This Indiana Coffee Shop Gives Customers Free Cup Of Joe For Every Good Deed

An Idiana coffee shop owner is giving customers free coffee in exchange for a good deed.

Café Fresco, in Crown Point, Indiana, is where every single day, the small staff bustles behind the counter brewing coffee but that is not all they come up with for their customers-- they also concoct inspiring handwritten messages on coffee cup sleeves.

"Believe there is good in the world. Be the good," says Breanne Zolfo.

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The 31-year-old former nanny opened the coffee house six years ago and on a whim, started writing the uplifting messages for customers, reports CBS News. "Well, I just hoped that it would, like, add some positive light to their day. Because it's not everyone gets to experience that in the day," Zolfo said. With the unexpectedly increasing positive reactions from customers — so decided to take it further by challenging them to perform good deeds for a free cup of joe.

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Hence, her customers have been putting money in a Salvation Army kettle, paying for someone else's coffee, and giving food to the homeless. According to Zolfo, she has given out thousands of free cups of coffee. With Crown Point being a tightly knit community, for Zolfo, service to the community goes well beyond the walls of her small business. When the store's tip jar is full, she pays it forward every month by using the cash in selfless ways. One day she even surprised shoppers at a nearby supermarket by paying for their groceries.

"We had this one person that, he was homeless, and we had bought a bike for him. And he came back two years later after we had purchased the bike for him, and he said, 'You don't know how much you've changed my life. Like, because you bought me a bike, I got a job, and I got an apartment.' And see, even talking about him makes me cry," Zolfo said. "I hope that it's spread positivity throughout, like, not just this community, but other communities that are around us … and for us to play a small part in a lot of people's lives is the most amazing feeling," she added.

The Crown Point coffee shop made its national debut recently in a 3-minute feature on the morning news program, CBS This Morning. The segment appeared as a part of the CBS series A More Perfect Union and documented the “community love” shared by Cafe Fresco, a coffeehouse on the Crown Point square. Reported by CBS journalist Meg Oliver, the feature followed Breanne through a typical day at Cafe Fresco.

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