Be Impressed By These 20 Champions Of Multitasking

It seems like everything is so "blink and miss it" these days. Information is at our fingertips. Trends go just as quick as they come. Traveling from point A to point B is a lot faster than it was even just a hundred years ago. The world spins just as slowly as it ever has, but we humans have sped things up a whole lot, only we're all so used to it by now, we forget about it until someone reminds us.

This is a fast-paced society we live in, which has its benefits. It's nice being able to communicate with each other instantly instead of having to wait weeks for a letter or days for a telegram. But because everything is so quick, so helter-skelter, sometimes we end up feeling like we're wasting time. Sometimes it feels like even when we're doing our absolute most, we're still missing something. That's why multitasking is such a useful skill to have these days. Making a checklist of stuff to do and going down it task by task is a good way to tackle everything, but what's even better is when we can get two birds with one stone, that's why we're impressed by these 20 champions of multitasking.

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20 She's got a healthy balance between texting and food

Personally, we're about as coordinated as a hippo who let a little bit too loose at the club last night and is definitely paying the price this morning. But for some people, that's not the case. Why they're as graceful as ballerinas dancing in Nutcracker Lake, or whatever plays they perform.

If this lady ever gets tired of texting people while carrying fast food on her head, we think she's got other career options. She could carry stacks of books on her head as a librarian, or baskets of kittens around just for fun. This is one useful skill, there are lots of ways to put it to use.

19 Yeah, and...?

Gee whiz! This person acts like they've never seen a grown man knit a bright orange sweater while walking on the treadmill at the gym before. What is up with that? We mean, this is a pretty regular occurrence. We can count on two hands how many times we've seen something like this.

Not sure what the big deal is here. He's just getting his heart rate up while making progress on his scarf. Besides, walking on the treadmill gets boring after a while. It's good to have a project to work on to keep us distracted while we walk on that conveyor belt to nowhere.

18 Who needs three hands when we've got two perfectly good feet?

Via: 9gag.com

Our grandma used to bake all the time. She made cinnamon rolls and strudels and the best hand pies we've ever golly darn tasted. While she was whipping this stuff up, she, too, would try to multitask, and that's when she'd say she wished she had three hands instead of two.

Extra hands would be nice, or we could all just be like this girl.

Those monkeys, man, they're onto something using their feet and their toes to grab stuff. Just ask this girl how useful a concept that is. She's so young, yet she's already mastered the art of multitasking. She'll go far.

17 How gymnasts take selfies

We guess we could take selfies like this too if we wanted to. But see, that's the thing. We don't wanna. It's definitely not because we can't because we're not the least bit flexible and if we tried to do what this girl did, we would wind up in the emergency room. That's not it at all.

Alright, so maybe if we tried to do this we would snap in two like a stale cookie. Our back would never be the same again. But Stretch Girlstrong here could do this all day! She's got amazing selfies and a set of squeaky-clean pearly whites to boot!

16 The kid knows how to R&R, we'll give him that

This kid has a level of intelligence that a person just can't acquire with schooling. This is a natural intellect most people aren't blessed with. And we thought we were smart when we found out that we could cook garlic bread ahead of time, then microwave it later.

Some people achieve greatness at a young age.

This kid's rest and relaxation techniques are second to none. School's stressful, that's for sure, but this wing eating in the bathtub habit of his is really going to come in handy when he enters the real world and has to get a job. That's when this is really going to pay off.

15 You can have your baby and eat cake too

This dad has figured out a way to babysit his precious little dumpling AND enjoy some quality "me time" while he's at it. Not only is that a smart thing to do for yourself, it's also good parenting.

They say that you should sleep when the baby sleeps to ensure you get enough rest, but we say forget that nonsense. Sleeping is great and all, but what you should do instead is eat when the baby sleeps. Hold your infant like this, grab yourself a plate of whatever tickles your fancy, and you're all set to multitask in the very best of ways.

14 Social media comments are fine literature

Ah, who needs the classics, anyway? Of Mice and Men, Jane Eyre, The Hobbit, Great Expectations. Sure, they're good stories, we guess, but who needs them when you can look at what people are saying about random stuff on social media?

Gossip is better than great literature, right?

This lady may not have a cellphone with a good data plan, but that won't stop her from checking out what's happening on social media during her train ride into work. Sure, it's a waste of printer ink, but this is multitasking at its finest. Er, sorry, did we say finest? We meant worst and silliest.

13 Making cookies while the sun shines

We've heard of making hay while the sun shines, but not everybody has farm animals that need dried grass for sustenance, so we think it's time to update that phrase with something that we all need, and that something is cookies. Chocolate chip cookies, to be exact.

Summer's not for everyone. Lots of people love the whole concept of having "fun in the sun", but just as many people don't. Luckily, there's a way for even those who dislike this sweltering season to reap its benefits. Just bake some cookies on the dashboard of your car. How can you not multitask when it's this easy and tasty?

12 Photographic evidence of one very good boy

They said it didn't exist. They said there was no proof. They said that its existence was as unlikely as us getting tired of looking at memes on the internet. Well, how do you like us now, "they"? At long last, we've finally found photographic proof of one very good boy.

That's right. We've got a picture of the Four-ball Fetcher.

You've probably never heard of this mystical cryptid since we literally just made it up, but much like the Loch Ness Monster, it was said to be nothing more than a myth. A multitasking myth and nothing more. But, we ask, does this look like a myth to you?

