protect the child better and much, much more.

One thing though that has truly changed is the park equipment. Take this slide for example. What were they even thinking? How are children supposed to really slide down that thing?

4 Deformed Three Headed Dragon?


This is another park feature straight out of a child’s nightmare.

Not only does the dragon look like something a five-year-old could draw, but it has two other heads coming out of its back that is not only deformed looking but just plain creepy.

Just like the troll monster holding the little girl, this would definitely give a child nightmares from just looking at it.

3 Yet Another Park Feature That Is Wrong On So Many Levels


So, from the looks of it, whoever planned this park decided they wanted to give future gymnasts a nifty balancing bored to test out.

Perfectly innocent, but what is up with the tiger looking statue and his shocked expression?

For children, they won’t see anything wrong, but for us adults, we have to question the position of this statue and his shocked expression.

2 With A Package Like That, No Wonder He Is Happy And Thumbs Upping Everyone


It’s starting to become obvious that people who plan parks love to add disturbing and sexual features in some shape or form.

Maybe as a joke for the parents? Or maybe because they just don’t see the problem as they are putting it together. Who knows?

This right here though is yet another example. The guy honestly looks like he is thumbs upping everyone due to his long slide.

1 At A Lost For Words


There are no words for this park structure. This is truly disturbing to anyone who understands what exactly is going on.

Just like many other of the disturbing photos listed in this article, young children will just see an awesome dolphin slide, but for adults, we see two dolphins doing something, not for the children's eyes.

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