11 Professional movers? Who needs 'em!

Why call one of those local moving companies and pay them a very reasonable price that is ultimately worth since it means you won't have to overexert yourself and end up getting injured to move a couch. Especially when you can just call up your buddy Devon to give you a hand?

Those straps that people use for tying stuff down when they're moving are so overrated and unnecessary. Why spend money on those when there's no need to? You've got two hands, that's more than enough to hold onto a couch on the roof of your car and still steer. It's called multitasking, people, look it up!

10 Music practice waits for no man

We may laugh at this man, but he can't afford to care about that because his mom is not paying upwards of a hundred bucks a tuba lesson for her son not to practice on a regular basis.

If he has to tuba on his way to the grocery store, so be it.

And, yeah, we guess he does look a little bit ridiculous, but he would rather appear silly to passersby than face the wrath of his mom. She wants him to be able to perform a solo at her tea party in a month, so he's got to get all the practice time in that he can.

9 Be right back, gotta go do this

Oh sweet, merciful binge-watching. This is the most amazing thing ever! Sorry, we don't mean to engage in hyperbole, but it's not hyperbole if it's true, right? And besides, even if we are exaggerating, it's only by a tiny amount because this situation really has got it goin' on.

Now we can lay down while we watch TV—and we know that seems like a big whoop since that's what most people do anyway. We lay on our couches and we watch TV. But having the TV directly above you instead of having to turn your neck or exert any energy at all? This is sooooo much better.

8 Anybody got a shampoo, conditioner, dish liquid 3-in-1?

Chores are the bane of our existence. Like, it's not enough that we have to spend all our time at work, but when we come home, there's still more crap to take care of! It's too much! We can't stand all these menial, mundane tasks, which is why we combine them every chance we get.

Dish-bathing is going to save you *so* much time.

We realize that the idea of washing your person while washing your dinnerware and cutlery seems a bit unsavory at first, but once you consider how much of your time this frees up, we're sure you'll change your mind.

7 Moms really are superheroes

Of all of the people in the world, mom's take the cake for being the very best multitaskers. They cook, they clean, they do all of those boring household chores we were just complaining about, but that's not all. They tackle yard work, too, and sometimes they have jobs on top of that.

Moms do everything, and they do it all with their kids in mind. They're masters when it comes to balancing and using only one hand. We should all be impressed with this multitasking mom, but for her? This is just another day at the circus that is her three-ring life.

6 Cosplayskiing

Cosplaying is dress-up for adults, and while that gets a lot of laughs from stick-in-the-mud some people, we think it's a good chance to have fun. Besides, who doesn't want to pretend to be someone else for a little while?

Kids don't have a monopoly on imaginations, you know.

We're impressed with this t-rex riding guy. It must be a real trial trying to tame a giant, bloodthirsty dinosaur. But what's got us even more amazed is the fact that he's also skiing. Somebody, please give this multitasking champion a cameo in the next Jurassic World movie. We need that to happen like we need air to breathe.

5 Look out, snow, here they come

You know who else is really good at multitasking? Dads. We sort of touched on that earlier when we saw the guy eating the cake by using his infant as a TV tray, but since we tooted the horn for moms, who are very deserving, we think it only fair to sing some praises for dads, too.

When moms multitask with their kids, they put the kid first. Their children's safety is their primary concern. With dads? Totally different. The task at hand (i.e. eating cake or shoveling snow) is the first concern. Their kid is a factor that must be taken into account and overcome. See the difference?

4 "Hello? Yes, this is Flexible Foot Fred, how can I help you?"

Via: imgur.com

Alright, that is it! this guy along with the girl taking a selfie while brushing her teeth have convinced us. It's time we start going to yoga classes because we need to get in on this kind of flexible hilarity.

Feet: they're the hands of the legs.

We figure Flexible Foot Fred, here (that's what we've officially named him, by the way) must be related in some way to that little girl who was playing on her tablet while also bottle-feeding her sibling. These people with their commitment to multitasking and their bendy legs. We could not be more impressed if we tried.

3 Upcycling at its finest

Oh, this is perfect. This is exactly what we need! A shoe that combines casual comfort with elegance and style. We want to remain poised and sophisticated at all times, but who says that level of refinement has to come at the cost of a relaxed fit?

Heads will turn when we walk into the club with our newly fashioned sneaker heels, which we're just minutes away from upcycling. We've got everything we need at the back of our closet to put these puppies together. Some Dollar Store plastic heels, some ratty old sneakers and a lot of super glue. Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo y'all. Instant multitasking footwear.

2 Abs, and pastries, are made in the kitchen

Our personal trainer (as if that's a thing that we actually have. Puh-leez! Get real!) always says that abs are made in the kitchen. We thought he meant that, like, abs had to do with what you eat, but apparently that's not so. It looks like the kitchen is the best place to do crunches, planks and other abdominal exercises.

Who knew?

Now that we know all we have to do is work out in the kitchen and not change our dietary habits, we're really going to commit to our workout plan from now on. Any exercise that combines getting fit with making baked goods sounds perfect to us!

1 The cow plow hammock for more farm fun in the fields!

Our uncle has a farm and we visited many summers growing up. He used a tractor for most of his field taking care of-ing, but he also had a plow he would hitch his horses to occasionally to till up our aunt's garden in the backyard.

He taught us how to use the plow. It wasn't nearly as fun as that little cow plow hammock would have you believe. Hard, back-breaking work is what plowing was. But, had we been sitting in bovine powered Johnny Jump Up, we might feel differently. Forget gathering eggs and riding pigs, this is the best way to have fun on the farm!

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